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  1. I just realized thanks to Trapp that @debratant was the one who made the AMAZING room spray for the 2018 CS swap. I also sent her a PM. The bottles she used are perfect for just a small purse spray. I wonder if they come with the sprayers and caps. 🤔. Hopefully she will get back to me. I will also check SKS. I very quickly checked WSP and didn’t see them.
  2. Oh okay. I am looking to start making little body sprays. Do you by chance know where I can get a good price on the small .5 oz spray bottles? I got one from the swap and I can tee all who sent it. I have to post about it on the swap page. 😬
  3. Hi @chevcher The one from BB, Is this one candied or more fresh picked? TIA! 😇
  4. @Hotpinkao I just wanted to make sure you found it. Lmk 😇
  5. Oh great! I’m so glad you got it! It’s one of my favorite sugar cookies! What other FO’s did you order? Would love to hear your thoughts. 😇.
  6. Hi @glasllyn Well, good news for you too... It’s back in stock! https://purefragranceoils.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=19&products_id=910&zenid=koq0e20gabnf1godb8vvls5n46 This is hands down the best sugar cookie I’ve ever tested! And I have tested MANY Cookie FO’s from many vendors. I can’t wait to see what you think once you try it! 🥳. Please do keep us all posted.... 😇.
  7. Hi @Hotpinkao I’m sorry for the delay in my response. I went to the PFO website as I do know she sometimes runs out of fragrances and will remove it until it comes back in stock. But it is back in stock. It’s absolutely WONDERFUL! HTH! 😇 Here is the link: https://purefragranceoils.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=19&products_id=910&zenid=koq0e20gabnf1godb8vvls5n46
  8. Awww.... @Jenni Wix,Thanks! Yes the SC from PFO is just fab! You will see what I mean when you try it. Oh yes definitely.... I completely understand trying certain companies first and then continuing on with trying the same fragrance from other vendors. I still always try cookie fragrances even though I am in love with the one from PFO. It’s the nature of the beast! We are all always trying to do the best we can with what we have and try to make it work, right? I think looking for the latest and greatest is also part of the fun. 🥰.
  9. Hi @Belinda!!! Yes it’s stellar! I thought I had a good one already and when I did try the SC from PFO I was like WOAH! 😳. It’s just so rich. To be completely honest Belinda..... Sadly, JS Buttercream Sugar cookie was one of my biggest heartbreakers. 💔 I had heard from you and a few other people how great the Buttercream Sugar Cookie from JS was, so I grabbed a 1oz sample and it just didn’t throw for me AT ALL! It was like I had poured a plain wax and added some dye to it. I was so saddened by it because I heard such great things from many people too, do you kwim? I was really hard on myself about it. 😬My wax usually has both strong hot and cold throw. So even though I have found the one from PFO, I still will occasionally try new cookie FO’s. But thus far NOBODYS sugar cookie can touch it. But I do also really like JS fragrances so I may just go ahead and try another 1 oz. who knows..... Maybe it was something I did wrong kwim? I guess we shall see one day if I get it again. I have also tried the ICS Sugar Cookie Dough but it doesn’t even come close. HTH! I can’t wait to see your thoughts. 🥳
  10. Hi @Jenni Wix I hope you have been doing well. I did really like the JS Orange Caramel Crumble. But I do have to say that I have tried Pumpkin Pecan Waffle from a few places and my favorite one thus far is from JS. Becky’s just has more of the Waffle note in it then some of the others I have tried. And I love that! I do also like the pecan/brown sugar/maple smell but to have the bready note in there too it’s just fab! 🥰 Now my favorite Sugar Cookie is from Pure Fragrance Oils for sure! That’s definitely a stunner to say the least! You should give that one a try, I know you will love it! 😇
  11. Yes LOL. I am definitely the night owl and sometimes early bird. 😊. Seems we are 2 peas in a pod. I definitely don’t blame you! Wow! I would not order any one bottle and pay $18.00 shipping either. That’s crazy! Don’t you hate that when you need just one or 2 bottles and they charge that much! I also have a sample of Clean Cotton from Lonestar and OOB it smells the exact same. And Lonestar is currently having their 1/2 off Spring 2019 sample sale. So you might want to get 1-2 from them as 2 oz would only be $2.00 right now. They also have some other stellar FO’s like their Creme Brulee and their Stargazer Lily. I don’t need more samples but I’m grabbing about $50 worth just because I love sampling and testing new FO. If you have any questions about any of their FO please don’t hesitate to ask. I have a pretty good list of their oils too. The Clean Cotton blended with Lavender is amazing! I typically use CS Lavender mixed with my CS Clean Cotton. It’s stellar! I also like Lavender, Marshmallow & Peppermint! Anyways.... LMK how you like the blend. Blessings! 😇
  12. @Scentsational Julie I sent you a private message in regards to my order.... Please respond ASAP.
  13. Understandable. My customers absolutely love it. Sorry to hear that it doesn’t work or sell well for you. 😬. Your not an idiot for consistently trying to find one that would work.... Your just persistent lol. 😊. Have a good weekend!
  14. Hi Trapp! I also use and love CS Clean Cotton. They do still stock it. Here is the link https://www.candlescience.com/fragrance/clean-cotton-fragrance-oil I have tried the CC from Peak (although it was a long time ago) I just order more from CS that’s all. But I do love Peaks Downy Fresh.... Now that one is stellar! @Candybee I’ve tried CS Clean Cotton with CS Lavender and agree it's a lovely blend. I’ve not tried it mixed with Storm Watch though, will have to give that one a try. TFS! 😇
  15. Oh wow really? @Candybee we have just got to find you a sugar cookie that you enjoy! What SC FO’s have you tried?
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