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  1. I don't add oil to 6006 at low temps. I've done "test" methods with 464 at low temps but again, not something I recommend.
  2. lol, no one ever said it was easy and you'll be pro in no time.
  3. What type of wax are you using? Paraffin is know for sinkholes, just want to make sure you're not using a pillar style wax instead of a container wax.
  4. Exactly. That's the idea I was going for on the sub reddit. I wanted to know if there was anything to adding these compounds at higher or lower temps. As for their video I disagree completely.
  5. I tried to ask the question about flashpoints in the chemistry sub on Reddit but didn't get an answer. I would love to get a real educated response to flashpoints and adding to wax.
  6. I just got a bunch of wax from All Seasons Wax Co and wanted to know if anyone had experience with it? What do you like and what works well? I'm about to start testing all of them. I have the MK12, A27, A05, S100, S16, B808, and some of their additive.
  7. Just made my first batch with this wax and first impression are not great. Small sinkholes on top, larger sinkholes inside, tops cooled and looked like orange peels. Not a great hot throw after 3 days, waiting to test burn the other two at 7-8 days and 14 days.
  8. Just got two samples of this and can't wait to test it out.
  9. Thank you so much and congratulations! I love seeing people get something from the videos and creating something meaningful from them. I really like the ease of use and the overall look of soy to but I would agree. It's such a gamble with what you get in dealing with it that I had to drop it years ago as well. I have a couple scents and a "proven" jor/wick combo that I do make for those that want soy. But other than those I steer clear. I have not tried the coco83 yet, I hear great things. I am about to order some and get testing.
  10. A lot of wick guides are decent but I don't think I've found one that is exact. I've seen some wax and wick combos that are 3-4 wicks sizes off from what they recommend. They're a nice start but you will be testing for sure.
  11. I currently use the 104 in the 9oz straight jar which works really well. The jelly jar works nicely but will get a touch hotter toward the bottom like you mentioned. I have never had one get crazy on me though even with abusive burn testing. The 83 does work but tends to get a little overworked near the top with some oils. What FO do you use with 6006? I would also agree, some people get very excited when they see me do something that looks easy not realizing that this takes a lot of time not shown on the video and heck, even using the same recipe can yield diff
  12. For me, and of course depending on the wax you use I would echo exaclty what TallTayl said abut running a skewer down the middle to expose any sinkholes that may of formed. This is especially important with 6006 and if you pour that wax at a cooler temperature. 6006 is notorious for sinkholes and the cooler you pour the harder they are to see in the middle. I've had many tops that looked perfect and once I ran a chop stick down the center it opened the hole up. I like to pour hotter with 6006 so the sinkholes are fully exposed during cooling and then use a heat gun to smooth them out.
  13. The low temp method is a tricky one for sure and one I don't recommend a lot. It's nice to see how it performs and how they come out. I'm not a huge fan of soy but I do like adding at lower temps when I make them. Which paraffin are you interested in?
  14. Thank you so much and I hope the videos have helped. I'm not too worried about criticism, come with the territory for putting myself and thoughts out there. lol
  15. I need to do more testing with heated jars, but I've always assumed that the wax would heat the glass to around the same temp. I have noticed better glass adhesion with 6006 when the jars are placed in the box to cool. I still check for hidden sinkholes but it helps quite a bit.
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