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  1. Wooden skewers are cheap and then you throw them away...just giving you another option...of course, you may be making larger quantities than I do
  2. You have original CS cranberry marmalade and you should have great HT with that one....I started with soy - and yes - I always give a candle at least 2 weeks. Sometimes a month. And then sometimes a FO doesn’t work for me at all. I give up and move on to another. (Always a little bummed if I bought more than 2 oz tho...like OMGolive...smells like absolutely nothing in my wax. CT or HT. At 10% even). If I was going to branch out, I’d go with @bfroberts recommendations... I think it’s (honestly) just trial and error with whatever wax you wanna use. Biggest problem I find today (vs 2 years ago when I started) is all the companies reformulating the FO without phthalates...🙄🙄🙄. .
  3. Jumping in with my 2 cents for what it’s worth.... The reformulated cranberry apple marmalade from CS is totally different than the original and I wouldn’t be using that to try and restart candle making and figure out HT. I agree with peach nectar. Or the macintosh apple (a strong FO in mho. But I use 464 and always wait 2 weeks for cure)
  4. I’m with you Gail. Have my fingers in my ears and saying La-La-La-La over and over....way too many fo on hand to look at black friday sales....
  5. Hmmm. I believe the candle I poured is WAY weaker than I thought it would be. Did you ask Lonestar about phthalates @cjrig? I didn’t look specifically to see if they were commenting on removal in their fo. That can really mess with a fragrance.
  6. Thanks @TallTayl i knew the wax was softening more toward the bottom — guess I just never realized how much once I was 1/2 way thru the burning process...will try your wickectomy method for setting wicks on next testers...it will save me time/effort if I determine a (probable) good wick/fo load and then set a wick once I am 1/2 way thru for the rest of the burn!
  7. I wondered about sink holes as well @CandleRush but dug around pretty good in a couple to see if I could identify a problem and didn’t find sink holes 🤷‍♀️
  8. So to manage the number of test candles I was making, I started pouring my candles (464) with different FO loads without wicks. After my cure time, I’d poke a hole insert a wick and start testing. I could tell fairly quickly when I was over wicked -pull it - start again. Or realize I needed more cure time with a certain FO - and put it away again — everything seemed to be going well. I knew I’d never get a complete burn without a set wick- hoped I’d get down to about 1/4 wax left and suspected I’d probably get to the bottom 1/3. Well, I am only getting about 1/2 way thru the candle and the wick disappears. Melt pool seems to be fine, wick doesn’t appear to be drowning, candle isn’t too hot - just all of a sudden wick disappears. Do you think it’s because of “soft” soy or is it a wick problem? Only thing I can think of is set the wick I *think* is gonna be right (has done the best the first 1/2 of the candle) - at the FO load I *think* is right (for the complete burn), let the damn things cure again and continue testing. Which, in reality, hasn’t reduced/saved me any time or effort at all. And may have added to my time/effort! I might as well pour 6-8 candles with different FO loads and different wicks from the start! Would love all your Thoughts? Opinions? (Can’t believe I still feel this much like a “baby” newbie after 2.5 years)
  9. CT in soy can be strong and lovely and HT non-existant. There’s no rhyme or reason. Stick with a reputable company and try some different oils. 8% is a fairly good % to be using in soy. You may be able to go down to 6%. Just test! Don’t forget to let soy cure for 2 weeks (minimum) before you test. Makes all the difference
  10. There are lots of good fragrance oil companies out there — seems like you’ve started with supplies from bulk apothecary - so you may try some of their FO too. Just search around on this site for FO ideas
  11. Any input on how those compare to CS Lavender? I poured that (for the first time) and am happier than I am with other Lavenders...
  12. @RedRoomGraduate white currant is now BEAUTIFUL! At a 6% FO load and 7.5 week cure — I’m in love. ❤️ But. Wow. Waiting for that cure time in my wax....
  13. After y’alls conversation about LS leather — i couldn’t stand to wait and poured it at 10%. Since I want STRONG....at this point, all I’m noticing is it doesn’t appear to be melding with my wax as well as all other fragrances. (And i agree the scent isn’t as strong as I thought it would be...altho I’ve poured 6.5 dozen candles the last couple of days and think my smeller is a goner). All I can smell anywhere in my house is a mix of everything I’ve been pouring 😂
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