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  1. The Candle Nook

    Need a name for custom blend

    I also intantly thought Mediterranean Garden. 😉
  2. The Candle Nook

    FO Line up from TFC - I need your opinion.

    Totally agree about CS Fruit Slices. Very strong. I don’t smell fuel at all. And the HT is excellent (“fruity” scents can be sometimes iffy in 464)
  3. AAA is local to me and I have found more misses than hits. I use GW 464 and the girls at the front desk will tell you you must use 2oz per pound of any of their fragrance in soy. That’s the first thing that concerned me — but I was there - so YEP bought some FO. Here’s my experience: leather- strong as anything anywhere. If you need a leather. This is it. German chocolate cake - strong and sweet candy cane - no HT Frankincense and myrrh - zero HT. And I mean zero. (Still looking for this scent but want frankincense to be stronger than myrrh, which is kinda baby powder-ish) rosemary mint - HT is ok but I don’t get rosemary or mint. I get generic soap. And not a nice one. Pinion Pine - loved this OofB but throw wasn’t strong enough in 464. I’m gonna try the rest of them as blends with other companies FO and see if I can salvage. Will be interesting to know what wax y’all are using and your experience with AAA FO once you try — keep us updated!
  4. The Candle Nook

    “Winter” scent favorites

    Hmmm. That’s an idea- Cinnamon broom.... I’ve been thinking of mixing cinnamon with a couple of other fragrances. Now maybe the time to experiment! Any other ideas/suggestions out there??
  5. The Candle Nook

    “Winter” scent favorites

    I sell lots of fall/holiday scents but haven’t really worked the winter/spring candle business much. Do you have favorite scents for winter? Or do you find yourself going straight into spring scents...peach, fruity, ocean, etc.
  6. The Candle Nook

    Looking for a dupe

    Thanks so much. Have started a shopping cart at Flaming Candle...just what I need...more things to try!
  7. The Candle Nook

    Looking for a dupe

    For Anthropologie Havana candle....I’ve tried FO from Bulk Apothecary (concerned about their fo costs and shipping), Lone Star, AAA, Bitter Creek. I know there’s a company that claims a dupe but now I can’t find it 😫. I use 464 soy (which ironically, I love). Can someone lead me to a supplier for this dupe. (I’ve checked out rustic escentuals, the flaming candle, wellington, natures garden - just wonder if someone has another suggestion). Thanks.
  8. The Candle Nook

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    I finally made the choice to just toss a bunch of 1 oz bottles I knew I was never gonna make up. I was tired of looking at them. Altho, in my area we have a “craft only” thrift store where I will donate in the future. I have a few companies I will never buy from again because I was disappointed in the FO I ordered.
  9. The Candle Nook

    Looking for a FO that is a dupe of Philosophy’s Amazing Grace

    Thanks. I’ve never tried Daystar. Will check them out.
  10. The Candle Nook

    Looking for a FO that is a dupe of Philosophy’s Amazing Grace

    Have been so-so with Bulk Apothecary FO and the 464 soy blend...which company do you have better luck with...I’ve never used NG....
  11. Philosophy’s amazing grace body products are loved by several customers who want the scent in a candle. I use GB464 and am looking for a suggestion of company and fragrance to dupe this. Thanks!