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  1. Gsmakinsoap

    Candy Christmas

    I like it!
  2. Gsmakinsoap

    What are you favorite spiced orange scents?

    I'm curious which of these 3 you most recommend? Or are they all equally good to you?
  3. Gsmakinsoap

    McCalls Smores

    I'd suggest using either the OT oil or the FB one, both of which Trapp says smell accurate (they just don't throw in her wax), and send it to a duper. Then, hopefully their version actually would throw.
  4. Gsmakinsoap

    Vanilla bergamot amber FO?

    That's great! So glad you were able to find something that works. So, I'm curious, is your blend similar to the scent your customer was searching for?
  5. Gsmakinsoap

    Natures Garden

    By the way, last year Cierra Candles started carrying a Perfect Man FO, and it costs about half what NG's does. I don't know how similar it is, but I'm assuming they were duping it. You miight give it a try.
  6. Gsmakinsoap

    Vanilla bergamot amber FO?

    WSP has a Bergamot Amber. It smells nice. You could try adding some vanilla to it. I might try it myself.
  7. I have the NDA Orange Ginger, but I have never smelled BBW's. I will say that NDA's does NOT fit the description of "quintessential fall scent", so you may want to look elsewhere.
  8. Gsmakinsoap

    Lard and labeling

    Hi guys, can you tell me what to do for labeling when my lard says "BHT and Citric acid added to improve stability?" Do I need to add BHT and Citric acid to the ingredient list? If so, how should I do so? Should it be like: "Olive oil, lard (contains BHT and citric acid for stability), coconut oil, etc, etc.?" Or does that need to be tweaked a bit? I'm really hoping I don't have to include that into, but I probably do. I checked out a bunch of lard soaps on Etsy and couldn't find a single one that included the BHT and citric acid in their ingredients list, which means either they are all rendering their own lard, or not listing it. Thanks!
  9. Did you know NG also has Wild Currant Sandalwood?
  10. Do you find that the molds last a long while, or do they give up the ghost?
  11. Gsmakinsoap

    which oatmeal m & h?

    I've tried all three, but in soap, not candles. The Chermark one was quite similar to Brambleberry's which is like WSP's, which is like EBB's, and also like Fragrance Labs. The KY one was good, but a little different. The 3rd one, not KY or CM, was quite a bit different smelling, though it wasn't bad. The one I liked the best out of all the OMH's I tried was the one from Soapies Supplies, the HCS one, not the SS one. But it wasn't "so incredibly better" or anything. Just had it's trip a little more together, LOL. There are still quite a few I haven't tried yet though, including Sweetcakes' which is highly touted. Also haven't tried the one from PFO that Candybee says is the best.
  12. Gsmakinsoap

    Fragrance reviews

    Candybee, did you ever try Sweetcakes' OMH?
  13. Gsmakinsoap

    Glass Glow Palm Wax

    http://letitshineusa.com/ in Washington state carries it.
  14. Gsmakinsoap

    Week/end plans?

    This is interesting. I had no idea. We're on septic too.
  15. Gsmakinsoap

    Packaging! Finally Proud of Sniffies

    Beautiful job! And those bottles look like they're easier to open than most sniffie vials.