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  1. Thank you so much for that info @bfroberts! Coral Reef does sound really nice! Will also be getting a sample of that one next time. And can I haven’t made my post yet about the swap package because I want to make more of a special post, but my goodness girlfriend........ THE CLAMSHELL TOU MADE SMELLS AMAZING!!!!! Actually, literally everything I’ve ever gotten in the swap from you is stellar! 🥰. Just sayin’ 😇🙌🏼 You go girl!!! 💞👍🏼😜🤩🥳
  2. Ahhh... A door decorating contest sounds fun! And YAASSS..... The holiday season is seemingly super short this year! I can’t believe how quickly it crept up on us! I think with my pops passing away on my birthday it slowed a lot of things down for me.... 💔🤯. I’ve been spending lots of time with mom! With my dad being gone I know how empty she is feeling and I hate the thought of her hurting! I mean I know it’s a natural part of losing a loved one, but her and my pops were married for 48 years so it just tears me apart inside! Sorry for the depressing paragraph! I have to tell you.... ICS has amazing bakery oils! When I tried their oils for the first time I was blown away! Especially their Vanilla Frosted Graham’s! Goodness Gracious that stuff in my wax is outstanding! I use a parasoy blend! You mainly use palm wax right? Looks like I will be adding Egyptian musk, Cozy Cabin & Bayside Marina to my next order with Aztec! 😇🙏🏼💞❄️⛄️🎄💫
  3. @bfroberts Thank you so much for your reply! It’s so nice to see what everyone has tested and/or likes to use. From your list the ones I have tested are: Apple Jack & Peel- love Leaves Volcano- love Grandmas Kitchen Alpine Frost Ironically enough I placed a small order this morning and I got the $5 for 5. The Crisp Air & Winterberry and Blueberry Pumpkin Patch were 2 of the 5 I chose. 🥳. I’m super excited to try them now! The Pine Bough & Apple and the Coral Reef both sound nice. I almost ordered the Coral Reef. What do you mostly get from it? Do you smell the lemon? Some of the reviews say it’s light, would you say so? Thanks again! 😇🙌🏼
  4. Why hello Miss Sarah! How are you doing? I hope well! From your list the only ones I have are Ice Cream Parlor (which I love) and Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar. Both absolutely phenomenal scents! Cozy Cabin & Egyptian Musk both sound lovely! What kind of things do you mix with Egyptian Musk? If you don’t mind me asking what other Cinnamon Bun FO’s have you tried? Are you all prepped and ready for Christmas? I sure am not! 😬. Have to get on the ball and try to finish this weekend! 🎄⛄️❄️💫❤️
  5. Hi Gail! I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your help with Aztec FO’s. I know, I was a few minutes late on the sale so figured I would make a post about it first. I always do a search but then I also like to re-ask Out of your list the ones I have are: Caramel Pecan Pie Cantaloupe & Lily Leaves Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar Volcano Monkey Farts And I agree they are all fantastic! With the Brazilian Coffee & Pure Cane how would you describe that coffee? Plain, spicy, etc... And the Bayside Marina.... That one sounds yummy and would like to try it out eventually. Can you smell the grapefruit right away? Thanks again Gail! 😇🎄💫
  6. I’m in on many of your oils TT if you are doing a run. I’ll keep my eyes peeled!
  7. Hello everyone! I have been searching the forum trying to see what some of everyone’s favorites are from Aztec.... A lot of what I have found is older, so I figured I would start a new thread/post about it. Perhaps your top 10-15 FO’s? Looking forward to seeing everyone’s favs! 😇
  8. I’m not sure if this would help but maybe a bamboo sugarcane? Is that the direction your headed in?
  9. YESSSSS!!! By far one of my favorite lemon scented oils. It’s just got that wow factor and something in it that once put into wax is stunning! Just so expensive versus others.
  10. Then I would strongly suggest FB Tropical Elements which is a MW type or I also really like their Coconut Cream Pie! I too really like JS Coconut Extreme, but I make wax products with mine. The Tropical Elements from FB to me is stunning but so is the FB CCP. HTH! 😇🙏🏼🎄⛄️❄️ P.S. Bamboo Coconut from CS is extremely green. I smell far more Bamboo in it then coconut. But I agree with @Sebleo it smells very nice! 🥰
  11. @Dreamer in regards to coconut are you looking for a basic coconut or can it be a type or ever so slightly bakery ISH? Anyways, LMK
  12. I too have only used the one from CS, but I still have almost a pound left. ICS is known for having amazing bakery fragrances and they too have H&G’s House FO. I would strongly suggest trying them! They never let me down with bakery scents! HTH!
  13. The Orange You Sweet from PFO is by far the strongest smelling orange fragrance I have used to date! It also doesn’t smell chemically and has staying power and excellent scent throw in parasoy melts. HTH!
  14. Ahhh... Next time I go I will have to give the Aloe & White Lilac a sniff. Yah the Apple Dumpling is one I have been buying for about 2 years a now. I started out with just splitting a lb. bottle, but then once I ran out I grabbed a lb for myself. It’s a goodie in wax for sure! I hope you enjoy the new FO’s you got to test this year! Have a great weekend!
  15. I know. 😔. Would have been great. After my appointment I had to go to my mothers house and it slipped my mind. Yes I should have given you my number. We will have to meet next time for sure! 😃 Pumpkin Crunch Cake is also a good one but once in wax it’s more like a cinnamon spice cake rather then a pumpkin.... It’s SUPER heavy on the cinnamon spice. But good none the less. I’ve not yet tried their Pumpkin Cheesecake or their Apple Cinnamon Streusel though. But the Apple Dumpling is fierce and scrumdillicious! LOL. 😂 Oh also what was the one Spring/summer scent that you restocked? Anyways so glad to hear you enjoyed your time there! Even though I’m a hop skip and a jump away, I still love going there and sniffing oils. 😇
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