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  1. Well...fyi, my first experience was SUPER SUCCESSFUL. I used a discontinued CS fo my daughter liked. And she used it at her school (she’s a teacher) and said it was VERY strong. Actually suggested I back off 10% I was using. I’m thinking it’s just like every FO and different ones will need different % of oil. Will keep experimenting and see if I want to test a few out this fall and something new.
  2. After several years making candles, I’m now thinking about branching into wickless. And I’m super intrigued with the salt idea...I’ve read the forum most of today but have been confused about amounts.... Most posts seem to use 10% per pound. But then I’ve seen @TallTaylalso say .25 per pound...and then I saw a .25/10 pounds. (That sounds way low) i’ve mixed my first “batch” at 10%...not wanting to have too much a mess I only used 1/2 pound of salt. any of you who tried this in the last few years have any tips/experience to share?
  3. Thanks everyone. Amazing enough, with the pattern — I never could find an oil spot to soak up. Washed TONS of times and left it outside for 5 days airing out. About to wash again and back outside. I think it was just enough FO to “smell it up” and not as bad as the shirt I threw away with FO and wax on it! What a mess 🙄
  4. I spilled fragrance oil all over the bedding in my daughter’s room (temporary candle room). Have tried washing in vinegar, soap and water, with Fabreeze— nada. At least it’s a fragrance I like. But am I wasting my time??? Will it ever come out? Anything else I could use???
  5. Candles wax used: 464 fragrance load (%): 8% FO purchased: 2019 average cure time: 2 weeks Wax additives: none container size: 3” diameter glass wicking notes: standard Cold throw: great Hot Throw: great Morphing: no Other notes: I am not a “floral” person but this little bit of floral is lovely. A nice scent for spring/summer.
  6. Candles wax used: 464 fragrance load (%): tried 8%,10%, and even 12% (I know, the wax doesn’t hold 12% but I was following AAA counter girl recommendations) FO purchased: 2019 average cure time: tested 4 weeks after pour Wax additives: none container size: 3” diameter glass wicking notes: tried multiple Cold throw: Hot Throw: 2 out of 10 (I’m being generous) Morphing: no Other notes: OOB this was nice, pouring it was nice. But in 464, I got nothing.
  7. All great advice so far...I would add: *don’t think the you tube people know what they’re doing...(i was lucky and didn't watch you tube, things people are doing now because of learning on you tube are SCARY) *not all Fragrance Oils will work in your wax/wick combination. (Keeps you from overbuying at the beginning which was my biggest problem) * don’t think “the more the better” it really doesn’t work that way
  8. Candles wax used: 464 fragrance load (%): 10% FO purchased: 2019 average cure time: tested 4 weeks after pour Wax additives: none container size: 3” diameter glass wicking notes: standard Cold throw: good Hot Throw: good 8:10 Morphing: no Other notes: Very good HT in bathrooms/bedrooms (12x10) and GOOD HT in great room open to kitchen. Not too over powering, but nice.
  9. Planning my first Keystone order and this is in my cart. All are “peaks” fragrances I’ve read about on different threads here (except cranberry chutney). Anything stand out as a boo-boo or am I missing a FO that should-NOT-be-missed? birthday cake cinnamon and balsam salty sea air (hope it’s not cologne like) winter wonderland tall grass cranberry chutney (the hunt continues)
  10. I just poured Cierra’s Palo Santo and loved it pouring into my 464. No clue what HT will be tho. Others I’ve smelled have been straight cologne to me. Cierra’s definitely had a more “woodsy” scent. Will update as candle cures..
  11. Just saw that Cinnamon Buns is also discontinued. They recommend trying a “cinnamon vanilla” as a substitute. BUT, CS Cinnamon Vanilla is described as “totally different than our other cinnamons”.
  12. @SmellsSoSweet I poured Fragrance Buddy F&M in January and just tested. Altho I wish it was a tad stronger. The scent is more incense-like than most others I’ve tried and currently, the FO to beat. Will keep you updated.
  13. @GailC i have heard conflicting things about EO and pets. One reputable animal site said “not an issue” and “rumor only”. But, I have had a customer with a bird who was super worried. So much so that I checked each candle oil used in candles she was considering for EO. One, didn’t want to take a chance. Two, make the customer happy. Had WAY MORE candles where FO listed “some” EO than I thought I would...🤷‍♀️ Not sure this helped at all....but many of your FO will already have EO in them (I’m guessing)
  14. @Candybee unfortunately mulled cider has been (pre covid) one of my best sellers...so glad CS sent me the “heads up” email so I could stock up while looking for a replacement.
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