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  1. Hello there! By the look of things you are not active here anymore, but I am going to ask anyway. In the archives you offered an Excel spreadsheets for calculating FO's. Is there any possible way I could still receive one? Pretty please if you still have it? Thank you. email addy: red_135@yahoo.com

  2. I've only told you to search a couple of times and it was well warranted. Seems like every one of your posts asks for this or that fragrance. Gets rather annoying at times.
  3. Cinnamon Bun FO is a much discussed topic here. A search would likely reveal many posts on the topic.
  4. I've poured (and sold) it in both light pink and light purple
  5. Try doing a search on here and on the old board for this wax. You'll find lots of information and wick recommendations
  6. I had good luck with square masons, 8 oz jj and metro jars
  7. Your site is amazing! And is it terrible that I'm already fantasy-shopping on your site, even though the last thing I need is one more candle/soap/bath product in the house, lol. Seriously though - that grumpy butter is calling my name
  8. Here's the list, between JS, BCN, Peaks and ICS who would you choose for these scents Amish Harvest - Peak Banana Nut Bread - Peak Blueberry Muffins Vanilla Hazelnut - Peak Cinnamon Bun - JS (Cinnamon Roll with Vanilla Frosting) Pumpkin Pie Spice - JS Jamaica Me Crazy - Peak Juicy Pineapple Honeysuckle - Peak Vanilla Butternut Crunch - JS Clean Cotton - KY (I know it's not on your list) Clothes Line - ICS Spruce Christmas Tree - Peak Snow Angels Jack Frost - JS Peppermint kisses Pink Sugar - ICS Sweet Pea - PeakOther Scents we like Lovespell - Peak Sage and Citrus - JS MacIntosh Bayberry - JS CaribbeanHoliday Mulberry - JS Balsam Home for the Holidays - Peak Lilac - Peak Lavender - JS Lavender Tangerine and Lavender Vanilla Fresh Cut Roses - Peak Mandarin Bamboo Starfruit & Mango - JS Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Nana’s Apple Butter - JS - a must for the fall season Grandma’s Kitchen - JS Country Kitchen Black Currant Red Currant Claire Burke Original Herbal Ecstasy Midsummer Night Ocean Mist - ICS Moonlight Path Tuscan Nights Snowy Pine *I heard Farmhouse had a GREAT version of this scent
  9. Ooo, I want to try that one, so please post a review. I've asked for a gift certificate to Daystar for my birthday, so I'm already fantasy shopping, lol
  10. I've used the Ball Elite jars and 8oz tins and I've never had a problem (fingers crossed and knocking on wood here)
  11. She only sends out one e-mail per week, which in my book, is not enough to warrant being called "spamming". If you don't like it, unsuscribe. It's really not that big of a deal. :rolleyes2
  12. If you were using 6%, I would have suggested trying it with more FO. But if you're already using 8% and not getting a good throw after curing, then it's time to move on. Not everything works for everyone. Some of her scents are great for B&B though, so at least they won't go to waste
  13. JS has a sample pack, lol. You don't have to order 4 oz bottles without trying them first, but I don't think you'll be disappointed with what you ordered. They are all good Fos.
  14. Try doing a google search for cinnamon bun candle mold or something like that
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