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  1. What’s scary is reddit candle making thread. People making two candles then selling on Etsy. No mention of getting insurance or whatever. People throwing stuff into their candles for decoration. Yikes!,
  2. I’m telling you those new waxes they came out with were not good at all. I am not surprised.
  3. I would not DIY those things! But try these type of bases. They work really well and fragrance lasts https://www.elementsbathandbody.com/Simply-Fresh-Odor-Neutralizer-Spray-Base.html https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/odor-eliminator
  4. Very much like a chimney fire! That’s why I also don’t recommend using candle Wax firestarters in wood stoves, and fireplaces.
  5. I got this from Flaming and cannot wick it. I have had to use my hottest wicks. They all completely die. not from drowning in wax, the fragrance oil clogs up all the wicks I have tried. I made my own Smokey vanilla and wicking was fine and that’s what I’m using but the blended one from Flaming was he worst fragrance oil I have ever used. anyone us it and how did you get it to work. Will have to save this for tarts because it’s not a keeper for candles.
  6. Use mica! Titanium dioxide gets schmeary when you cut the soap! And you don’t need a heavy layer. Heavy layers might look good until you use the soap and then it separates at the line because there wasn’t enough adhesion.
  7. You could try Htp 104, 105 and go from there up or down depending on fragrance. The coco 83 will make wax burn faster.
  8. I don’t know if it matters to you but I contacted Candle Science about Gardenia going away and Asian Amber which was a dupe of a very expensive French candle line and they said they reformulated due to California Prop. You might want to check with your dupe company to see if they are in guidelines for California!?
  9. Not a fan of the pumpkins either and most are obnoxiously strong BUT people love them for fall. You could try blending with cinnamon and doing 50-50 or less ratio and see if gets more tolerable. If you hate go towards the Apple cinnamon route.
  10. I have started working LX wicks. Need some help with equivalent LX to HTP. I can’t seem to find any charts anywhere! Thanks in advance.
  11. Yes CD wick 16 plus or minus one depending on fragrance additives can work. You don’t need 9 per cent with C3. Try 6 as other suggested.
  12. Have test burned candles without sealant? If the cement is thick enough it may not ever be an issue. I had to imagine that the wax fills certain pores in the cement, and then it’s a done deal. Have not tried its theoretical.
  13. Try 105, 126 and see if you like the burn. I would test two fragrances at same time. It can tell you a lot.
  14. Hmm. This is also a lesson for firestarters made from leftover wax. I would never use them in a wood stove or fireplace. All the different waxes going up you nice expensive chimney and would be terrible to have chimney fire because of them. Best be leaving those for the campsite. If you ever had to put in a chimney liners it’s expensive and you baby your wood stove and chimney.
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