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  1. I use this type of electric pancake griddle. It will hold several pouring pots at temp easily. https://www.target.com/p/black-decker-family-sized-electric-griddle-black-gd2011b/-/A-14504220?ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=google_pla_df&fndsrc=tgtao&DFA=71700000012806756&CPNG=PLA_Appliances%2BShopping_Local|Appliances_Ecomm_Home&adgroup=SC_Appliances&LID=700000001170770pgs&LNM=PRODUCT_GROUP&network=g&device=c&location=9021490&targetid=pla-778323955836&ds_rl=1246978&ds_rl=1248099&ds_rl=1247068&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvYSEBhDjARIsAJMn0lgS9Jx0s6cLU7EtM
  2. In coconut blends CDN area start point in blends that are primarily coconut wax.
  3. In that size jar, typically a cd7 is quite large in the majority of my fragrances with coconut predominant waxes. without knowing exactly which coconut soy blend you use it is a shot in the dark. generally speaking, I start with CDN wicks in coconut blends. The chemical treatment of CDN helps them better withstand the natural waxes and burn more efficiently. Too hot of a flame and too much melt pool will kill your HT every time. for that size jar with 99% of my fragrances I would start with a CDN5. It’s to full melt pool within the first 2-3 burns adjust dow
  4. Don’t go by first burn. Too much changes in subsequent burns. By the time you hit the middle shocking changes in air current happen and can cause dramatic heat increases and flame height length.
  5. The February batch of easybeads from calcandle was raunchy smelling in the chemical direction. It forms cavities, never melts clear and hardens incredibly fast, so not a one pour wax at all. And the wicking is several sizes off. All in all it is not coco83 in bead form in the slightest. The kick in the teeth is calcandle denies anything is different. They made two candles - we have to trust from the suspicious batch and a prior “normal” batch. Both overwicked. Claim the candles are burning identically and call to question our experience as chandlers. Crap move on their part. This
  6. do you have a pancake griddle? Those can keep several pour pots warm at the same time. Otherwise, a heat gun to warm the pot before adding wax and FO helps a little.
  7. Oh no! The technical term for this is syneresis. The crystal.gel matrix of the wax is squeezing out the FO. Less FO may be the only "real" solution to this problem. though I suspect it may continue to seep even with very low % because of other issues with the batch. The suggestion to add coco92 is not one I would try. Coconut 92 is hydrogenated coconut oil that melts at about 92*F. It is essentially adding MORE oil to a problem wax combo in your case. The 92*F melt point is if the CO92 is all by itself in a container. Once mixed into another blend it is much less s
  8. Correctamundo, as The Fonz would have said. a sticker or disclaimer is not a get out of responsibility free card. are you 100% certain resin will withstand a fiery cone of incense? If someone does not burn it perfectly, will it melt or catch fire?
  9. I just do a second pour and then level on a hot plate. I don’t insulate any more. Just poke relief holes and do the second pour. I ALWAYS find cavities so a second pour puts my mind at ease and I can turn these out pretty quickly.
  10. Can we please take a deep breath? It is a beautiful spring day many places. Enjoy the fleeting moments of the day.
  11. Surely you recognize the passion and replies to these dough bowl and similar topics. Please don’t mistake the passion for people trying to yuck your Yum. When in doubt refer to astm.org for candle safety guidance. Although many “Experts” in candle groups and you tube will claim ASTM is voluntary, ASTM are the de facto resource in lawsuits for the prosecution should a candle catch fire and cause someone harm. Back to dough bowls. If they were a good idea wouldn’t you think big wholesalers like wholesale supplies plus and candle science etc. would be carrying them?
  12. Circling back to lubing the molds. A spritz of a silicone release spray helps reduce surface tension between the mold and the wax. Surface tension creates weird textures.
  13. Some oils are just not compatible with all waxes. I would check reviews of the fragrance to see if others have the same experience. If adding at 180 “burned it all off” it would likely not perform well in a melter anyway.
  14. Usually that is due to the differences of temperature between the candles going into the melted wax, and the temperature of the melted wax itself. You will need to experiment with the best temps for your particular wax.
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