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  1. Any input on how those compare to CS Lavender? I poured that (for the first time) and am happier than I am with other Lavenders...
  2. @RedRoomGraduate white currant is now BEAUTIFUL! At a 6% FO load and 7.5 week cure — I’m in love. ❤️ But. Wow. Waiting for that cure time in my wax....
  3. After y’alls conversation about LS leather — i couldn’t stand to wait and poured it at 10%. Since I want STRONG....at this point, all I’m noticing is it doesn’t appear to be melding with my wax as well as all other fragrances. (And i agree the scent isn’t as strong as I thought it would be...altho I’ve poured 6.5 dozen candles the last couple of days and think my smeller is a goner). All I can smell anywhere in my house is a mix of everything I’ve been pouring 😂
  4. @RedRoomGraduate thanks - that’s a reformulated red currant And I haven’t bothered to order it yet — guess I will have to try...the white currant is throwing better after a 6 week cure. Still not what I’d like it to be.. Also, one of my cran marmalade people likes the cran apple. After a 5 week cure the apple seems to have taken a backseat and the spicy cranberry is back. Did have to up it to 10% tho...
  5. I think the reason my approach works for me is I don’t make the magnitude of scents some of you make. — if a FO doesn’t work for me, I don’t use it. I move to a different scent. That doesn’t mean I don’t own/buy a ton of FO — just give up if 1 particular FO doesn’t throw. For instance, i have had no luck with CS new white currant....I may mess around with longer cure or try a few different wicks — but ultimately, I give up....I have too many FO that make great candles to get bogged down by testing new wax/containers. This is a small side business I do for fun and I have many other interests/hobby’s that take up time — the biggest of which is a small store located within my church that I manage/buy for/run that sells religious merchandise, and candles 😉, the candles I sell at cost to the store so church has the profits.
  6. @TallTayl i never saw the ruler video 😂 that would be overkill for me!! Pour temp hasn’t seemed to affect my final product — but, I only use 1 wax and 1 vessel and my pour temp is vary rarely more than 2-3 degrees different. I have never branched out because this is a side business for me and I don’t have the time/inclination to make additional product to increase my bottom line or fulfill customer desires.
  7. @pcbrook - same (about fresh coffee) after burning thru the peppermint mocha I have changed my mind. Trying a new wick because the fragrance seems to have gone “off”...I can’t really explain it, not much peppermint any longer just a flat mocha. I hate FO changes in the fall/holiday season. Why don’t these companies change everything in January and February when I’m burned out of massive candle making and have the time to test better....also, changing the wick in White Currant and seeing if anything gets better. So far, HT hasn’t been much...
  8. Well. Shoot. I just bought LS leather 🙄🙄🙄. Waiting for y’all to “talk this out” before I pour it up. Hope you’re better quick @Belinda
  9. As someone told me recently — you came to the wrong forum to be talked outta that trip babe! And @bfroberts - have to totally agree with new CS fragrance peppercorn pomm was my “after thought” and was my fav burning! Peppermint Mocha (replacement for Peppermint Bark) isn’t my jam — now I need to search a good peppermint bark...
  10. I have a “fill line” (that I mark myself on all containers) that makes my candles look uniform as a whole. My oz may vary slightly but Are always my minimum weight. No one has ever complained.
  11. I have 2 pounds and am hoarding it 😂😂😂. Altho, what good it does to hoard it I don’t know....actually looking at FB currently, and they have several cranberry’s. One a “cran marm” and one claiming “cran apple peaks” — is FB’s scent a dupe for you?
  12. @TallTayl so sorry for you and that Peaks oil. Honestly, if I’d been in the industry as long as some of you — I’d be so frustrated with changing oils 🙄🙄🙄
  13. Thanks @TallTayl and @kandlekrazy the old CS Cranberry Marmalade was not a cran-apple. (That’s the new one that took it’s place - that I don’t care for). It’s now phthalate free - which i honestly care NOTHING about. I’m sure taking it phthalate free was why they had to switch to a cran-apple. CS is “committed” to having all oils phthalate free by end of year...they also screwed up Red Currant (another one I loved). But it doesn’t have the same sales drive the cran marm has and other companies sell red currant that I’m willing to test. Just have never found another cran marm. I’d probably be willing to buy 25 pounds if it was close enough. The FO was that popular. Used it at 6% and threw GREAT in my soy.
  14. I am bumping this post up as I’m *thinking* of having AFI dupe CS Cranberry Marmalade. It is my best selling fragrance and CS (damn) FO changes are gonna cause me to DRINK! Wondering if anyone else has done this dupe peocess successfully.
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