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  1. I have not tried their fo’s as aI find their whole marketing ridiculous and their prices exorbitant. Regarding their fragrances, they are most likely using high end molecules used in perfumery. They can get very spendy.
  2. Dough ornaments. I have baked and honestly had many puff up and get ruined. If you do use an oven heat it up, turn off oven the put in ornaments overnight. My favorite ones are made with cinnamon and elmers glue, and or apple sauce! The scent lasts for ever and easy to make.
  3. I don’t mind that. I do mind when they have tutorials that don’t work, or are not safe. I find many of them are made for the newbie and they cut corners on how to properly make product etc. Not having wicks secured when playing with Fire is really not good! Reminds me of a Martha Stewart recipes. I had too many that were not tested and complete failures, so I don’t go there anymore and stick to Serious Eats where they are very obsessive testing...
  4. That’s the one! But she does a tutorial on tins just plopping wicks in unsecured. Ahhhhhhhhh!
  5. New tutorial on Youtube about making beeswax candle gifts. A couple tutorials always have unsecured wicks. I don't get it! I know they want to have their readers think easy peasy but where is the safety factor!!
  6. My bad. Yes if you want the background foreground look you want you r f stop lower, as you are. Sharper image overall go higher. There are mixed feelings about what sells well. White does have a high conversion rate. A blend of the product with image on white with image in scene would be a happy place. I just read somewhere photos on white have a better time with Google AI as the AI can read the image better, bumping you in search. Social media does better with scene and styled photos. Do both and A/B test. You can do interesting photography on white using lighting and composition. Soap can be stacked and angled and really presented in a unique and interesting way. Flat lays, geo stack.
  7. You can shoot on white successfully without the feeling of floating by using light and shadow to define the space. If you shoot on delineated surfaces rather than a curved sweep it gives a subtle sense of place but it will be on white.
  8. You need to record the depth of field you shot the photo at, if you want the foreground and background to have that look. if you want the background to be blurred out you head to settings 5.6, 4, 2.8. Go the opposite way the image will be more in focus from front to back. So having the constant f stop will give you the look and the same distant between the foreground soap and background soap as in original shot. Lighting creating a constant is important. Obviously if you shoot with daylight different times of day will change the look.
  9. If lx wicks work you should stick with them. I love that they burn in a perfect circle. Have you tried going up one size with the lx?
  10. I would keep it super simple. No essential oils. Fracionated coconut oil spray would be helpful, it is as simple as you can get. Lotions you will need a preservative and could be a problem on tender skin. Salves might even be too thick to apply. Possible something with aloe or aloe spray but again needs preservation.
  11. You have to let the candles sit at least a day or two. Wax has to settle or it will be to difficult to test properly. make sure your wicks are trimmed to proper height. Test one wick series at a time. Test one container and get it nailed. Start with one fragrance. CDs work well in the wax. Do a burn test for two three hours you will be able to tell which wick is okay. When you switch out wicks. make sure wax is level before trying another wick. You can test three containers, but do follow steps. Harden wax, test with one wick series. Level wax, test another wick. Do burn test for at least two three hours
  12. Yes do wax melts! You can get kits, and or supplies at any of the candle suppliers. People love them and they are fairly easy to do right off the bat. There are kits you can buy on Amazon. You could also get a candle making kit! The kits will have the wick already picked out for the wax, etc. The nice thing with kits, you can test the waters and see if this is a craft you want to pursue further. Candle Science has these kits https://www.candlescience.com/kits Flaming candle has this https://www.theflamingcandle.com/candle-making-kits/soy-container-candle-making-kit/ Candles and Supplies http://www.candlesandsupplies.net/Candle-Making/Starter-Kits Amazon has several kits but can’t guarantee the suppliers
  13. Can I ask you have you ever asked a lawyer about the use of these soda and beer cans that names are copyrighted and trademarked. I personally would be concerned.
  14. Room sprays won’t have longevity no matter how you make them. If you disperse them into air for sure. Now you smell them now you don’t. If you spray fabric like a couch they will last longer. Glycerine acts as a fixative. You don’t need much 2 per cent or whatever you spray will get sticky. Essentials uses butyl energy glycol because they use it in all their stuff. It’s used in bath and body formulas but falling out of favor. If you want long lasting make reed diffusers, or electric diffuser similar to using tarts.
  15. C3 is a harder wax than other soy waxes, so you may have to go up one or two sizes. If you add color it will change again. My suggestion is you test C3 without color and get the wicking down. Then you can add color and see how that changes the wax. Anytime you add anything to wax it will change the outcome. You must be scientific in testing and write down your wax, additives, pour temp, fragrance percentage, type of container and width. Variables can also be the temp in your work, how hot or cold your glass is etc. Keep a notebook. You can search the forum about tips on using C3.
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