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    Married mom of 2. Love to make candles, soap, and b&b items. Love cats. We have 2, plus a sweet dog!
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    Likes ~ Colors: Cool colors and jewel tones. Royal blue, purple, teal, deep pink. Love vibrant colors. Scents: eo's, plus vanilla, citrus, spicy, bakery, fruity fo's. Hobbies: Flavored coffees & herbal teas, knitting & crocheting, reading, See's chocolate, and collecting cute Snoopy stuff! Love pillars w/ interesting textures / finishes and layers; love handmade lotions, creams & scrubs.
    Dislikes ~ Scents: florals; heavy perfumey scents; straight lavender (ok in blends though!)

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  1. Crafty1_AJ

    LOVE fall. Record sales today

    I think sales are strong because of the economy. Unemployment is really low, and employers are scrambling to find workers!
  2. Crafty1_AJ

    LOVE fall. Record sales today

    I did my first show a week or so ago, in early Oct. Sales were good! Typical fall candle scents sold well, such as spice fragrances, and my top-selling soaps were Cinnamon Clove (my blend) and Chai Tea (I use the one from OT). Turnout at the show was kind of lower than normal, probably due to stormy weather. But my sales were still about average for what they normally are at this show. Onward to the rest of my fall / Christmas shows!
  3. Crafty1_AJ


    OK, now I see the bunny, but it has FREAKISHLY long ears. Cartoon bunny!
  4. What's the diameter of the bottom of the container? Is it the same as the top?
  5. Crafty1_AJ

    Being a vendor in the summer.

    I stick to mornings only in summer.
  6. I explain to the customers that frosting occurs naturally in soy wax, like the bloom that eventually develops on chocolate, and that frosting is their guarantee that they are getting a pure soy candle. They don't seem to be bothered by frosting. To keep the colors true, I use UV inhibitor.
  7. Crafty1_AJ

    Break in crystallisation pattern Palm Wax

    What they said. Different rates of cooling. I get the same thing with palm pillars, but in reverse, since the mold is inverted (bottom of the mold when pouring is the top of the finished candle). I would strongly recommend letting them cool very slowly to encourage the crystallization process. The way I achieve that is to put the freshly-poured candles into a beverage cooler and let cool all day, or overnight. (Don't ask me how many large coolers I have for candlemaking. LOL) Slow cooling also gives me smoother tops. And using the heat gun destroys the crystal patterns because the tops cool very quickly.
  8. Crafty1_AJ

    You know you're a chandler when...

    And don't get me started on how to pronounce "ough" ... cough, rough, through, though...I'm so glad I'm a native speaker, because learning this as a second language would be TOUGH.
  9. Crafty1_AJ

    Fig & Honey? Other figgy scents?

    Just remembered another good one. Wild Honeysuckle and Green Fig. This one is from OT. Caveat: I've soaped it, but I've never put it in wax.
  10. Crafty1_AJ

    Fig & Honey? Other figgy scents?

    I like Fig and Cassis. I'm burning a pillar in that scent right now. This fragrance used to be sold by Old Mill, which got bought out by another supplier, which in turn got bought out again, then again...LOL. It's a nightmare to keep up with this stuff!. I believe Pure Fragrance Oils may still have some left. Another good one that I liked was Mediterranean Fig from AH/RE.
  11. Crafty1_AJ

    Beeswax is working for me.

    Wow, the round rose mold is unique! Never seen anything like that. Cool.
  12. This morning at farmer's market was chilly, so I left some of the jar candles in the warm car to prevent wet spots. Set out the soy candles, lip balms, soaps, and a few pillars. As I milled about my booth, I noticed the CT from the pillars was making the place smell very fall-ish. (Apple, pumpkin, vanilla, woodsy scents.) Then as the morning warmed, I set out the rest of the jar candles. We had sunshine all day and decent crowds of customers. There was a surprisingly good chunk of vendors on my side of the square for this time of year. Sold a LOT of fall scents and a few fresh/clean scents. Very first customer (a regular) bought a case of 12 candles and 3 bars of soap, not to mention some lip balm. We had record sales! Whoot! Today, we sold DOUBLE what we normally do on a typical farmer's market day. Gotta. Love. FALL!! We beat our previous record high by about $50. Happy dancing. Not sure if my increased sales were because of the good smell coming from the pillars? Or the fact that the display was less cluttered because I brought it out more gradually, as things sold? Or were people just in a really good mood because of the weather? Who knows. I'm just thankful for excellent sales today!
  13. Crafty1_AJ


    "I am the eye in the sky Looking at you. I can read your mind..." Alan Parsons Project. We might be old if we know that song. OK, I see the eye, @Sponiebr Yes, feathered palm wax! Never had it set up quite like that before.
  14. Crafty1_AJ

    Streaked Pillars

    Cool effect!
  15. Crafty1_AJ


    Does anyone else see a pair of lips here? It's scented in French Vanilla, so I guess I could call it "French Kiss" ...