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  1. re: the rippled surface, this post from 2019 talks about similar issues with CBL-129 and 4794: Good luck. That's really frustrating!
  2. @Belinda, I stumbled across a test candle of Rustic's Toasted Marshmallow yesterday that I had forgotten I even had. 😆 It's pretty similar to Aztec's Toasted Marshmallow. Rustic's might be richer, but it's hard to say for sure because my two test candles are both different and 2-3 years old, but the scent is definitely in the same ballpark.
  3. I tried Peak's a few months ago and thought it was almost identical to CandleScience's Fresh Coffee. My CS sample is from March 2019. The page doesn't say it's been reformulated since then but recent reviews sure have dropped off... https://www.candlescience.com/fragrance/fresh-coffee-fragrance-oil
  4. This is the post that came to mind. Is this the one you're thinking of? I recently ordered from Community and now I'm kicking myself for not trying the patchouli. 😆
  5. Blue Musk sounds perfect for a Bard. Glad it worked out so well!
  6. I think Aztec's is a pretty accurate dupe: https://www.candlemaking.com/sweater-weather-bbw-type.html.html I like their Flannel dupe but it's been so long since I smelled the original that I can't judge how accurate it is: https://www.candlemaking.com/flannel-bbw-type.html.html (I also like their Cozy Flannel. It's not a BBW dupe, but I like it a little more than Flannel: https://www.candlemaking.com/cozy-flannel.html.html).
  7. Interesting challenge! What sticks out most for me is that "it's for her fantasy role-playing character." Can you get any more information about that character and build the scent around that? Color and name both play a huge role in how my brain interprets a scent, so I'll bet you could use almost any scent that plays into the theme as long as you name it appropriately. For example, if she's role-playing an elf, you could use something forest-y or green (ivy, etc) even though they don't typically scream "blue", as long as you give it an appropriate name, like "Ancient Forest Whispers," dyed a light blue, blue-grey or blue-green (I'm terrible with names, but you get the idea. ) For something more along the lines of cyberpunk then maybe something like cologne or ozone/air, dyed medium blue. Something with a patchouli or an earthy vetiver base for a mage or sorcerer, in a deep deep blue. Let us know what you end up with!
  8. @Rob Space, yeah, definitely try LX. I also use 4627 + 464 a lot, from a 1:1 ratio up to mostly-4627-and-just-a-touch-of-464. I've been happiest with LX. (Once it gets to be more 464 than 4627 I switch to CDs.) I haven't had a chance to try that wax/wick with 9oz straight-sided jars yet, but I have good luck with LX 16 in tins and tumblers with a similar diameter. (When I get around to testing the 9oz SS jars, I'll start with LX 16 and LX 14 since the slight neck and higher sides of the SS jars may mean I can wick down a bit.) Having said that, take that all with a grain of salt because when I find a troublesome fragrance I usually end up giving up in frustration. 😆
  9. RE's Amish Quilt is really similar to RE's Celtic MoonSpice, which is a near-dupe of Peak's Amish Harvest. RE's Country Gift Shop is kind of along those same cinnamon lines, too, but it's much less sweet. But, I don't know that they'll throw any better than Amish Quilt for you though. I found all four of them pretty similar in terms of throw.
  10. JS's is a really accurate dupe of the B&BW, which is more of a caramel apple to me than a cider. The apple note is genuine, and the caramel comes through without being overpowering. To my nose, it's really similar to CS's Candied Apple (which was a surprise to me, because at least where I grew up, candied apples are different from caramel apples.) Aztec's title and photo say it's a dupe, but it's really different. Reminds me of a Hallmark store in the autumn when I was growing up, kind of an apple-y/cinnamon-y/spice-y/autumn-y mix. I do like it, but when I'm in a caramel apple mood, I turn to the JS.
  11. I hear you. I've found plenty of pumpkin scents that I like, but I keep buying more. 😆 These are my favorite pumpkin scents. There's surprisingly little overlap with your list above from 2020. Coconut Pumpkin Latte - Aztec (I don't get any "latte" from this, and it's just a touch of coconut) Peaches & Pumpkin Patch - Aztec (heavy on the peach) Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow - Aztec Vanilla Pumpkin Pie - Aztec (probably my favorite basic pumpkin pie scent) Pumpkin Caramel Crunch - CandleScience Pumpkin Souffle - CandleScience (an all-time favorite of any scent) Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream - Indiana Candle Supplies Pumpkin Spice Latte - Indiana Candle Supplies (one of my favorite pumpkin scents AND one of my favorite coffee scents) Zucchini Pumpkin Bread - Indiana Candle Supplies Bourbon Pumpkin - Just Scent Pumpkin Firewood - Just Scent Pumpkin Pickin - Lone Star and I saved the best for last: Pumpkin Seeds & Oud - Lone Star (an all-time favorite of any scent. I burn this year-round. Not a traditional pumpkin pie or spice scent. JS's Pumpkin and Oud is very similar.) You mention Blueberry Pumpkin Patch in your post above. I like Aztec's. Is JS's version identical? Sometimes Aztec's and JS's B&BW dupes are drastically different (looking at you, Cider Lane.)
  12. @Belinda "... need to downsize but always looking for oils to buy!" Hahahaha, yeah, I'm in the same boat! 😄 I've tried about 100 from JS (many from recommendations in this forum.) These are my favorites (so far....): Aspen Caramel Woods - this, Vanilla Birch and Wild Madagascar Vanilla are all kind of similar to my nose...Wild Madagascar Vanilla the mellowest, Vanilla Birch the "sharpest" and Aspen Caramel Woods right in the middle Avocado and Sea Salt Beach Flowers - great Yankee dupe, but was discontinued a while ago. Beach Wood - also a great Yankee dupe, but hard to get right...the oil is SO much stronger than the original, and this scent just works better (for me) when it's on the subtle side. Black Cedarwood and Juniper Boardwalk Taffy - just got this one but I'm really liking it so far. This, Summer Boardwalk and Dumbo Snacks are all in the same family but this will probably be my new favorite out of them. (Salt Water Taffy is probably in that family too...I have a test candle curing but I haven't burned it yet, but I don't think that's going to be a favorite.) Bourbon Pumpkin - this is the same or really really close to Lonestar's Drunken Punkin Bye Bye Summer - very similar to Warm and Toasty but I think I like this one a little more Chestnuts and Brown Sugar - their Buttery Brown Sugar is along the same line Christmas Wish - bought this on a whim, I never thought pine and vanilla would go well together but this is amazing Cider Donut - I don't really get cider or apple notes, but I love this Cider Lane - great B&BW dupe Coconut Shortbread Cookies Cornbread Muffins English Oak and Hazelnut - sadly discontinued. In the same family as their Black Cedarwood and Juniper, but different enough. Grilled Peaches and Pecans - also discontinued. Really bizarre scent, but I really grew to love it. Their Brown Sugar Pecan has some similar notes (must be the pecan part), but I'm not a huge fan of that one. Pretzel - really smells like a fresh, hot soft pretzel. nice and salty Pumpkin Dulce - discontinued Pumpkin Firewood - I don't get pumpkin from this Tiki Beach - great dupe of an old B&BW home fragrance oil Wild Madagascar Vanilla
  13. I was looking at a bunch of oils yesterday right when the migration happened (you know...I needed one oil so I was putting about 20 into my cart. 😄 ). I still had about 15 oils open in my browser, so I saved copies of those pages. I just checked all of them on the new site. One of them went up by a dollar for the 4 oz bottle, but the rest are the same price (at least, for the 4 oz and 16 oz...the old site didn't list the sample price on the page.) So if they did raise prices, at least they didn't do it across the board. Yeah. Luckily I'm pretty well set for my JS favorites, but there's still one I need to stock up on.
  14. Also, keep your eye on Lone Star. They do sell it in 10 lb packages but that size often goes out of stock. They briefly had some 10 lb packages in early March but I guess they went quickly.
  15. @Ryan3, SaveOnScents carries "Hugio B Type", http://www.saveonscents.com/product_info.php?products_id=1333. They carry several other Hugo Boss scents so I'm guessing that "Hugio" is a just typo for "Hugo" AND that "Hugo B" means "Hugo" (basenotes.com doesn't show a cologne from Hugo Boss named "Hugo B".) SOS isn't overly popular on this board, but I've had great luck with the few oils of theirs I've tried. Let us know if you end up trying this, or finding another one. I also wore "Hugo" and would love a candle-safe dupe!
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