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  1. best hot thrower in soy any recommendations looks like reformations since I have ordered (its been awhile)🙃 😉
  2. thank you ScentedPleasurez, I will look them up also 😊
  3. thank you so much i will check them out 😉
  4. Bert's used to have a straight Hazelnut fragrance anyone know where i can find it
  5. Hey everyone, can you tell me what is the newest best throwers or the talk of the forum here. Been away with other things
  6. Is it just me but JS website of scents is overwhelming where to start wean them down to weak strong super strong just ok must have kickbutt ( my favorite description) don't waste your $$$$
  7. STRAIGHT ORANGE is not selling and I need to move it on so, does anyone have success selling a blended orange and if so suggestions for mixing it with? mix ideas:?
  8. Hello All my fellow Candle board members....LOL if you have had experience with fragrances not being the same after a reorder could you share and was it just a isolated issue or has the formulations changed thanks:smiley2:
  9. mix idea to add with Celestial Waters ( it is a orange scent base) i am thinking clove:rolleyes2
  10. thanks to everyone I will try these suggestions really appreciate your input
  11. if you have any ideas of another fragrance to mix with baby powder I need to move this fragrance oil. not sure what would help as a mixer
  12. love this scent if anyone knows where I can find it I would love to know thanks Coconut lime in Tree Hut lotion..
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