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  1. I’ll 2nd Belinda’s thumbs up for Butternut Pumpkin. It’s a different pumpkin from anything else I’ve smelled...it’s my fav LS...
  2. Just got in my first NG order and OH. MY. GOSH!! Thrilled with Vanilla Champagne and Childrens Room OOB. Have everything ready to make candles in the morning! Thanks so much ladies!! ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Thanks Trappeur and candesncats — I did order children’s room from NG today! Will put it in wax as soon as it comes in a d let everyone know...
  4. Thanks Shari and everyone else! — I’ll put that one on the “look for” list. Just sent in my first NG order. Took lots of advice and ordered: vanilla champagne, childrens room (Thanks Tappeur for that suggestion), omg olive and more! (Need to hit my local supplier for more wax and jars now!)
  5. Hmmm. 2018. Hands down winner: 1. Cranberry marmalade (CS). 2. (with a bullet heading for 1) Fresh Coffee (Cs) Everything else is practically a tie - Red Current, Pumpkin Souffle, Toasted Pumpkin, Kelp (BA), Peppermint with anything, White Birch (CS), Leather (AAA), Lemon Pound Cake, Apple anything, Mulled Cider, Lavender, Tobacco (BA) I’m testing out new Lemons (iced lemon biscotti from recommendations here I think will be outstanding!). Also, looking for a new rain/water/ocean scent - (that doesn’t smell like laundry detergent) and looking at Lavender and lavender blends.... Currently needing a “baby” scent — am looking at different baby powders but worried about the powdery smell not having good HT in soy...
  6. Excellent idea. (And you don’t like lemon 😂). I’m not a huge bakery/vanilla fan but my daughter is - so she’s my tester on those! I have a multitude of FO from NG in my cart.... I’ve never used them but have been reading about them from many I respect on this board. Thanks again for the suggestion!
  7. The bride may have a preference — but I wanted to “steer her” one way or another. Don’t mind giving her a couple of choices just trying to narrow it down
  8. Totally my thought on florals — altho I like the daffodil one...you bring up a good point. Thanks
  9. Thanks Sarah S....I’m concerned about a floral because I’m not a real floral fan! Altho I do like daffodil...hadn’t thought about a champagne....do you have one you like? I’m honestly leaning toward a white cake and calling it wedding cake or even a lemon cake scent. Does anyone not like lemon???!
  10. A dear friend of my daughters is marrying this summer. She is paying for the wedding herself and I know has so little money...I’m thinking of making a small candle as a “party favor” for her guests. It will be a gift we give her. The question becomes—-what fragrance??? (I want to only have 1 scent). I was thinking of a white cake scent (like wedding cake)...or maybe putting a touch of chocolate in (like grooms cake)...or maybe Daffodil??? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
  11. Climate controlled. I store candles in boxes jars come in with fragrance written on outside and they are just stacked against a wall in extra bedroom (used to be a kids room and that kid just had to deal with mom’s stuff)
  12. FYI: just went to reorder and this FO has been changed.
  13. Thanks Forrest — I have found that to be true. Overwicked at first but perfect a month or so down the road...i’m just so darn impatient.... Thanks Trap — i don’t mind covering and waiting longer — glad y’all didn’t tell me I needed to start testing with a brand new candle!
  14. Testing...(again and continuously)...and would like some advice. Trying new wicks and new FO. And wondering about cure time. I normally wait a week - and pray it works...here is my senario: let’s say my HT is weak but promising, do you stop testing that candle, cover and let it cure longer?...or do you belive I need to start over with a “fresh” candle....in the past, I have stopped testing that particular FO and moved on to others (sooooo many FO’s 😂). But I have a few I really want to work before summer and I’m trying to determine how I’m going about the testing phase. Currently, I have 3 different wicks going and 2 different FO loads but only 1 candle each...wondering if I want to make 2 candles each for curing times purposes and want y’all’s sage advice...
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