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  1. Hi Jim, take your pot out of the double boiler for the cooling process to start. Add FO immediately like @bfroberts said. No need to wait. I’ve been able to eyeball setting wicks by putting caution labels on bottom first (I use glass so it gives me middle) and eyeball setting the wick by using the straw method (wick thru the straw then center and stick).
  2. But I loved CS Carmelized Praline. It was one of the first FO I made and sold
  3. FYI: Candle Science is reformulating Carmelized Pralines to be phylate free. Will have to retest 🙄😂
  4. I don't find their oils to be "much different" than the competition. I've had duds from BA. Pricey ones, too. Same. I don’t find BA oils that much different. I like several of them —but kinda roll my eyes at the “we’re stronger” statement.
  5. @TallTayl and @CaptnKush and anyone else who uses presto pots....I’m checking them out and ready to bite the bullet...Amazon has one 10x8x10 and Walmart has one 12x10x12. What size are you using (they are the same price) and what recommendations/concerns for different sizes.
  6. Apparently soy changed DRASTICALLY a couple of years ago (maybe 2016) which I’ve read extensively (it seems) about on past posts...but I wasn’t making candles then. Since I’ve been using 464, I’ve been very happy. HT can be challenging with certain FO - but, I think that’s normal since it’s all I’ve ever known. Now...if I branched out into other waxes...not sure how I would feel — so I don’t! 😂
  7. I’ve been thinking about a presto pot because I’m tired of the double boil method I have been using....(think this part is a stupid question but here goes...) what do you use to get the wax from the presto pot to your pouring pitcher? I’m sure there are a million different things you could use ...lead me somewhere please!
  8. I’ll jump in this conversation....testing out a FO for a particular client/friend. (It’s a fragrance I don’t care for). Used my standard 464 and a couple of different wicks. Waited 2 weeks. Gave them to her, explained about curing time, she burned them off and on for a week maybe 2. Gave them back and said throw was weak. I shoved them on a shelf and forgot about them. 2 months later I lit 1 and HT was so strong I could smell it thru 1/2 the house (2800 sq ft house). Whatever science/magic happens sometimes takes awhile....
  9. @soshiegirl thanks for offer of a cotton ball....but at this point - I have so many things I’ve bought and haven’t put in wax...I seriously do not need to fall in love with something else to buy! 😂. I pour frankincense/ myrrh at Christmas and it is definitely missing something (as an incense) an amber might be it. I think vanilla may be too sweet...I may have a sample of CS Caribbean Teakwood @pughaus — I’ll check that out. Thanks for the input!
  10. I’m looking for an old fashioned church incense smell and someone suggested a cedar/orange mix— do you know that smell and think this smells like church incense?
  11. Do you not like the CS? That’s what I use and at 10% it’s strong to me...
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