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New Business Card Design


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Well, I thought I would get everyone's input and see which design you like the best.


Thanks for taking the time to look and critique these things for me...




#1 Label

This is my original business card of which I still have labels in this design but I thought I would go for a new look/change.




#2 Business Card

I liked the labels I made so much for the wedding I did, I thought I would do business cards on a  take off from the labels and this is what I came up with but in 2 versians.


I like this business card and this is my choice.  But now that I'm looking at it, I don't have my name or phone number on it...dang....I suppose I need to put it on it somewhere....Do you think it's necessary to have my name?  I guess I should have the phone number though...How stupid to go through all this and didnt even think about that..lol


Also what do you think of how I just put a border on just 2 sides?  Kinda different I thought than doing a border on all 4 sides.  I try to be different.




#3 Business Card

This was a different versian.



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Thankyou Scented and everyone else.....Actually I couldn't make up my mind which one I liked so I ordered both and got them yesterday and they are just beautiful...I'm very very pleased with the finished products.



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Hi Iansmommaya,


Thankyou for your suggestion.  I ordered #2 and #3 cause I couldn't decide and everyone loved them too.  Actually #2 with the heavy black ink is not at all heavy what so ever and came out just beautiful just as 3.....See?  I listen to you all.....lol



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