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  1. I don’t have a replacement @franu61 but agree on not messing with CS reformulated scents 😔😔😔
  2. @franu61 have you used the reformulated oakmoss & amber?
  3. FYI: I spent hours this last week going thru all my CS 1oz-1lb bottles and checking past orders. Altho each FO page will tell you the date it was reformulated - if I click on the FO in my past orders a page will come up “discontinued” if I have the “old” formulation. Ended up with 15 sample bottles and 5-4 oz bottles. I’m hoarding my pound bottles of discontinued FO but if anyone is interested in trying to dupe - I’m in and will be happy to contribute.
  4. @sarahmarah the original fresh coffee was SO STRONG my kids couldn’t stand to be in the house when I poured it. And it would be all I could smell. I can remember the smell enough to understand “skunky”...but. In wax. It was so nice. A true coffee that would fill a room. Not sweet. Not creamy. Just coffee. {sigh}
  5. (Yes, still branching out looking for new FO suppliers). Intriguing company, particularly since I use soy — but searching this site (because y’all are THE PROS I trust) not seeing much info on CSoylutions. Anyone use oils from here? Any losers/winners?
  6. Wonder who WSP is NOT buying??😝 (I mean. WOW. It’s like they’re the only ones with any $$)
  7. I see everybody on facebook sites SWOONING over those bowls. My GF who makes candles got one from her MIL for Christmas — $65 price tag 😬. I said “wooden bowl and flame” and looked at my friend over the top of my glasses. It was like she’d never thought of it. I said don’t burn it unless you stand right there with it! She offered to give it to me 😂😂 nope...
  8. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this...Fresh Coffee has been a consistent great candle. Altho I was worried about the reformulation, I found it to be relatively the same. Until now. I just lit a candle I poured in September and the scent throw has disappeared. Not entirely, but sooo much weaker. I have never had that happen in 464 - so I am adding finding a new coffee to my list and now am concerned about other reformulated scents after several months “curing”. I have never worried about testing a few months down the line (except occasionally for wicks). Is this something y’all check f
  9. @Karen Ov @Scented @Belinda thanks for the suggestions. ❤️ Will add a few of those to my first order and keep a working list for the future.
  10. Have to replace Candle Science in my suppliers rotation...just can’t anymore with them. So thought I’d add RE (I know 🙄 picked a hellova time since they’ve sold to WSP). Before I knew they’d sold, had stuff in my cart and that’s almost as good as bought (for me). And I haven’t lost faith in all companies since I’m counting on WSP to keep the FO’s. (Shipping about gave me a stroke but “in for 4oz in for 1lb” right??). Here are ones I thought I’d try. If any of them send “red flags” to you as awful - please let me know. Bonus hugs if you know anything about them in 464 (glutton for punishment,
  11. Looking to replace Candle Science as my #1 supplier and thought I’d try RE. Put 3 lbs of FO in my cart. $30 to ship to texas and tried to get me to UPCHARGE to $45 for my order to be filled in 1-3 business days — is this WSP or normal for RE? (I haven’t hit the button because shipping seems ASTRONOMICAL to me.
  12. @Paintguruagree about their website. When I was looking for something — I called them. VERY helpful on the phone. This was pre-covid
  13. @bfroberts not a surprise with you being in NC. I’m in Texas and don’t do many of Lone Star’s fragrances. Altho I almost always buy my wax and jars there and pick up so I don’t have to pay shipping. I tried a couple of AFI dupes for CS cranberry marmalade and they weren’t the same....have a couple of others to try in Jan
  14. So my husband just keeps playing on his phone while I LOSE MY MIND over CS reformulating ridiculousness...so I’m here. With those who understand and feel my pain. They are now reformulating LAVENDER — and it ALREADY is phy free and prop65 good. I am BEYOND irritated with ones who were my # 1 supplier for YEARS! I just posted the following...doubt they’ll care...but... “Well. I don’t applaud CS for changing their FO. MANY of the changed scents are NOT the same and DO NOT work the same in candles. (Cranberry Marmalade and Peppermint Bark) Maybe soap is different. But with candles
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