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    Married mom of 2. Love to make candles, soap, and b&b items. Love cats. We have 2, plus a sweet dog!
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    Likes ~ Colors: Cool colors and jewel tones. Royal blue, purple, teal, deep pink. Love vibrant colors. Scents: eo's, plus vanilla, citrus, spicy, bakery, fruity fo's. Hobbies: Flavored coffees & herbal teas, knitting & crocheting, reading, See's chocolate, and collecting cute Snoopy stuff! Love pillars w/ interesting textures / finishes and layers; love handmade lotions, creams & scrubs.
    Dislikes ~ Scents: florals; heavy perfumey scents; straight lavender (ok in blends though!)

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  1. Actually, embossed means the letters are sticking up. Debossed means the letters are indented. (Convex vs. concave markings.)
  2. Crafty1_AJ

    Peak....again with the closing.

    You can get that here: https://keystonecandlesupplies.com/collections/fragrance-oils/products/copy-of-winter-orange-spice?variant=1513605070875
  3. Crafty1_AJ

    Peak....again with the closing.

    You can get that here. https://keystonecandlesupplies.com/collections/fragrance-oils/products/amish-harvest-peak-1?variant=1582434746395
  4. Crafty1_AJ

    Hello from California

    Greetings from the Midwest from a native OC'er. Welcome!
  5. Cute. I loooooooove status jars!
  6. Crafty1_AJ

    Peppermint blends

    Always, peppermint should be a small part of your blend. If it's the dominant %, all you'll smell is peppermint. LOL Use sparingly...a little goes a long way in a blend. You don't want to overwhelm the other notes!
  7. Ditto. Rose scents don't sell super well. But the best, truest rose I've ever smelled was Rose Bouquet from Peak. Outstanding - like a fresh, true rose. Didn't smell like a Granny's attic rose.
  8. Crafty1_AJ

    Please help me pick 6 scents

    I think a good, basic line should include a vanilla, a spice, a fresh/clean (like linen), an herbal, a floral, and a citrus. Good classic staples that always sell. Earthy stuff sells well for me too. From your list, I would pick these: Mac Apple, Lemon Verbena, the Basil/Sage/Mint combo, the daffodil blend, linen, and balsam. But honestly, I'd swap one out for a vanilla. Maybe a vanilla year round as one of your six basics, then have one seasonal scent. The apple could be a fall only, and the balsam a Christmas/winter only, and the daffodil/grass blend for spring/summer only? Limited availability drives up sales.
  9. Crafty1_AJ

    Upland slab/log replacement bands

    Sponie, they are more of a giant rubber band. But I cobble together smaller bungee cords, and they do the trick just fine.
  10. Crafty1_AJ

    Does anyone make chocolate soap?

    That blend sounds wonderful. Lots of notes I'd love. In candles, I do sell a fair amount of Hot Cocoa soy candles in the fall/winter. Not a top seller, but steady as she goes. I also sell a few Peppermint Hot Cocoa in paraffin. But in soap, it's definitely not a huge seller. As my mom says, "I don't want my soap to smell like food."
  11. Crafty1_AJ

    Does anyone make chocolate soap?

    OK, Candy, I had mixed results with the Chocolate Almond soap at my fall / Christmas shows. At one show, I sold several. Next show … zip. Next show, several. Next show...zip! You never know!
  12. That method sounds like what I do, except I heat to about 165 - 175. I have good results.
  13. Crafty1_AJ

    Calling All C-1 Users

    No, I typically pour soy just before it sets up, so I don't generally get problems with the tops. But these particular candles had gotten some heat in the car or at farmer's market in the summer, and the tops got weird. So I tried the heat gun. Epic fail. They developed seepage on top. Only time that's happened to me with soy!
  14. Crafty1_AJ

    Price increases on everything!

    Same here. Etsy raised its fees last summer, so accordingly, I raised my prices there.
  15. I charge $18 for the 16 oz size jar, but I'm about to re-crunch numbers on my costs. Need to update to reflect current costs. Also I use soy, not palm ... and last time I checked, palm was pricier than soy.