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  1. I needed a real strong coffee for the "western line" of candles , after testing several from different suppliers, i settled on the Rustic Escentuals, Coffee House, it's a Colombian type, very strong and just a few other subtle notes to it.....but can't remember what those are offhand! Didn't want anything too fancy for Cowboy Coffee! Lol! Have a great day all!
  2. Has anyone used Bittercreek's Yuletide in soy wax? I use KySoy125.......is it a pleasant fragrance? I really need to order from only one place due to shipping costs. I also must keep it fairly simple.........used do a lot of blending for the holiday scents but running behind now so would prefer already mixed. I need other things from Bittercreek that's why I would prefer all from one place. So far I'm thinking...... A Northwoods Christmas Mulberry Sleighbells Yuletide
  3. It sounds like an awesome idea bfroberts! At least give it a try and see how it goes.......The labeling looks amazing Moonshine!
  4. I used to color my soy wax for quite a while and then started getting so frustrated with the opaque and pastel colors I was getting.....no vibrant colors, so one day about seven years ago I quit coloring and never looked back! If I were using paraffin and could get some really great colors then I would do it. Personally I love the natural, naked look of them! ?
  5. Placed my small order with them yesterday and all 4 fragrances were in! So maybe whatever was going on has been resolved? Of course like I said it was a small order.....can't wait to try the Harvest Moon fragrance!
  6. That's what I thought Belinda......I will keep searching and thank you for letting me know for sure:)
  7. Thank you nursenancy I will check it out......:)
  8. Thank you puma52 and Belinda......I'm hoping to get the other three ready soon. Spent this evening wicking and wicking and.......lol!
  9. I've been trying to find a Chaps cologne dupe on my own but nothing so far.......I thought maybe JS as she does carry quite a line of designer scents but I don't see it listed. Just wondering if anyone might know.......there is a Chaps fragrance oil on Texas Candle Supply but I don't think it is the Designer dupe I need. Thank you in advance!
  10. Thank you GoldieMN and Trappeur for your comments. Yes it's Texas Candle Supply, I didn't think of that until later on when I was driving to the store. Lol! I will post again after I test the rest......again, thank you:)
  11. Finally made my final decision on the Leather n Lace for my western line......it is JS Vanilla Lace mixed with SWC Leather, absolutely love it! Then for the plain leather I'm using the TCS Leather, I'm naming it Latigo , it smells so nice! Thank you for suggesting it Belinda.......I didn't want to use the same leather for both so they would be very different! Then there is Campfire Coffee I'm kind of still searching for "the" one! Trying to find just a good, strong coffee like the cowboys would have drank.....no fancy types! Still working on Western Star and Tumbleweed.....testing them this week, will be posting the combos soon. Then the final one is Whiskey and Gunpowder! Lol......have no idea what that will be, open to any suggestions. I'm only going to start this line offering these six fragrances. Enjoy your evening everyone!
  12. Suggest same as the others......Made me think of my combo accident once about ten years ago! Getting ready for a big event, pouring for days and it was like 1:00 am I grabbed KY Christmas Past a pine tree scent and KY Apple Pie, mixed equal parts, can't remember what I meant to mix with the Christmas Past........was going to dump it and my son asked what it was, he loved it. So I made some more, took them to the show and totally sold out and took orders for more. I still make them and people still love them! Lol!
  13. That jar is stunning! So elegant......I do wish we had more to choose from also!
  14. Absolutely beautiful Trappeur, so creative! Love it!
  15. Welcome Charlotte, glad you are here:)
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