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  1. @Ryan3, SaveOnScents carries "Hugio B Type", http://www.saveonscents.com/product_info.php?products_id=1333. They carry several other Hugo Boss scents so I'm guessing that "Hugio" is a just typo for "Hugo" AND that "Hugo B" means "Hugo" (basenotes.com doesn't show a cologne from Hugo Boss named "Hugo B".) SOS isn't overly popular on this board, but I've had great luck with the few oils of theirs I've tried. Let us know if you end up trying this, or finding another one. I also wore "Hugo" and would love a candle-safe dupe!
  2. @SLP, this page lists the supplier abbreviations: RE: Rustic Escentuals BC: Bitter Creek (listed as Bitter Creek North on that page, but commonly just referred to here as Bitter Creek)
  3. I used to remove the "tagless tags" from my sweatshirts using wintergreen oil. Worked great except then my sweatshirts reeked of wintergreen, even after washing. I had some luck getting the smell out by rubbing the area with olive oil. Sometimes had to do it more than once, but it helped a lot. Then I had to get the olive oil out before washing it, but that's pretty easy with soap and water. Of course, that was just for a small area...it might not be feasible if it's all over the bedding. (Unless you have a LOT of olive oil. )
  4. Peak's Amish Harvest is one of my favorites, and seems pretty popular on this forum. (Rustic's Celtic Moonspice is a near-dupe, and Rustic's Amish Quilt is also really similar, but I like Amish Harvest the best.) The only one from your cart I've tried is the Birthday Cake, which I like a lot.
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