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  1. Thanks TT! It's straight sided, about 2 inches deep. I did try 3 wicks with HTP 1212 last night but it was sooting so much. I forgot to take a picture - will attach it later! Would HTP 105 x 3 work? Any premier equivalent?
  2. Hi my lovelies! After 3 months, I finally got vessels from Alibaba! They’re round glass jars that kinda look like food containers😂 6inches in diameter! I know I should use 4 wicks, but where do I start? It’s my first time multiwicking... I’m using IGI6006 and I have HTP, Premier and Zinc core. Thanks in advance!
  3. Yeah, I see that. Do dyes generally make it more flammable? I noticed that paraffin will burn hotter than soy based on my very limited experience, and some FOs (like bayberry).
  4. Here is the second burn, 5hrs, no wick trimming prior to starting the burn pink has the biggest MP blue is starting to catch up white has the smallest MP and most tunnelling - i think it’s because I cut the wick too short to start HT was bomb, but that’s cuz all 3 were lit😂
  5. Mostly because hemorrhaging money - I just want to make this work so I don’t have to buy yet another set of wicks 😂 these are the pineapples with htp 83 and coco apricot from WW. First burn x 4 hrs, and definitely tunnelled. HT nonexistent. 2nd burn today, starting to get HT, tunnel apparent but will wait and see if the flame catches up. Still wary about the diameter tapering from 3in to 1.5in at the bottom, so I will burn these puppies down to check before switching to 93. They’re so pretty though. Flame is so still, I love it! There is that infamous htp lean though, the bur
  6. Hah! Thanks again! Also a serial crafter here, getting into woodworking to mix with candle making (have access to a mill and fantabulous power tools, and a ton of black walnut). Also resin. And adding them all together. At this rate nobody can afford my pieces. Lol. Oh well. Next thing you know I’ll go buy me an alpaca farm and use alpaca wool for wicks 🤷🏻‍♀️ But back to candle science! Do you find you like using stabilizers in your own blends? Or leverage current blends that already contain them? I agree on CO72 consistency, I have a giant bucket that’s untouched because
  7. Wow. A single 72? I poured a few last night and they turned out so pretty with the coco apricot creme that i dont want to test burn it😂😂😂
  8. Wow where have you been my whole (chandler) life? Ok, when I grow up, I want to be like you, TT. *much props* The coconut wax for me is mostly a cultural thing - my family used to have a coconut grove back home (Philippines). I want to integrate to give a nod to my heritage. But hey, if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. I’m a soaper, and work a lot with CO72, and didn’t realize until now that coco wax is basically just the high temp CO. That means about a 2 yr shelf life right? Huh. Antioxidants should definitely be in the mix - something good to know! I’m very new to th
  9. Speaking of DV, I have a four caseS of the fleur/pineapple containers and using coco apricot creme from WW - has anybody wicked that container? I only have 5 lbs of the coco apricot creme and probably won’t buy more because of the logistical nightmare of buying stuff from the states (I’m in Canada). Because it’s 3in at the top and about 1.5in at the bottom, I was thinking of starting with HTP 83. Do you think that would be too big? I’m going to use a longneck tab so there’s more wax left before the container gets too hot. Thoughts? Advise? Ty!
  10. Ah sorry for not clarifying - I meant "pure" as in no/minimal amount of additives. I wonder if all the issues of quality varies because chandlers dont mix the wax all over again once it's heated? My 6006 might already have vybar so me adding 1-2% will just bind with the FO, resulting in less throw. I was thinking of using base waxes - thinking of 415, whatever coco wax shipment Im getting from China, and something that IGI makes, since they are local to me (Toronto!). OR just be content with IGI 6006 and add base soy and base coconut to play with. I basic
  11. Yeah I hated the fussiness of pure soy, and didn't like the brittleness of paraffin, and after many combos, I've settled on 1:3 of cocosoy and 6006. Initial candle testing with tins showed lots of promise, great HT, smooth tops. Having trouble wicking a glass 3in diam tumbler though, going between HTP (83, 93, 105) and Premier (755 so far, might go up or down depending on the fragrance and how it's been behaving). Premier looks so promising, but it's still sooting, so I might have to wick down. I tried adding vybar at 1% and 2% last night to 2 separate containers, and I might just start with 0
  12. Hi TT, I've been admiring your knowledge from afar, coming out of the closet now :)) So I'm also on a quest to understand the chemistry behind additives and candle making in general, and the above info you shared is making me want to go grab a tub of vaseline and add it to my blend of cocosoy and IGI 6006 to see what would happen. Thinking of comparing 1% and 2% simultaneously - what do you think? Do you know if it's safe to burn? I'm trying to find microcrystalline wax but it's really expensive! Thanks in advance!
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