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    Married mom of 2. Love to make candles, soap, and b&b items. Love cats. We have 2, plus a sweet dog!
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    Likes ~ Colors: Cool colors and jewel tones. Royal blue, purple, teal, deep pink. Love vibrant colors. Scents: eo's, plus vanilla, citrus, spicy, bakery, fruity fo's. Hobbies: Flavored coffees & herbal teas, knitting & crocheting, reading, See's chocolate, and collecting cute Snoopy stuff! Love pillars w/ interesting textures / finishes and layers; love handmade lotions, creams & scrubs.
    Dislikes ~ Scents: florals; heavy perfumey scents; straight lavender (ok in blends though!)

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  1. Crafty1_AJ

    Does anyone make chocolate soap?

    It was a gorgeous fragrance! Spices, chocolate, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla...all my faves. Candy, I have a show this weekend. I'm taking a few bars of Chocolate Almond soap. I'll let you know if they sell! LOL
  2. Crafty1_AJ

    Does anyone make chocolate soap?

    Straight chocolate soap did not sell all that well for me either. It sold better when I did blends, such as Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (unscented center using raspberry mica). I used OM Turkish Delight for that one. The other combo that sells better than straight chocolate for me is Chocolate Almond. I blend my own. I can't help you on chocolate soap scents, because I've just used up the last of mine and it was from TSW. That's what I blended with the almond. (So sick of good suppliers going out of business. LOL) I still have a few of the chocolate almond soaps and they are selling OK - not great, but they do move. Particularly at this time of year. Another chocolate blend I used to make (and that had decent sales) was Mayan Gold. I think I used the one from TSW or BB. That one was a personal fave of mine!
  3. Love that look! Love frosted jars!
  4. Crafty1_AJ

    Credit Card Sales Increase

    When I started out, people just took it for granted that they'd have to pay cash. Now, smartphones / mobile data / square-type payment apps are more widely used and becoming increasingly well-known, so I think more customers are beginning to expect that we take cc's. SO thankful for this technology.
  5. Crafty1_AJ

    Credit Card Sales Increase

    I've had a significant increase as well. I now go home from shows and markets with far less cash and way more debit/credit card payments. In fact, at a recent show, nearly 3/4 of my customers purchased with credit or debit cards!
  6. Crafty1_AJ

    You know you're a chandler when...

    Thought of another one the other day: The invalid has an invalid license. I'm here until Thursday, folks...
  7. You know, now that you mention it, I have an old bottle of Peak Dye Remover in my workshop. I had forgotten all about it. I recently tried it on my hands and it got the dye out easily. I'm pretty sure it is MINERAL OIL. Works great.
  8. Crafty1_AJ

    Replacement for TCS Dried Apple Wreath

    TN had a lot of good ones. *sigh*
  9. Crafty1_AJ


    How about popping the wrong color into the pot? Say, green dye in the LEMON scented candles? I think a *FRIEND* did this once. When she was tired. Yeah, a FRIEND.
  10. Crafty1_AJ

    Lard soap

    I use only vegetable fats in most of my recipes, but the exception is my Grandma's Old Fashioned Lye Soap. That one is heavy on the lard. That way, if customers ask for soap like Granny used to make, I'm good to go, assuming Granny used soapcalc and a metric scale.
  11. Crafty1_AJ

    Question for container palm users

    Thanks. I have only test-burned in a cool house, so wasn't sure. Haven't burned in summer yet!
  12. Crafty1_AJ

    Question for container palm users

    Nuts, I meant to post this in vegetable wax section. Sorry, mods! *face palm*
  13. I've poured lots of palm pillars, but am just now starting to experiment with container palm candles. I know that soy candles burn differently in a cold room as opposed to a warm room. Is this also true for palm wax? Or do ambient temps when burning the candle not make any difference in burn rate?
  14. Crafty1_AJ

    cracks in my soy candle!!!!!!

    Can you post a photo?
  15. Crafty1_AJ

    Best Fig

    See this thread: