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  1. Ahhh... Next time I go I will have to give the Aloe & White Lilac a sniff. Yah the Apple Dumpling is one I have been buying for about 2 years a now. I started out with just splitting a lb. bottle, but then once I ran out I grabbed a lb for myself. It’s a goodie in wax for sure! I hope you enjoy the new FO’s you got to test this year! Have a great weekend!
  2. I know. 😔. Would have been great. After my appointment I had to go to my mothers house and it slipped my mind. Yes I should have given you my number. We will have to meet next time for sure! 😃 Pumpkin Crunch Cake is also a good one but once in wax it’s more like a cinnamon spice cake rather then a pumpkin.... It’s SUPER heavy on the cinnamon spice. But good none the less. I’ve not yet tried their Pumpkin Cheesecake or their Apple Cinnamon Streusel though. But the Apple Dumpling is fierce and scrumdillicious! LOL. 😂 Oh also what was the one Spring/summer scent that you restocked? Anyways so glad to hear you enjoyed your time there! Even though I’m a hop skip and a jump away, I still love going there and sniffing oils. 😇
  3. Hi Tracy! I have 2 that I enjoy and one that was recently suggested to me. The first one is from NG, it’s called Hot Buttered Rum and the other one is from RE and it’s called Butterscotch Marshmallow. The one that was recently suggested to me is from BC and is called Butter Rum Allspice. My friend just raves about that one. Anyhoo... HTH! 😇 OH! Almost forgot.... JS Butter Brickle is a great oil as well!
  4. Yessss! I only have a sample of that one but it is a nice one. The one from NG called Pumpkin Apple Butter is also really good. Any others from ICS or RE that you love?
  5. Ohhh okay. I have an appointment at 11:30 so I might get a chance to run there after tomorrow so we shall see. Hopefully we will get the chance to meet. 🙌🏼 That’s awesome that you have someone who wants to order lots and lots of candles from you and especially for a fundraiser! Congrats! Okay, so for NG.... The pumpkin apple butter and the apple dumpling is WOWWW!!! Those 2 for sure but the pumpkin eggnog once the heat hits it, it morphs into such a nice creamy pumpkin nog. Soooo great! Also their apple butter caramel is nice! Then the regular eggnog I use as a blender mostly but it’s not your basic vanilla it adds depth and such a nice touch to fruit blends as well as hot chocolate and pumpkin/apple/cinnamon stuff. Then don’t forget to check their Candy cane!!! It’s wayyy better in wax then any peppermint I’ve tried including the NG peppermint. Well I do like purely peppermint from Peak too. Ohhh wait one more. Lol I sound like a FO addict! 😂😂😂. Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti is a great surprise! OOB is kinda has a touch of an almond or cherry kind of smell but nope... gotta try that one too! Chocolate Orchid isn’t specifically a fall/winter but it is listed under fall scents. OOB it’s a really pretty lighter scent but in wax it comes alive and it’s soooo good! Then Christmas Cookies is great too! I’ve not put Christmas Cabin in wax yet but I love it OOB! Oh yes, me being 15 minutes away from them is definitely nice, but I still order from about 10 other suppliers fairly regularly. It’s sick! LOL Now I understand the addiction to buying them. Anyways, lmk if there’s anything in particular you are looking for and I can give you more. And HAPPY SNIFFING!!! 🙌🏼😇
  6. Do you by chance know the difference between Apple Fritter & Apple Strudel? I have an apple pie fragrance, as well as an Apple Cinnamon and also a Baked Apple scent but thought the Strudel or the Fritter might be different? @Belinda have you tried these? 😇
  7. @GailC I remember that.... It feels like it was just yesterday! Goooooo!!! Have a BLAST! If I know what day your going I might be able to stop in and say hello. 😇. Sadly they now close at 4 pm. I think I told you before that they are only about 15 minutes from my house. If your going to be in Ohio you can also stop by Wholesale Supplies Plus. They have a sister store that you can actually go into the store and smell just like at NG. Although they are way pricier! Some are must haves for me! If you'd like that info just LMK. I'm really excited to see what ones you like the most! If you give me a generalized idea of the kind of scents your after this go round I can help with some suggestions. I have probably close to 130 (ish) different oils from them. So trust me... I feel your pain about not needing anymore but I keep on buying! 😬😂
  8. I couldn’t agree with you more @Sarah S NG Nappy Valley Harvest Type is so great! It has a strong scent throw in parasoy too! 😇🙌🏼
  9. OH!!! And @MilosCandles I also have to say I just love your website! Very easy to navigate and nice looking! 🥰
  10. @MilosCandles I completely understand the whole 10 x10 sizing issue. I ended up having to upgrade to a 20 x 20 for most shows but some shows I can still get away with a 15 x 15. It’s hard all in all what you have isn’t bad... Just keep trucking along. You can also look up craft fair setups and get new ideas that way. Best of luck to you. 😇
  11. Perhaps just putting out a good selection in groups as @Laura C suggested initially would be good. I think your doing fantastic, but if I’m being honest when I seen your pic I thought... 😬. I would be afraid to go in your booth mostly out of fear that I would break something due to everything being so cluttered. Again... Please do not take this as a negative, I think your doing great.... Maybe just start by displaying less. Less truly is more! I have done conventions for years with my scrapbooking business and can assure you this would help immensely! You can always store extra stock under your tables hidden by your tablecloths. How many shows do you plan to do this year?
  12. Thank you so much @The Candle Nook I appreciate your input. I will certainly be testing that one out. Hopefully sooner than later. Thanks again! 😇
  13. Looking forward to hearing your results. 😇
  14. I use fragrance oils from both JS & NG & they both have nice fragrances. It truly just depends on the scent itself. As far as Just Scent their Caramel Pipe Tobacco is outstanding! Just Scent has such an amazing selection and her BBW, JM, VS & all of her “designer types” are the best dupes I have tried. But NG also has some fantastic fragrances. 😇
  15. Just off the top of my head, I love the following from LS: Pumpkin Seeds & Oud Blueberry Cobbler Verbena Bamboo Mahogany Woods Leather White Nectarine & Pink Coral Cashmere Fruit Slices- SUPER STRONG
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