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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone. I just signed up to this forum. I look forward to learning a lot and interacting with fellow candle makers! Little background; My wife and I are just getting started making candles. We live Right outside of Atlanta Ga. Once we perfect making them we are going to teach our 7 year old daughter how make the candles. Eventually we plan to let her do all the candle making, coloring, labeling, scent choices, etc. So candle making will be her hobby and her business, she is super excited about it. We’ve only made 2 candles so far. Products just arrived 4 days ago. We are using gb444 soy wax, fragrance oils from Aztec(that’s where all our products came from), 8oz patio jars, and wi-767 wicks. We test burned 1 with 24hr cure time(probably should have waited longer from everything I’ve read)and not getting strong hot throw at all. We are going to let the other one cure for 1 week. We added FO at 185 degrees and poured at 135. Candles look perfect and cold throw is good. We used 1.25oz of FO in 16oz of wax(both measured by weight and not volume) We plan to test pour a dozen or so tomorrow. Using different FO/wax ratios, different pour temps, different temps we add oil, etc. We are open to any advice, suggestions, and/or criticism. We are only four days into candle making so all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ben
  2. I am new into candlemaking for a while and having tried many combination during the course and need some expert comments since i am in India and no pre fabricated wax blends are available all has to be done by yourself my first blend was 450 gms soy wax 5% palm stearic(22)gms 4% vybar (18 gms) 30 ml fragrance oil color dye and appropriate wick problem faced were low cold throw and big wax pool second experiment 250 gms soy wax 200 gms bees wax 50 gms paraffin oil same fragrance oil and dye and wick good things were good cold and hot throw problem faced very little wax pool tunnelling and ugly looking jar with wax adhered to the sides of jar pics attached can anyone suggest the right blend that fixes these problems really stressed
  3. I have tried so many wicks but not sure why the flame of my candle just blows out like in 15 mins and also I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong the kind of jar I’m using is a Square mason 8oz glass jar. I’m not sure what kind of wick should I buy from amazon 😓
  4. Hello Everyone! I am new to the website and love the info and feedback in the community - I am hoping to get a little guidance with this wax I love so dearly but drives me insane with the adhesion problem. This wax is supposed to have excellent glass adhesion when poured at the correct temperature. I am using 8 oz Square Mason jars. No pre-heating. I have thought to preheat but my oven doesn't go low enough and a heat gun does such an uneven job I worry about that being an issue. I heat to 185* add FO slowly. I have done this and poured slowly at 120*, 125*, 135*, 160* and 165*. I have had TOTAL pull away all the way around with every pour except 165* just a bit around the jar where it begins to curve (after 7 days of curing). The candle sits on a cloth or paper towel with room temperature always between 71*-75*. I am almost ready to switch waxes but I LOVE everything about this wax I just need to get jar adhesion down and make this a one pour job. Any further tips and tricks/advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. What are the top wax blends for melts? I know this question could have so many answers and it can be different results for each person but I'm kinda looking for a place to begin...I love soy and the look of it so I would rather use a parasoy blend...tried a all soy blend with terrible results unfortunately :/ Pretty bummed about it. Does anyone use vybar? Will that help my results with a all soy blend or parasoy blend..
  6. Ok guys, I'm looking for the scoop here! Does anyone have any idea why Eco Soya might have discontinued their wax so abruptly?? When I got word this wax line was being discontinued, I placed a last panicked order. Now I'm noticing that all my candles are burning 10-20 degrees hotter all of a sudden! Plus, this week I found THREE candles that have gone rancid! This has never happened to me, and they aren't even that old, one is from June, but the other two are from this December! This makes me super nervous using any of my remaining Eco Soya as you might imagine... EcoSoya is saying they were closed down because the FDA is banning partially hydrogenated soybean oil but then, after they gave news, they closed their plant WAY faster than expected. I'm concerned that I have to create a whole new wick combo just for my last boxes from EcoSoya because of the hot burning issue - and I have a lot! Is anyone else experiencing hot burning issues? And on the rancid candle note... anyone have experience there?
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