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  1. I just checked ... figures I didn't use any 16s. I used a CD 12, a CD 14 and an HTP 105. That's what I get for looking up the recommendations online instead of waiting for advice from you guys. Ugh. Well, I guess I can always melt them down and re-pour them with 16s. There is so much conflicting information online. You'd think you'd be able to trust the companies themselves or the suppliers to tell you pretty accurately which wicks to use with which wax/size/type of candle. I have yet to find one chart that gives me the same information I've gotten from anyone who actually makes candles. I initially ordered a bag of 100 ECO 14s based on what I read on a guide and they're just sitting in a drawer. I need to find a container that they'd work well in. Sigh ...
  2. Ok, so I'll nix the idea of double-wicking and try the CD 16. I'll have to look at the most recent batch I poured and see if I used a 16 in any of those. I tried a couple different ones so I can see what works best. Thank you so much for all of your advice! I truly appreciate it.
  3. Yeah, so far I'm not real thrilled with the ECOs, but I may not be using them correctly. Thank you so much for the wick suggestions. I'm pretty sure I have those sizes on hand. I'll try them in my next batch.
  4. I'm going to try double wicking a pint jar on my next batch, I just have to figure out which wicks to use. I don't have a large selection to choose from at the moment, but I do have sample packs of CD and HTP wicks that I will try. As for the ECOs, the only experience I've had so far has been with 14s and I'm not really happy with them, BUT I may not be using them in the correct sized candles. It could be my fault. I don't know what I'm doing yet lol! Thank you for the scent suggestions! I'm having so much trouble with HT even after a 2 week cure time, but since making this post I can say that I've noticed that if I wait 4 weeks, the HT is much better. As much as I like working with soy, I'm about to switch to paraffin because I HATE waiting lol!
  5. No, I haven't tried that, but I will now! I don't have any ECO 6s, but I do have comparable HTP and CD wicks. Have you used either of those and, if so, what sizes would you recommend? Thank you so much for this suggestion! I wouldn't have thought of doing that in a pint sized Mason jar.
  6. Aww, you're so sweet to offer! I'll go ahead and order some since you've had good luck with them.
  7. Oh wow ... yeah, that's a great idea! I wouldn't have thought to do that!! Thank you so much! I was excited to try different wicks, but was bummed about having to wait. Excellent solution!
  8. So I just looked up Fillmore and found out it's actually not all that far from me! (Well, closer than most of these other companies anyway lol!) Only about 3 1/2 hours away Nice to see something fairly close! Thanks again for all of the info!
  9. Lol! At first, I thought I was doing so well but it was too good to be true. It came time to actually burn the candles and I realized there was virtually no HT. So disappointing after waiting 2 excruciatingly long weeks to test them Thank you so much for the fragrance suggestions! I'm not a fan of perfumey or floral scents, either. Everything you mentioned sounds delicious. I'll have to check out Fillmore. I hadn't heard of them. I'll be able to try the CD wicks after tomorrow, as I have samples of CD and HTP wicks coming (along with a few sample FOs). I had considered Premier as well, but hadn't heard many reviews on them. Now that I know you have success with them, I'll order some. I'm glad to hear I was at least following the correct procedure for everything else. Thank you so much for all of the info!! I greatly appreciate it!
  10. I ordered sample packs of CD and HTP wicks that will be here tomorrow. That's a good idea about using it as a melt. I'll definitely try that. Process of elimination!
  11. Ok, seasoned candle-makers ... I need some suggestions, pretty please. I'm new to this and am having issues with HT. Would anyone be willing to share with me your favorite suppliers/FOs that you've had success with? I've ordered from Millcreek, The Candlemaker's Store, ThePlace4Candles (Etsy) and The Flaming Candle, and have also purchased a couple oils from my local Pat Catan's (Abbey & Sullivan brand). Surprisingly enough, the only oils I've had a nice HT from have been the ones from Pat Catan's. I have heard very good things about Rustic Escentuals, but have yet to place an order with them. Here's what I'm doing/using: GW 464 heated to 185, adding FO at that temp (I've tried anywhere from 6-8%) stirring for 2 full min, pouring between 145-135 and curing for 2 weeks. I use both jelly jars and pint-sized Mason jars. I'm still troubleshooting wicks, but am using ECO 14 in the Mason jars. I just ordered sample packs of HTP and CD wicks, which will be here tomorrow. SO .... any recommendations for FO suppliers/fragrances and/or suggestions regarding the process or products I'm using would be GREATLY appreciated! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!
  12. Am I ok with 6% FO and added at 185 degrees? I had initially read that it should be added at a lower temp, but then saw in several different places that for this exact wax, it should be 185. And I wasn't sure if 6% was good enough, because from what I've seen that's the bottom of the range. I wanted to start there tho, because I didn't want to waste my FO. I made a couple new ones with my pint size mason jars (since my wicks are too big for the jelly jars) and 8% just to see how they turn out. And I'll definitely wait 2 weeks this time!
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