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  1. I need a certain look with my candles for the audience I want to reach and they expect a beautiful candle right off surface wise and afterburn. I discarded the beeswax tho I liked it but it was a pain to get first pour perfect. Found other solution.
  2. Purpose is to have smooth afterburn, which beeswax gives to the wax. Its a super pain to get perfect top and I hate heat gunning.
  3. This is a very very fine circular crack not a major deep one FYI
  4. I had a box of 464 stored away and decided to break it out and play with it. I am adding 2 per cent beeswax to smooth out the top EXCEPT I get a small circular ring crack! Now when the candle is lit and cooled there is no issue of cracks. I tried 150 down to 100 ( worse top). So now am thinking higher temp better result. Am I on the right track? Feel free to PM. Also this box of wax, I have had cavities happening as well. And frustrating it can be Candles poured at same time. What’s with that with this wax.
  5. No I disagree on this one for DIY. You’re talking electric and flammables. I do everything DIY but this one is not a safe project to be fooling around with. Additionally each fragrance is made with a certain amount of solvent, and it’s not DPG which is not the right solvent for these anyway. The solvent they use is more volatile but also flammable. Is it that important to have wallflowers? There are many beautiful and safe things you can make that can throw fragrance. Reed diffusers are one, plug in tart warmers. There is no need to hack a wallflower. As they say it’s playing with Fire, if you’re okay with that then go ahead but if your place goes up in flames.... Also Fire starters. I would never gum up my wood stove and chimney line with a candle wax firestarter. No way. Our chimney liner cost a fortune to install and cost us money to clean.
  6. I do a couple things. I have a dedicated workspace with surfaces I want to protect. So my main work area I have pieces of glass covering the surface, then use freezer paper, or messy liquid jobs Amzn dog pee pads ( plain). The pads work really well for soap FYI. You can cut open garbage bags too, pretty simple.
  7. Those CDs honestly should be fine. Do a test without the dye.
  8. Sound like you possibly changed Fragrance and didn’t test in wax, or you got a new batch of wax and didn’t test the lot. Did you add anything to the wax such as color? If you did you will need to test the wicks again.
  9. Test without color and those sides will be clean. Add color and you need to wick up. Or test with one up wick if you want to do color.
  10. Stearic acid to harden it up, or blend with one of the paraffin tart waxes. Search tarts here.
  11. Normally I like many of Candle Science fragrances but I just did a test with their Christmas tree in 4630 wax. Well first tester I thought maybe I forgot to add the fragrance oil, so did another. Absolutely zero scent from the candle cold throw. Not going to work, not even burning it. I was shocked, it was the first fo I have used that seriously had zero scent.
  12. Natural waxes? Soy, coconut, apricot all have been processed and treated with chemicals. Even essential oil scented candles, essential oils have been treated too. Maybs you mean paraffin free. I don’t use wooden wicks but they are treated yes?
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