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  1. Hello there! By the look of things you are not active here anymore, but I am going to ask anyway. In the archives you offered an Excel spreadsheets for calculating FO's. Is there any possible way I could still receive one? Pretty please if you still have it? Thank you. email addy: red_135@yahoo.com

  2. I've only told you to search a couple of times and it was well warranted. Seems like every one of your posts asks for this or that fragrance. Gets rather annoying at times.
  3. Cinnamon Bun FO is a much discussed topic here. A search would likely reveal many posts on the topic.
  4. Rapsberry Lemonade is a must have for spring/summer. It's super strong and a great FO.
  5. BCS Citrus Splash JS Satsuma JS Citrus Linen
  6. Candy Cane/Peppermint is pretty easy. It mixes great with chocolate, vanilla, grapefruit, eucalpytus, berries, etc . . .
  7. Didn't you ask this about a month ago? http://www.candletech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41017
  8. You can also check ebay. I bought some LX wicks to try and it worked out great. Sorry I can't remember who I bought from :embarasse
  9. Warm Orange Gingerbread from Tenessee or WYW Gingerbread. WYW is superstrong and dead-on.
  10. Homespun sugar isa great choice. Pick up a sample of Whipped Creme from BCS while you're ordering. It is super strong and very sugary. JS has a Whipped Vanilla Creme which is fantastic too.
  11. Chesnuts & Brown Sugar, Apple Butter, Ultimate Vanilla, HCO and Cap. Currant worked well for me in CB Adv and 135. Haven't tried the others. I used about 1.25 oz pp with these, except the Vanilla. I used 1 oz with that and it was strong enough.
  12. I've poured (and sold) it in both light pink and light purple
  13. Fillmore Container carries a lot of 4 oz jars you can choose from http://www.fillmorecontainer.com/dept.asp?deptID=3
  14. I didn't like BCN Chocolate Chip Cookie. It smelled burnt and icky to me.
  15. Lily smells great mixed with watermelon (I like more melon than lily, since the floral is pretty strong). Also try something like Lime Cooler or Vanilla.
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