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  1. Yaassss!!!! Candlewic’s Sugared Vanilla Shortbread is stellar! As Fireside stated you will not be disappointed! 😍
  2. I strongly suggest that you try some of their oils. I have a good selection of their oils and can definitely suggest some for you. I use a parasoy wax. Check out PFO and LMK what ones are catching your eye and I’ll let you known my thoughts based on using parasoy. 👍🏼
  3. @bfroberts I second that question. What room spray base do you currently use? 😇
  4. Issey Miyake- RE The Perfect Man- NG Barbershop 1920’s- RE Black Vetiver Cafe- PFO Fierce- PFO Caramel Tobacco- JS Green Irish Tweed- NG or RE have tried from both places. And the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille FO that Sarah suggested is another really good one. I’m getting ready to buy Sauvage Dior from JS. She has some of the best duplications! HTH! 😇
  5. You and Belinda have me sold on the White Cake now too. I am really wanting to get even more bakery then I have. It seems extremely popular for me lately too. I have to agree with you on Sugar Milk.... It’s an amazing blender for me! 💞. Yessss.... Cinnamon Toast Crunch would be amazing! 🥰
  6. I know right! Buying and testing more oils I think I enjoy more the most. LOL 🤣 I do love the Blueberry Cheesecake from CS quite a bit but I think I will at least pick up an 8 oz bottle from ICS just to compare. If I don’t like it as much, I can just swap it out with one of my Waxy friends. I think you have me sold on the cherry cookies! I love the sound of it being creamy and the fact that you are able to smell the cookie in it too. That’s great! For her white cake you mentioned that it’s super amaretto smelling..... Can you still smell the cake scent or not so much? Definitely noted on the Count Chocula. Doesn’t sound like one you would likely reorder huh? Frankenberry sounds great but Frute Brute sounds mainly cherry. Lemon Ice Box Cookies sounds great! I almost ordered I ed Lemon Cookie from Aztec but I know ICS has such great bakery oils. I’m glad I help off so I can try hers. Praline Pound Cake sounds more appealing to me then Caramelized Pralines. I am just not a fan of the CS Caramelized Pralines. There is something in it that kinda makes me go eww... lol In any event thank you so much for your help and explanations on the scents from ICS. She truly has amazing oils. Any others we didn’t chat about?
  7. Hi @gigglefits I love your screen name here on CS. Cute! Thank you for your suggestions as well. I have about 10 from your list. They are: Bear Claws Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies Boo Berry Strawberry White Cake Strawberry, Raspberry & Guava Sugar Cookie Dough Sugar Milk Sweet Bakery Dough Wildberry Mousse Zucchini Bread I do have quite a few from your list in my cart though. They are: Blueberry Cheesecake- how does this one differ from Candle Science if you have tried theirs? Cherry Cookies- Can you smell both the cookie and cherry? Is this similar to fruity brute? Count Chocula- I’m not usually big on chocolate scents, but this one captured my attention for some reason. I’m assuming you can smell the cereal in here too? What is your favorite Chocolate scent from ICS? Flapjacks- @lovelyscents suggested this one to me also. She said it’s the best pancake oil she has tried. Frankenberry- What do you get out of this one mostly? Fruity Brute- Does this one smell close to Frabkenberry? Seems like it might. 🤔 Lemon Icebox Cookies- Does this one smell just like regular lemon cookies? Praline Pound Cake- Does this one smell anything like Caramelized Pralines from Candle Science? Or is it more of a pound cake with a tad bit of a nutty smell? Goodness I really loaded up the questions lol hope you don’t mind. Thanks again! 😇
  8. Hi @Belinda Thank you for your suggestions! You are always so helpful with suggestions and typically when you suggest something I love it! I have a decent selection of her oils but the only ones from your list that I have are: blackberry jam butter cookie sugar cookie dough bear claws booberry I do have a few in my cart that you listed. They are: caramel nut cluster apple fritter lemon meringue Does the lemon meringue smell like fruit loops or does it actually smell like a pie? Is the caramel nut cluster mostly caramel or can you also smell a peanut smell as well? Then you have my attention with the white cake... Does it have a cherry smell to it or does it mostly smell like a birthday cake? Turtle Brownies.... That just reminded me!!! I still want to do our swap with the caramel pretzel bar lol 😂🙌🏼
  9. Hi @Timber Thank you for your suggestions. The only one that I have tried from the ones you suggested is Hello Beautiful. I have to agree that it is extremely light. Pretty just definitely to light for candles/wax melts IMO. I’ve heard so much about her PPW. I still have about 10-11 oz. left from FB, but as soon as I run low I will grab some from ICS. I definitely am more then pleased with what I have tried thus far. And her prices are very fair too!
  10. Yes Moonstar ICS Wildberry mouse is really nice too! 🙌🏼😇. Mix it with pie crust and it’s a really nice blend!
  11. Hi Karen! I have no idea why CS got rid of that one! Such a pretty & harder to find fragrance. I just checked and found this site carries a sage & pomegranate FO. I’ve never order from them before but here is the link: https://www.candlemakingsupplies.net/fragrances---old/candle-scents---br-15---16-oz--bottles/cate_64/p___P0633490.html Maybe you can contact them to inquire and perhaps ask any questions you may have. I truly hope that you can find it again. Worse case scenario while you still have some put maybe an ounce in a bottle and try to dupe it yourself. Maybe white sage from RE mixed with a small amount of pomegranate? Or maybe even white sage, pomegranate and sage and citrus. Here are the notes for sage & pomegranate from CS website. Note Profile:Top: Sage, Citrus, Green FloralMiddle: Pomegranate, Red Currant, JasmineBase: Cedar Give it a shot.... 🙌🏼😇
  12. Yes @Moonstar it’s a must.... Please just trust me on this one. It’s in my top 5 oils of all time! I would bathe in it if I could. 😂😂😂. There’s not a lot of FO’s I spend almost $45/lb. on but this one is BAE! It’s truly one of a kind! Please lmk when you order it. I know for sure you will love it! And if not, we can work something out I’m sure. 😇
  13. Hello everyone! So I just went to Indiana Candle Supplies website and it’s newly updated and looks really nice. Anyone have any favs from them?
  14. Yah it’s crazy. I know certain vanilla FO’s can turn dark with age but goodness gracious the iced cranberry is brand new so just shocked to see it come to me like that. I don’t know if it’s old or what, kwim? Should I contact them maybe? 😬🤯
  15. Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great start to the New Year..... I just can’t believe it’s 2020 already! Where does the time go? I have been looking for a good plain cranberry FO for quite a while. I remember getting some recommendations for iced cranberry from Fragrance Buddy. So on my most recent order from them, I did place an order for a pound of it. Well it arrived about two weeks ago it and it was really, really dark brown? Is this normal for FB’s Iced Cranberry to have this color? If you have ordered it and can give me some info about this oil please let me know. Thanks so much in advance. 😇💞
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