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  1. Well I guess it worked out cause they sent it UPS instead of FedEx lol. Will be here tomorrow! 🙏🏻
  2. I knew I should’ve just paid the extra 10.00 for UPS instead of FedEx lol. They’re so much more consistent with delivery times. I called CW a few times to no answer but currently chatting with someone on their Facebook page so will hopefully have details soon! 😬🤞🏼
  3. Hell. Guess I’m just going to have to keep driving by the shop to see if it’s been dropped off 🤦🏻‍♂️ 93 degrees here today with a feels like of 104 so I’m a little worried haha
  4. Do they usually send emails with tracking information? Placed an order 4 days ago and never received tracking info. Called this morning and they said it shipped two days ago and FedEx should’ve emailed me my tracking info and they would have FedEx send it again? What? Why? Isn’t it their duty to provide us with tracking information? Called FedEx and gave my address and name and they couldn’t find anything coming to me. Wax is being delivered to a business address, hoping it doesn’t sit outside unnoticed and get ruined. 😡
  5. Same. They give amazing HT and the wicks are nice and stiff with a steady flame. But a little too hot and definitely no self trimming
  6. Haha I figured. I saw a photo in one of the reviews and it was a bonfire. And I hope they do come out with a cross wick! I feel like it’s better heat distribution. I was trimming a Wood Wick candle earlier and noticed the crosswick was loose. Was tempted to jerk that sucker out and throw it one of my candles lol.
  7. Man I wish we could get our hands on some of those. I’ve seen them on aliexpress and even amazon but I’m not certain they’re of very good quality and also illegal haha 😬
  8. Nevermind no need for a reply. In their YouTube video about the wick kit, she flat out says the flat wicks come in .375, .5, .625 and .75. I don’t understand them. It’s like they want you to have to purchase 100 of the damn .25’s to even try them out. I know I can cut them down to make my own but I shouldn’t have to!
  9. Unless I’m missing something? They offer 5 widths but the sample kits only come with 4 🤔 waiting on an email reply
  10. Just ordered their sample kit and realized it’s not gonna be coming with .25widths? What the heck?
  11. Aha.. I actually noticed BBW wicks act a lot like zincs without the wire.
  12. How do these big brand name companies achieve this with mainly paraffin based blends? I want the damn secret! 😂
  13. I’m trying to achieve the whole self trimming thing too. I’m also beginning to feel like it’s impossible! I ordered some CBL130 and CDN’s. I’ve seen some people have luck with them. Guess we’ll see.
  14. Did this change? Been looking online and seems Candle Cocoon now offers a wider range of sizes. 30.00 for a sample kit though? Jeeze!
  15. Awesome thanks for the feedback! Since it’s higher soy content, should I expect to be using larger wicks than I currently do with 6006? Hoping so
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