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  1. I just looked into this and it is exactly what I am looking for! I’m going to research the system a little more and then purchase after to see how it works out. Thanks so much!
  2. Candybee- can you recommend one Honey FO you like the best? I have hunted around for some honey blends and there seems to be a lot of mixed reviews when it comes to honey scents... Kerven- so true. It’s difficult to not approach from the aspect of consumer with the naive expectation that everything is totally truthful (ha! Imagine that!)
  3. I feel so guilty , I think bc I know her I feel really bad about saying anything negative! In defense of her after I criticized her so much- she really is committed to her belief in her candles and does put a ton of time and effort into her business as a whole. She is misleading in her fragrancing sources to support the gimmick but she really does hit a home run when there is a decent hot throw- I once pondered putting her (unlit) orange blossom candle in my car in the summer to be able to smell it on my way to and from work bc I loved it that much. I just wish she was a little more forthco
  4. She’s a personal Facebook friend. I feel uncomfortable sharing her website now that I have come forth with criticism- it was merely an example of all the misinformation you can gather from different sources on the internet and don’t want to seem as if I’m intentionally speaking ill of her business in a way to hurt her. If that is how it comes across It isn’t intended to at all, but being that I am connected to her on a more personal level I have no doubt for various reasons that in regards to candle ingredients and processing- she’s totally full of it- but it works for her, people are happ
  5. At the risk of sounding a bit negative - there is a moderately popular local woman who makes her own candles. I begun following her videos thinking I could learn from her and pick up tips and info but they are mostly just advertising and much of her info is geared toward the organic toxin free persuasion. I have tried her candles and the HT is hit or miss (either strong or nothing), but the hits are pretty great! Since I have begun making candles and obsessively researching all things wax and oils I realize that 90% (quite literally) of her advertised claims are gimmicks that are impossibly
  6. Thank you so much for the ideas of sweet smelling fo to add to my concoctions! I rolled my eyes and chuckled more than a few times during the simple syrup video myself - it seemed completely ridiculous! Another I always find amusing are the homemade coffee scented candles that use excessive mounts of coffee grounds?!? 🤦🏼‍♀️ I sure am glad I found this forum and all of you wonderful chandlers to turn to for advice instead! Thanks again for the ideas!
  7. Since I feel this way frequently about quite a few scents , I figured maybe I could find a universal solution of sorts.
  8. Often when I make a candle, it seems the fragrance is almost right, but would be perfect if just a little sweeter. For instance, for a sweet tea scented candle, it seems a little more sweetness to the smell would improve it. I was afraid vanilla would just add a vanilla scent to the mix as opposed to sweet.
  9. I’m Sorry,- it was worded very poorly. I was originally thinking if I added a drop of vanilla it would maybe do the trick but Was not sure If it would change the composition of the oil I would like to use as the main fragrance instead of simply adding a sweetness to it, thus changing the scent all together. Marshmallow is a wonderful suggestion!!ni didn’t even think of it but it seems it may be exactly what I’m looking for! I Saw a video of someone who said she used a very thick simple syrup in her candles to “ sweeten” up the wax... but I’m skeptical of that one. Chemically it doesn’t
  10. Strange question, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to add an overall slightly sweet fragrance to wax? Or if any wax naturally emits a sweet smell? I’m having some success making my candles but I find most of them lack a certain base sweetness( if that makes sense at all...)
  11. I have only purchased from FC, CS and VCC so far but I am very open to other companies for FO! Hayride sounds exactly like what I am looking for- I think I will go with that. I am also going to try the woodland foliage as well. I just hope I can find a decent leather.. I love the idea of molasses, apples and carrots and maybe I’ll do a separate scent for that one. I’m really exited about this project and appreciate so much all the feedback!
  12. I have used quite a few FC oils , the most notable and popular being a layered scented candle using their patchouli and frankensense and myrr scents which I named “Peace, Love and Patchouli”. Both blended well and have a strong but not overpowering cold and hot throw- easily one of my favorites! I currently have about 12 different scents from FC and every one has been pleasing all the way around.
  13. My parents have always owned a few horses and everything equestrian is basically the center of their universe. I want to make a set of candles for them based on my memories growing up as a special gift. I am most excited at the idea of a layered scent “Trailride” candle- top layer a sweet grassy smell ( hay/alfalfa) middle a leather smell( saddle/ tack) and bottom an earthy, woodsy scent ( scent of the trail through the woods). Could anyone share some scent/ fragrance oil suggestions to match these descriptors? I usually just kind of dive in and buy oils but I feel I may encounter e
  14. Just an added note- I’m a bartender and Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is the latest in vogue shooter so a cinnamon whiskey scent may be quite appealing to customers also. If I only had a dollar for every time a customer mentioned how much they love the smell of Fireball...
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