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  1. Agree with additives helping the waxes, but it’s insane. First fragrances. Candle Science going nuts changing fragrances all the time. Wax blends changing, and I got sent the wrong wax and had to fight to get it corrected. Gah! Had a great blend with special order additive from Cargill, then they stopped producing it back to the beginning.
  2. I have done lots of experiments and it’s a great learning process. In the end you will be a better candle maker or bath and body creator understanding the properties of your materials. And trust me when a supplier runs out of something you will be enabled to make substitutions without having a freak out.
  3. I recently tried a sample wax, loved it. Went to try another sample box, and guess what COMPLETELY different. I called the company and said something is wrong with this second one! I am positive whomever was making sample boxes used wax from another box by accident as the wax I had was dramatically different. I had to argue my case with the company I have worked with a very long time to get another box to retest. So the outcome will be yes sample waxes were mixed up, or the wax formula had changed 300%! I feel your pain 🥲 Was testing wax over the summer, the supply chain was so bad I couldn’t get wax for a blend I was testing and had to switch.
  4. Some oils that I know age dark, I let them age. It’s easier to make and sell products when they have already reached that coloration, rather than have them darken on customer and they complain.
  5. In general with C3 I go up 1-2 wick sizes from 464 wick chart. It’s a very different wax to work with compared to other soy but the cold and hot throw are very good.
  6. Hey @Fauxsticks, Thermometer is essential. Frankly I would not trust your candles quality if you don’t use one. I don’t think you can tell that your that your wax is overheating, or you added fragrance at the right temp, or you know precisely when to pour your wax. Sorry you are very wrong!
  7. Get a set of bottles and label with stuff you want to blend. Washing out droppers non existent then. In future you will have bottles ready to blend that way, if that makes sense.
  8. Not sure how you are using the droppers! Make a bottle full of each scent and use droppers. Easy peasey. You can get dropper bottles from little to big. Orifice really problematic. Trying to drop benzoin is a lesson in slow motion with those.
  9. Try 6 - 7 per cent, that performs well. If cd wicks to not try UC wicks, like notch down from CD.
  10. I use the twist pointy tops. Reducers are a real pain and if you have heavy it takes forever to get one drop out. you do still need to be careful with other twist off ones. If this is for test blending I would get regular dropper bottles to work with. Easy and consistent.
  11. What is the issue wicking this wax? If flame flickers wick down, if tiny flame wick up. Go for at least two hour wick burn. Try cd wicks, or eco. Lx may work. Test test test. I like the wax for solid containers. Easy pour high temp.
  12. If you have some 464, blend it with that wax as a test. Then do a test of the wax by itself. The wax can burn as is but it’s very, very soft and you must use very small wick especially bottom half of candle. With any waxes I note the properties and use those qualities to adjust waxes to my liking.
  13. It’s a great blending wax. Very very soft. Wouldn’t even try putting it in a tin. Has its uses.
  14. I would try the induction plate, with pitchers. That could work nicely. Just make sure induction plate can handle your pitcher. Some require a certain base size to heat up properly, but could work well if you pouring balms etc.
  15. Or induction plate they have temp control and stainless pour pitcher so easy to clean…
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