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  1. I understand your being discouraged. I've also had a bad year ... I had reconstructive foot surgery this summer, which kept me off my feet for several months. I wasn't able to pour candles or do much of anything during that time, and because of that I also didn't market my business. To be honest, I feel the same way you do. My website has only gotten me two online orders the entire time it's been operating and with all the months I was not involved in my candle business, it's been very difficult to get enthusiastic about it again. I keep thinking once I'm back to "normal" again (whatever THAT
  2. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! You are an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the good work!
  3. My soy tarts get frosty, too. I had some leftover from a craft fair last fall and by spring they all had frost. I even sealed them in bags right away and they still did it. I plan to just use these tarts myself and if I get any new orders, I'll make fresh ones.
  4. I only use liquids. I like the control I get using dropper bottles and find it much easier to keep track of how many drops of dye to add to so many lbs. of wax to achieve a particular color.
  5. I used to be a die-hard Yankee customer. I just figured candles were SUPPOSED to soot and tunnel. I'd finish burning the candle for the day, scrape down the excess wax so there wasn't a tunnel any more, and when the glass was cool, I would clean it off with Windex until the next burn. It wasn't until I purchased a handmade soy candle at a local craft fair that I quit buying Yankee candles. I had no idea a candle could be made to burn all the way down without tunneling, without tons of black soot, and could smell SO GOOD. Don't even ask me why I thought I wanted to start making my own, but
  6. I package my votives in clear votive boxes but I still put warning labels on the bottom of each individual votive.
  7. I have always set mine up like Diagram A because I have been sandwiched in between two other vendors and if I set it up like Diagram B, no one would be able to reach back to the items on the side tables. I have noticed, though, that vendors who have their stuff "out front" as in Diagram B seem to have more activity at their booths. I sometimes think it's just hit or miss.
  8. I'm burning Peaks Honeysuckle in the family room -- divine!! Burning Peaks Hot Chocolate in the kitchen. (I know it's not in "season" right now, but I can't resist my kitchen smelling like yummy chocolate!!!)
  9. Those are incredibly awesome! I just love the name, too. A perfect addition to the Grumpy Girl line. Great job.
  10. Just had to share some good news ... I just got an order this morning for 75 of my 6-oz. tins for wedding favors. This is the largest single order I've had so far and I'm tickled pink!
  11. I've tested quite a few and still like EZ Soy the best.
  12. I did my first open house with my cousin last year. She is a jewelry designer and I do candles, air fresheners, potpourri, etc. We anticipated that about 20% of the people invited would come to our open house, and we were about right. So invite, invite, invite!! We did ours in the fall and served cookies and hot cider and coffee. The open house was from 1:00 to 4:00 and we did very well. I made more money at my three-hour open house than I did at the huge craft fair at our local high school, which I had to pay to enter. I would highly recommend an open house. May I suggest you also ha
  13. I used to eat wax as a kid ... those wax soda bottles with the liquid inside, wax lips, wax moustaches, wax buck teeth. Don't know if I would want to do it now as an adult but I guess it wouldn't kill you. That is, unless you ingest some additive in the wax that isn't meant for human consumption!
  14. I used Peaks Pink Sugar in SFIC M&P and mine DID turn brown pretty quickly. I made rubber ducky soaps for all the kiddos for Christmas and used a blue soap dye (so the ducky looked like he was in water). Don't know if the dye had anything to do with the soap turning brown ... I just figured it was the Pink Sugar. It's a shame because I LOVE the scent, just didn't like the brown tinges throughout the soap!
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