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  1. Rose Jam is not my favorite rose. Something weirdly sweet with it. Try fresh cut roses Natures garden.
  2. Also could be other aroma chemical molecules that could cause problem with heat. Part of testing. I don’t get too upset about it because I know sweet fragrances, those with vanillin are just going to do that , and also over time they will turn color. Vanillin does that, and 5at is something to keep in mind. Many of the fragrance oil companies will list vanillin percentage as candles and body products will discolor, so you look for very low vanillin or none at all.
  3. As always it’s a combo of things that could cause discoloration. Find out what the vanillin content is in your fragrance oils. Then do a couple tests with your wax and wicks. Depending on how hot the wick is with the wax and fragrance, it could discolor more or less rapidly. i wait at least 24 hours to test candle as some the waxes really need time to set up and cool.
  4. Maybe it’s not your wax but candle packaging. Have you updated your look? Candle containers and labels are really important in a crowded market.
  5. I would use waxes that are easily available to you. Beeswax and coconut oil could make a very nice candle. Also if you have something we call crisco you can use that to make candles with as well. It sounds like you don’t even know if it’s the same Soywax batch to batch. So start very simple. With Candles you want consistency. So start with a very simple blend, and find wicking you know is the same. What kind of candle do you want to make? Container?
  6. Actually that looks like discoloration from your fragrance oil. If a fragrance oil has high vanillin in it, your candle will discolor. what was the fragrance?
  7. NightLight

    Coconut wax wick question

    Htp wicks? Thoughts
  8. I have my own coconut wax blend. I am using eco wicks but in a funny place as I think the eco 14 is a ted small but the eco 16 would be too much. i tried the largest premier but it’s also slight too small though I love the wick look and burn appearance. Do you think Performas might do the trick. i guess if all else fails I have to adjust wax formula to the best wick I can find.
  9. NightLight

    C3 Wax Help

    Try controlling the temp in your pouring enviroment. I work in a heated 79 degree room ( huge radiator) and it makes pouring C3 easy. its a constant temp. Try and warm up your area before pouring. Try heating your glass as well. Take notes. I had the hardest time with the wax but now I love it. It’s practice pouring it.
  10. NightLight

    Coconut wax wicking help needed

    Thanks for help. Adjusted formula and changed ingredients, now burning like a charm. Still using eco 16 but it works for formula.
  11. NightLight

    Help! Why is this happening?

    C3 is really particular. Try pouring at 160. Also control the temp of your pouring enviroment. It can be fussy. I get perfect pours every time but it’s due to being very diligent with temp.
  12. NightLight

    Nature Wax C-6

    Frosted faster than C3 for me
  13. NightLight

    Nature Wax C-6

    I love the idea of this wax but disappointed that my test candles frosted on top and this only took a month. After burn not as smooth as I would like - I want smooth! Easy to use though.
  14. NightLight

    Coconut wax wicking help needed

    Hmm performa wicks. Would I need to size up one two sizes for coconut soy wax? Looking at a chart on line with the wicks tested in paraffin.
  15. NightLight

    Coconut wax wicking help needed

    The reason I’m going for getting to the edges quicker people I know don’t have the patience to let the candle burn properly. Also found commercial candles are quick burners, possibly for same reason. I attached wicks to see how candles burn over many burns. I ordered htp and cdn wicks. How are eco versus cdn? I like the eco for the most part but the hang up on the sides bothers me. It’s slight so maybe I should not worry about it. Using three inch straight side jar 9 ounce. It may be more I need to adjust formula versus trying to find the perfect wick as the eco 16is very close.