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  1. I find many tobacco scents turn “perfumy” to me. The only one I’ve had any success with is Cuban tobacco from bulk apothecary. (I can’t remember -or list - all the ones I’ve tried. I couldn’t get a decent HT with anything else)
  2. I have now added CS grapefruit and mint to my radar - one of the best CS in spring/summer for me is grapefruit and mangosteen. I love a good orange — but find “single” fruits aren’t as popular (couldn’t give away McIntosh Apple from CS this fall — but it smells Divine!) What’s a good mixer for orange?
  3. Candles mixed @GailC waiting for cure time before I burn them. You’ll have to let me know about redwood and cedar. That Arctic Air sounds nice - i do a mint eucalyptus from CS (can’t remember the oil name 🙄) that I call “waiting for snow” which is all we ever do in TX!
  4. I’m looking for inspiration and I always find it from this group...I’ll start. I’m planning on pouring Daffodil and Fresh Grass — I tried a 50/50 and Daffodil overwhelmed Grass so I’m changing the mix and trying again. Also trying a mix of cedarwood and pinion pine (from AAA) to hopefully get a woodsy, non mens cologne.
  5. I’d use peppermint patty in a heartbeat- if my peppermint scent was stronger...which gives me the idea of adding some straight peppermint to the FO and playing around with that for next year!! Thanks Gail!
  6. @Gsmakinsoap love the “winter by the fire”...wish I liked any of the campfire/smokey scents I’ve been testing -but they all end up smelling like men’s cologne to me. I am still on the hunt and will happily use your suggestion for that illusive fragrance! Thanks! ❤️
  7. I am horrid at naming fragrances - but like to rename most candles. I called chocolate peppermint “Ho Ho Ho” for Christmas and it did well — but I need a non-Christmas wintery name for January/February. And I can’t think of anything else — (all my brain wants to call it is ho ho ho 🙄) Thoughts?
  8. Not sure what “old world wassail” smells like — but I use CS mulled cider and chestnuts for a lovely fall fragrance that smells like wassail to me
  9. Wooden skewers are cheap and then you throw them away...just giving you another option...of course, you may be making larger quantities than I do
  10. You have original CS cranberry marmalade and you should have great HT with that one....I started with soy - and yes - I always give a candle at least 2 weeks. Sometimes a month. And then sometimes a FO doesn’t work for me at all. I give up and move on to another. (Always a little bummed if I bought more than 2 oz tho...like OMGolive...smells like absolutely nothing in my wax. CT or HT. At 10% even). If I was going to branch out, I’d go with @bfroberts recommendations... I think it’s (honestly) just trial and error with whatever wax you wanna use. Biggest problem I find today (vs 2 years ago wh
  11. Jumping in with my 2 cents for what it’s worth.... The reformulated cranberry apple marmalade from CS is totally different than the original and I wouldn’t be using that to try and restart candle making and figure out HT. I agree with peach nectar. Or the macintosh apple (a strong FO in mho. But I use 464 and always wait 2 weeks for cure)
  12. I’m with you Gail. Have my fingers in my ears and saying La-La-La-La over and over....way too many fo on hand to look at black friday sales....
  13. Hmmm. I believe the candle I poured is WAY weaker than I thought it would be. Did you ask Lonestar about phthalates @cjrig? I didn’t look specifically to see if they were commenting on removal in their fo. That can really mess with a fragrance.
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