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  1. Omg... I’m not the only one! This isn’t from a business perspective but just always the way I’ve felt. I’m like yea that looks pretty in a display on a shelf but what a disaster for my drains!! Lavender, coffee beans citrus peels, rose petals don’t just dissolve when water hits them. I’ve never understood the allure. I’ve always found it really gross.
  2. I think it’s from 16/17 https://sixteenseventeen.com/collections/west-coast-collection-1/products/frosted-violet-case-of-6 they have gorgeous vessels and great customer service.
  3. 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m the person who would buy a $30-$40 8oz candle over anything from BBW because I’d rather have one amazing and unique candle than anything from BBW.
  4. Absolutely! But for now I’m just admiring from afar.
  5. I just ordered a sample of their F&M, it’s really interesting how we pick up different notes. Ootb and on a test strip I smell the amber and oud. I haven’t made it into a candle yet. I also don’t think I’ve ever smelled F&M so I had no idea what to expect.
  6. I don’t know how it even happened but I couldn’t stop watching this companies soap making videos. Not necessarily a how to just gorgeous process videos and what look like little bars of art. If I ever get past melt and pour... this the kind of soap I would want to create. www.Instagram.com/sogeumsoap
  7. 😍😍😍 it looks like their selection of styles is similar to dream vessels and 16/17. Plus much much more. Complete eye candy.
  8. Just clarifying - ordering from Candle Science? Yes super simple since they have warehouses in both GA and NV. I’m in Ca orders that come from NV arrive in a day or two, orders from the GA warehouse usually 2-4. I’ve also ordered from 16/17 - their orders ship really fast. They also arrive quickly for me because I’m only about an hour and half south of them. I’ve ordered a few of their vessels. Excellent quality and perfectly packaged. Each came in its own box with a styrofoam protective shell.
  9. I have no experience burning nail polish but even if doesn’t catch on fire would it emit some type of something as it burned? My intelligence is really shining through 🤦🏻‍♀️😆
  10. The wick holders look similar to ones I found on the Dzign Haus website. The photo is from16/17 but dzign haus has them on their website, I with a variety of jar options from various suppliers.
  11. I ran across this. Not sure how it found me but it did and made me go 🤔. I know I’m new to candle making but, is this a good idea?
  12. They were Rachel Roy tumblers but they look exactly the same as the glass from Luxury Candle Supply.
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