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  1. Thank you. I don't buy enough for it to truly matter to her, so I understand her not getting back with me as well.
  2. It will let me add an item or two, and then the cart empties itself. I truly like some of her fragrances and I'd love to buy from her. However, with the cart glitching, the website not being http[b]s[/b] compliant, and the lack of response, I'm not willing to go down that road without some sort of acknowledgement from her that she's still doing this.
  3. Is Daystar still in business? Their website has been funky for me since November. I sent a text back then, and I didn't receive a response from her. I'd also previously sent a text asking if she was done with the business and asked to buy her codes. No response to that either.
  4. The unfortunate answer is "sometimes". If a fragrance is perfect OOB, there's a very distinct chance that it may not throw well in the candle. The flipside is that I've had FOs that were somewhat off-putting OOB that were amazing burning. Not helpful and not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure...but you really won't know unless you test.
  5. There were some major IFRA changes (49th Amendment) that were proposed in early 2020 for rollout beginning in 2021. I'd hazard a guess that this was an opportune time for the manufacturers to begin phasing out their old ingredients. I've held my tongue for a very long time. However, it's always seemed rather suspect that individuals sitting on the IFRA board happen to represent the very companies who manufacture the chemicals that replace the compounds that are now more heavily limited.
  6. Thank you for the heads up. Appreciate it.
  7. I love their Wick Your Wax fragrances. Too bad there have been manufacturing changes to those scents over the years. WYW was a Canadian company back in the early 2000s. They had THE most awesome fragrances (for that time) that money could buy. Still pretty nice.
  8. 1) Tried it, mixed with another wax. I wish it were in flake form or pastilles instead of slab. The wax itself didn't smell horrible. 2) Pulled a 2 year old tart out of storage box this morning, and there's nothing funky going on. (No cracking, no excessive crumbling, it didn't turn into a pumpkin.) 3) I only used 1.5 oz ppd. I have no interest in wasting 18% FO load on a tart. 4) Throw seems okay. I dislike the FO that I'd used in it, so I'm not certain I'm going to make it until the fragrance is depleted. 5) I'm unsure who manufacturers the product for CCS.
  9. Thank you. Was curious if someone else had insight or would follow the same rabbit trail my brain was following.
  10. Thank you both for the responses. There's a company whose products are marketed to candlemakers, and I genuinely like their glassware. I sent an email on the 9th asking them to verify they're meeting ASTM standards. The customer service rep was unaware of the standard and after further clarification advised that she'd escalated to management who was looking into it. I have followed up twice since then, and have not yet received response--I feel like the rep has ghosted. Simple answer is "Well, don't use them". Complicated answer is that it's been
  11. Hello, all. I'm relocating very soon, and I think I may be ready to start making candles for sale again instead of just for me. Super excited, obviously. It's my understanding that the ASTM paperwork/certs must come from the factory and/or distributor. It's also my understanding that even if samples are sent to testing facilities and pass, the factory/distributor must have those batches documented to meet the requirements--it's not a one and done situation for the manufacturer. Is my understanding correct? How are you making certain that the jars you're buy
  12. I can't like this response enough. Make certain you're in compliance before you attempt to sell a service to someone.
  13. Lonestar's leather is amazing OOB. I can't get it to throw to save my life.
  14. I would dance a happy dance if you have Bitter Creek/Wick Your Wax Goddess.
  15. I assumed as much, but I had to say it. Being informed and choosing to not act often moves things from "oops, home biz, sorry" to willful negligence in the even something negative does occur. It removes their ability to claim they didn't know. That probably seems harsh, but doing things they've been told is endangering others makes me angry.
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