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  1. I know how much you love the powdered sugar FO from JS. The one from WSP used to be part of the Fragrance Formulator line. It seems to have race reviews too. 🤞🏼 https://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/products/sugared-fragrance-oil-ff.aspx
  2. Hello @bfroberts! I am definitely right on board with you with the complete and utter boredom when it comes to fragrance oils for winter. I would have to say off the top of my head I am “IN LOVE” with Grandmas Cupboard from Rustic! Rain or shine, Spring or Winter, this oils is so satisfying! I also have a newfound love for little Black Dress especially in mixes. But a mix I recently tried is Fall Festival MW Type mixed with Cranberry Oak Peak type and giirrlll..... whew weeee! A very nice blend! I did a 60/40 blend but they go well together so I’m sure when you smell them together you w
  3. Thank you for the heads up @Paintguru VERY KIND of you! 😇🙌🏼
  4. I have Black Vetiver Cafe from PFO and love it! It’s not an in your face scent but it travels very well if that makes sense. Definitely worth it though! Plus PFO has great customer service! She’s on top of things to say the least!
  5. I’m glad to hear you say that. I’m ISO a good and strong cinnamon bun FO. The one I have is just meh at best. I think the bear claw is a nice bakery scent, but a few of my friends/family members have said it’s a bit too sweet. So on the hunt I go! ON A DIFFERENT TOPIC: WSP IS HAVING A 25% OFF ALL FRAGRANCE OILS LADIES! Damnit I need more oils like I need a hole in the head! Grrr... But I am off to go select a few. Any suggestions from WSP?
  6. Hello @coffeebean I too am in search of a good peanut butter fragrance. The peanut butter FO I purchased I am not impressed with. What Peanut Butter did you end up going with? TIA! 😇
  7. Awesome! Thank you for sharing! Out of the bottle does the cinnamon bun smell close to bear claws or no? Oh and the boo berry is stellar in my parasoy wax also!
  8. Just seen your comment about the cinnamon buns! Good to know! I have their Bear Claws and their Vanilla Frosted Graham..... Would you say the Cinnamon Bun is different then those 2? Are there any others that you really like from ICS? 😇
  9. I would definitely suggest: NG Capri Olivo as it’s an utterly beautiful scent that makes me think of a beautiful place! NG Agave Lime as at the beginning of June they say the Lime trees of Italy begin blossoming. NG Italian Biscotti. It’s a nice bakery smell! Coffee House or Any coffee smell as they say everywhere you go on the streets of Italy you will smell coffee and hear the hissing sounds of an expresso machine. 😎 Peace from Fragance Buddy which is the Lush Olive Branch dupe. It’s definitely a nice fragrance on its own but I als
  10. Ahhh, So you would compare this to Grandmas Cupboard and it would come out on top? I have tried Grandmas Cupboard and thought it was nice just not super strong. So you prefer the MC Oatmeal Cookie over the Grandmas Cupboard?
  11. Tested in: Wax Melts Description: This is a smokey, sexy & exotic fragrance. It’s earthy & IMO just mesmerizing! The cold/hot throw is very nice. It won’t throw you out of your house by any means, but it will fill a room with a very nice scent! Wax used: Parasoy blend Fragrance load (%): 9% Average cure time: 1-2 weeks Wax additives: None Container: N/A Wick: N/A Cold throw: VERY GOOD (8 out of 10) Hot Throw: EXCELLENT (8 out of 10)
  12. Tested in: Wax Melts Description: This is another duplication fragrance. I have many customers who enjoy the masculine types of fragrances. PFO really knows what they are doing with their FO’s in general, but especially the types as they are very accurate! The cold/hot throw on this one is fab! Wax used: Parasoy blend Fragrance load (%): 9% Average cure time: 1-2 weeks Wax additives: None Container: N/A Wick: N/A Cold throw: VERY GOOD (10 out of 10) Hot Throw: EXCELLENT (9 out of 10)
  13. Tested in: Wax Melts Description: This is a duplication fragrance... That of which I have tried from several different suppliers. I was reluctant to purchase it at first due to already having a pound of it from BB. In any event, I wanted to see what one actually was better in my wax blend. Hands down I prefer the one from PFO. It’s just superior in my particular blend. The cold/hot throw is phenomenal! Wax used: Parasoy blend Fragrance load (%): 9% Average cure time: 1-2 weeks Wax additives: None Container: N/A Wick: N/A Cold thro
  14. Yaassss!!!! Candlewic’s Sugared Vanilla Shortbread is stellar! As Fireside stated you will not be disappointed! 😍
  15. I strongly suggest that you try some of their oils. I have a good selection of their oils and can definitely suggest some for you. I use a parasoy wax. Check out PFO and LMK what ones are catching your eye and I’ll let you known my thoughts based on using parasoy. 👍🏼
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