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  1. Thanks so much for your helpful research on this! I may tinker around a little and see what I can come up with. I think from research I’ve found, the devices are SUPPOSED to run at consistent 150°, Glade in particular. Going to make sure any fragrance or other component I use has a FP well above that. Certainly not expecting the same throw as the originals though, I’d be pleasantly surprised if it produced any throw at all. I’ve seen so many people using household cleaners to refill theirs..and I thought I was brave! How they’re getting any fragrance out of them is beyond me! And to think what they could potentially be inhaling 😳
  2. Certainly had no intention on bringing any sort of competition their way lol.. just trying to save some money on costly refills, adds up when you’ve got 6 plug-ins throughout the house 😬 wouldn’t dream of selling something like this
  3. Yeah it’s unfortunate these wall plugs have a bad reputation regarding house fires, but just like candle fires, most seem to be user error, such as letting the bottles run completely dry and causing the device to overheat and sometimes short. I’ve got mine on smart plugs that turn off as I leave to give me a little peace of mind. I just love their ease of use and how long they last, got tired of cleaning up wax and changing it every day to keep some fragrance lingering. That scentfill company has an “all natural” line of oil refills that they claim are 100% plant based and free of any synthetics. I wish I knew how in the hell they’re doing it 🤔 this isn’t a little home based business either, they seem to have chemistry labs and warehouses, some Targets even carry their oil refills! Cost way too damn much though.
  4. Oh yeah for sure I haven’t been able to find them either. I have a TON though
  5. I haven’t seen this discussed here much but lately I’ve been VERY curious and determined to make my own refill solution. I recently noticed a company online called scentfill.com that sells airwick bottles refilled so I know it can be done, just gotta figure out a good base solution. The little plastic lids are pretty easy to pry off and I found some replacement PET fiber wicks off amazon. I tried using some cheap fragrance oil from Walmart that was made for reed diffusers, thinking it would have solvents to make the solution thinner, thus wicking up the fiberglass wicks easily, which in theory worked. The fragrance soaked the wick nicely but it gave off virtually no smell once plugged in unless I put my nose right up to it, BUT the oil straight from the bottle didn’t smell that strong either. Scouring the internet I’ve found multiple ingredient lists for different oil refills which seem to mainly consist of fragrance, and a long list of solvents, DPG being one. I know DPG is in many room spray bases so it got me to thinking, do you guys think I could potentially use room spray base as a base for these oil refills? Thinking about TFC’s room base which consists of water, DPG, alcohol and surfactants. Any feed back would be appreciated! to add to this, this will 100% be for personal use definitely not going to be selling these lol.
  6. What are you guys finding are the best methods and or tools? I had purchased a 30 dollar lower end infrared temp gun on Amazon last year and returned it the same day. It was so inaccurate, would pull the trigger and aim steadily and could not get a consistent reading, temps would jump all over the place. I truly didn’t feel confident in using it in my candle making process
  7. I have a 5 pound slab from about 5 or 6 months ago! I’ll have to try the HTP’s. I really do love them the best in 6006 too, hate the uneven melt pools though. I also noticed your comment above, are HTP’s being redesigned or something?
  8. Thanks for the feed back! I’ve been trying to get them to work in 6006 and CBL130. Smoke galore for some reason, even with an Eco 1! Not sure why they misbehave for me 😩
  9. Would you mind sharing where you purchase your Eco’s from? I’ve been using the Flaming Candle for Eco’s and cannot get them to work with 6006 for the life of me!
  10. Well I guess it worked out cause they sent it UPS instead of FedEx lol. Will be here tomorrow! 🙏🏻
  11. I knew I should’ve just paid the extra 10.00 for UPS instead of FedEx lol. They’re so much more consistent with delivery times. I called CW a few times to no answer but currently chatting with someone on their Facebook page so will hopefully have details soon! 😬🤞🏼
  12. Hell. Guess I’m just going to have to keep driving by the shop to see if it’s been dropped off 🤦🏻‍♂️ 93 degrees here today with a feels like of 104 so I’m a little worried haha
  13. Do they usually send emails with tracking information? Placed an order 4 days ago and never received tracking info. Called this morning and they said it shipped two days ago and FedEx should’ve emailed me my tracking info and they would have FedEx send it again? What? Why? Isn’t it their duty to provide us with tracking information? Called FedEx and gave my address and name and they couldn’t find anything coming to me. Wax is being delivered to a business address, hoping it doesn’t sit outside unnoticed and get ruined. 😡
  14. Same. They give amazing HT and the wicks are nice and stiff with a steady flame. But a little too hot and definitely no self trimming
  15. Haha I figured. I saw a photo in one of the reviews and it was a bonfire. And I hope they do come out with a cross wick! I feel like it’s better heat distribution. I was trimming a Wood Wick candle earlier and noticed the crosswick was loose. Was tempted to jerk that sucker out and throw it one of my candles lol.
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