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  1. Marleigha

    Looking For a Donut Fragrance Oil

    @Moonstar I did get my order for the LS Cinnamon Sugar Donuts & LS Sugared Cronut. In addition I also ordered Cinnamon Sugared Donut from FB. I have not put any of them in wax as of yet but OOB I really like them all. The SC has a very heavy yeast smell with it. The other 2 Cinnamon Sugar Donut & Cinnamon Sugared Donut from FB are very close! I ordered 1# of the one from FB and only and oz sample of the CSD from LS. And the 1# bottle of the sugared Cronut from LS. Hopefully I love at least one of them. Lol The Gingerbread Applesauce Cake sounds like it will smell amazing! Keep me posted if you so order it! 😇
  2. Marleigha

    Looking For a Donut Fragrance Oil

    I agree about WSP jelly Donut. I love it, but I also need a plain donut. I placed an order with Lonestar for their Cinnamon Sugared Donut as well as the Sugared Cronut. When they arrive I will certainly let you know my thoughts on them. I also just placed a decent sized order with FB and got the Cinnamon Sugared Donut... My paackage from Lonestar is to arrive tomorrow and my package from FB is due to arrive Saturday. I will update soon. I do wonder about the one from ICS and will most likely try that one too. I love her oils. Hmm... Have not tried the paracoconut wax. What are the perks to this one? Better scent throw? Yes, Cranberry Chutney strikes me as being a cranberry with a little bit of cinnamon or spice to it. I am still ISO a good phthalate free regular sweet Cranberry. The Oatmeal Cookie really appeals to me. I remember years ago I would go not the craft stores that sold wax snaps and would always purchase their Oatmeal cookie melts. ❤ that smell! As a matter of fact I just ordered this one with Lonestar and I'm hoping that it turns out to be fabulous! 😇
  3. Marleigha

    Looking For a Donut Fragrance Oil

    Thank you so much @soshiegirlfor the quick response. I really appreciate it. I tried the JS Glazed Donut and the Glazed Donut from RE but neither one of them impressed me. I just ordered Sugared Cronut from Lonestar so we shall see... I will keep you posted of my thoughts. Thanks again! 😇
  4. Marleigha

    FAVORITE Halloween / Fall Fragrance OILS

    Hi there. I see this is an old thread but i wanted to ask you if CC Ooey Gooey Caramel is different from day FC Salted Caramel or FB salted Caramel? Ive not tried JS Caramel Apple yet either. Will have to try it. Thanks.
  5. Marleigha

    Looking For a Donut Fragrance Oil

    I know this is an older post, but wanted to see if you had a chance to try the ICS Cinnamon Glazed Donut FO @Moonstar? Also, @soshiegirl were you able to find a good Donut FO? I'm torn as to get the Cinnamon Sugared Donut From FB or perhaps try the Cinnamon Glazed Donut From ICS. I love most of both companies FO's. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. 😇💕
  6. Marleigha

    Looking For a Donut Fragrance Oil

    Hi Belinda! Do you like FB Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut better than their Cinnamon Sugared Donut? Also with the PSD do you smell heavy pumpkin spice? TIA!
  7. Marleigha

    Suggestions for Fragrance Buddy Oils????

    Yes thank you Gail. I am on a mission to find the perfect VBN. I have 2 (JS VBN and NG Mrs Claus Cookies) I do like them, just want to find "THE" perfect one. 😇
  8. Marleigha


    Holy schmoly you're right... That is dark! Prior to my last order with RE, I had not ever received a dark oil. Sugar Frosted Plum is one I know and love from RE, so I ordered it again on my last order. It was nearly black. (Same color as what you showed here) When I first started buying destashes, if I would come across an oil that was deep brown or black I pitched it. So I called RE this time around and they explained to me that color of oil can vary. So now I know. Thank you for showing me this oil. 😇
  9. Marleigha


    Well if you need anything in a hurry and I have it... I'd be more than happy to help. 😇
  10. Marleigha


    Black Friday this year is Friday, "November 23rd". So fingers crossed they will have it.
  11. Marleigha


    Oh nooo! Maybe try forwarding it again. Worst case scenario is they will most likely be having a sale for Black Friday too. I hope you don't need anything in a hurry? Lmk
  12. Marleigha


    Thank you so much for the info Trapp. I really appreciate it. I was torn as I have WSP Spiced Cranberry & also have CS Cranberry Marmalade. That's why I was hoping it was just straight up sweet Cranberry. So no spice or cinnamon in it at all then? Oh wow about it turning a goldfish color in candles. What color is it in the bottle? An amber color or a dark brown? I would probably color it a Cranberry color anyhoo but I wonder why it's so dark. 😬
  13. Marleigha


    Thank you for letting me know @ScentedPleasurez 😇💕
  14. Marleigha

    Fragrance Buddy Reviews

    Anyone used FB Iced Cranberry by chance?
  15. Marleigha


    I absolutely will. I love this community of people that all look out and help each other with stuff! So awesome 👏🏼 Oh! Have you ever tried FB Iced Cranberry? It's in my cart but I need a cranberry that doesn't have spice in it. Please lmk thanks so much