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  1. Whew, thank goodness for Kim. I haven't been on much~ so now I know I'm going to IKEA again.
  2. Nooooooooooooooooooo!! Yes, I am talking silly. Those are great. Don't reinvent the wheel, girlie.
  3. I'll probably be going with my girls.
  4. I am not understanding the drama in this post. Please explain. I'm not seeing the "lecture" directed personally at you. Did I miss something in this thread and what lye really is?
  5. Lye is deadly and can cause blindness. Precaution's are essential. Better safe than sorry~ IMO. I'll plead the 5th.
  6. I have laser printers~ Konica Minolta, Samsung and Brother. My other half has a brand new wireless Dell, it is smoking fast. My old HP [about 3 yrs] is by far the worst. Bad inkjets {IMO} are Epson and Lexmark. :rolleyes2 I gave up on ink printing a long time ago. They wear my nerves. LOL!!
  7. Juggy, have you tried just full sheets and cutting them with scissors? I use either the standard 1.8" x 1.8" square from online label or full sheets and cut with my paper cutter. Works like a charm, and you can size the label template to your tube specifications very easily without much waste. This is grand if you use oval tubes or the tall, slim variety.
  8. Those are awesome. Fabulous work! :highfive:
  9. I've been wanting the FCS guest bar set for the longest! Anyone selling one~ PM me before listing, please. Outlandishlady snagged the last bargain off eBay. Sigh. I have a teakwood box for silverware storage I bought at TJ Maxx, for 20.00. It makes the perfect size guest bars. I think I get 5 mini logs if I fill the whole mold. About 14 inches long.
  10. Her majesty, you almost fooled me. I thought this thread was recent. I love natural. Stabilized and definitely not with the "organic" hype BS attached to it. The best sugar scrub I can make "per use" is straight sunflower/mango oil mixed with sugar in the raw. I tell you, pure heaven for dry skin. But nothing I'd ever market.
  11. I starred this topic because IMO, it is essential as a business owner or any other potential purveyor of B&B. Let's knock off the personal attacks and stay on topic, please. I'll delete the postings- but NOT the thread. This is the one and only warning.
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