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  1. That’s a goner. Jeesh you would think someone actually tests wicks. Similar I purchased two candles from West Elm hipster brands. can I tell you both tunneled and burned so bad it was shocking!
  2. You MUST have a warning label otherwise it’s a liability etc that you didn’t warn customer! Okay, hangtag or you can do a circle insert for top of candle. Add candle fragrance, and any other info. What’s the width? There are large hole punches you can use. Make a template and print card stock, punch out larger circle, then punch out smaller circle for wick. Why not put a label inside the jar top!! Open and surprise, if you want a super clean look. Bottom recommend warning labels and name of fragrance so you don’t have everyone opening up candles.
  3. NO messing with spigot, or worrying about debris coating coming off from pot.
  4. It’s not a hassle at all. I put about one inch of water with a trivet. Put my pouring pot in and “presto” melted wax, now dries with spigot or cleaning pot or debris from the coating coming off of presto. This was my idea after my nice expensive pot with spigot immediately starting having problems with coating coming off. i have different wax formulas, so it’s very easy to be melting different blends this way.
  5. I keep all the cardboard boxes for storage as well. Sheet trays are good too. I cool on bakers cooling racks.
  6. I can see these being used in production as they could be accident preventative. Instead of a tray of candles sliding to the floor, you might only have a couple.
  7. So best solution to shelf life is to purchase smaller amount and use up, rather than larger sitting around. rice bran oil is wonderful and silky just not great for longevity.
  8. I looked at that gas. You can warm it up to 100 degrees which will help with the viscosity. This will help keep it more fluid to get into bottle. That formula contains rice bran oil which doesn’t have a super long shelf life so make sure you keep checking for rancidity. I am surprised they used that oil because of the shelf life. Try and use the base ASAP.
  9. I think you. Need a piston pump if that base is that thick. As a consumer is it difficult to get out of your bottle?
  10. If you are filling tons of bottle you can get a professional filler that will help pump the thick lotion into bottles. Or get a thinner base.
  11. Yes you can do simple three oil soap. I like sunflower oil as it has the same properties as olive oil but you won’t get the green tinge as you do with olive. People love the soap. Soap does not have to be complicated in formula to be great, and also it’s a rinse off product so I would rather be using the expensive oils and butters for lotions and creams.
  12. Hmm. Here’s my take on curing. If the fragrance doesn’t take pretty much on the get go, it’s not worth spending an inordinate amount of time waiting for magic. I don’t think companies put candles on their shelves like they age wines, and then take out batch year 2017 to sell when ready. Some fragrances just are NOT going to be great in candles. It’s like soap making. Some fos work fantastic in cold process others are completely dead in the water after salonification.
  13. Additionally I have a small metal grid thingy I put in the bottom of my presto with the water, to make a double boiler. This works amazingly great. You can make and pour in different pots super fast. As I am always testing it makes it easy to try different waxes etc.
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