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  1. Pour hot 175 - 180. Def helps adhesion. That wax needs to be super liquid for glass.
  2. I am working with C3 as challenge. Htp will do that a 4 hours and depending on fo, and CDs. Try eco.
  3. Try 4 per cent. If it doesn’t work for you go higher or lower for viscosity. This is not a vegan product btw. Silica do Same testing.
  4. I use MCT oil in my coffee as I am on keto diet. MCT, or coconut oil, or butter or a combo. MCT is also great for the brain and energy!
  5. A simple solution I gave my brother is to purchase Dr. Bronner's soap and add a tablespoon of olive oil to the bottle. You could also buy some melt and pour "soap" - and add addtivies cocoa butter, olive oil etc. You can't add too many oils or it cuts the lather and makes rubbery soap. if you like candlemaking, soapmaking is good fun, a challenge and a bubbly hobby.
  6. I would go up two wicks at least for that diameter, and let burn for three hours. And C3 has good hot and cold throw. Try 6 per cent fragrance, this will also stop fragrance weeping at top. The only time I have gotten that with candles is when to much much fragrance was added.
  7. That does not sound dishonest, if the bases do contain those ingredients. It depends on the inci. If the inci is such it will tell you it’s melt and pour versus cold process. Many shops on Etsy use bases and just add fragrances.
  8. They can say the bath bombs use rose eo, many fragrances are blends with eos and fragrance oils. And yes, many shops on Etsy do not have clue between the difference of fragrance oils and essential oils.
  9. Here is my suggestion. Get your wax and pour a couple candles so you can see how it works plain. Use those candles for a control example. Next do some with vybar, and do some with the wax and color, then do some wax, vybar and color. Pick three fragrances to do test with for each set of tests. You have to be a bit of a scientist to find out what is causing the problem. It sound like maybe the vybar but you MUST test. Everytime you add any variable your wax will react. So if you buy dye from one manufacturer and then switch it can cause problems. Even wicks can vary even though they may have the same name. Regarding pour temp. Find out from the place you buy your wax what the suggested pour temp is for your wax. Most paraffins I have worked with like a hot pour temp 170 - 175, but don’t assume that for your wax as I have never heard of it.
  10. Ok, I would take a couple of those. Remedy and take temp up to 180 thoroughly stir to make sure your day and fragrance full incorporated. Pour at 170 - 175.. Heat gunning. If you melt top make sure you wait long enough for wax to cool down. Somethings with heat gunning you think it’s not going to work, but give it ample time to check result. It could also be your dye! Advice, stop selling at moment and work out the kinks with your wax. You need to know what variables can cause problems with your wax recipe and how to prevent. You should be rock solid with your ambient and pour temp etc, This will help you in the long run, instead of not knowing what is causing your issues.
  11. Those Lush bamboo candles were recalled INCENSE CANDLES INHALE (PLU 6156), EXHALE (PLU 6157), VANILLA BRULEE (PLU 6155), THE VOICE OF REASON (PLU 6158) What's happened: It has been brought to our attention that in the event the flame comes into contact with the bamboo casing for an extended period of time the bamboo could ignite. Whilst we have not been able to recreate this situation in testing, as a precautionary measure we are asking that all candles bought from our Oxford Street shop on 23rd, 24th & 25th April 2015 be returned for a full refund. What you should do: Return your candle to your nearest Lush store, or to LUSH Customer Care, Unit 22-23 Dolphin Quays, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1HU for a full refund. Any queries please call 01202 668545 or email wecare@lush.co.uk You do not need your receipt. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. Lush Ltd 29 High Street Poole Dorset BH15 1AB Notice Issue: 29/06/15
  12. No cavities at 155 - 160! I go by the recommended temps, and the candles have perfect tops, great adhesion.
  13. C3 you should pour using the table chart with temp times to get a flawless top. Typical pour temp for perfect tops around 75 degrees is around 155 - 160. If you pour cool you will get a rough top. You will get sinking in a wickless candle. Ignore it. When you use a wick this will change. It’s a great wax - print out the chart, use a room thermometer and your candles will be flawless.
  14. Karen, make sure you use a thermometer, use clean glass. Also If your wax keeps giving you adhesion problems, soften the wax a bit. Softer wax better adhesion. It's a multi step issue - pour temp, glass, wax, ambient room temp. Just take notes!
  15. I hate bad adhesion. So perfecting technique is important to me. Some waxes are a big pain with adhesion and you have to work pour temp etc. An easy solution for you is use opaque containers - candle problems solved. There are kinds of solid looking candle glass, and you can use tins and use decorative labels. Everyone is different, but for me if someone is going to buy my candle I want it to smell delish, and look fabulous. If you are going to sell then put a great product! This is just my humbly opinion ...
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