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  1. claraty

    Labeling conundrum.

    Hi there! Your labels look great. I was looking for labels online today and was torn between doing a foil label or a clear label. I have tried buying clear Avery labels and was unsuccessful with printing them. It's like they never properly dry leaving me with smudged labels. I'm going to try ordering some from the olinelabels site. I have a Brother inkjet all in one printer. Not sure if mine will be as fancy as yours but hopefully I can eliminate the smudging..
  2. Thanks, everyone, I went to the Dollar Tree and you were right the sales associate showed me some glasses that I would say is good for preserving jam but too thin for candles. If anyone has any other suggestions to order jars from please let me know. I'd hate to gift a candle to someone and the jar breaks because of having the wrong type of jar.
  3. Thanks, we do have Dollar Tree, I will have to do a little more looking. I was there last week and could not find any glass jars with lids. I'll try another location. Also, thanks for the heads up on the tins.
  4. Hello Everyone, I recently started making candles as a hobby, and I made some for my church, as a result, a few people have asked me to make a candle from them pushing me out of my hobby comfort zone. Currently, I am using 464 wax, and eco wicks (which I am going to try another wick), and 6oz mason jars. I saw some cute metal tins on sale at TJ Max and decided to give them a try. Friday I made some vanilla scented 4oz candles in tins. My question is, what's the preferred container for candles glass jars or tins. Also, I live in New Orleans and have not found a local glass jar distributor, I have noticed the shipping on them to be expensive. Does anyone have container supplier recommendations? Thanks in advance for helping a newbie out.
  5. Hello everyone! I am brand new to making candles. I have been vacillating for quite some time, and finally decided to give it a try. Initially, I ordered a candle kit, and my first batch came out alright. Now I am in the trial and error phase of finding the best soy wax, learning about additives, and where to purchase the best cost efficient jars from. I like the colored candles, but I have decided to focus on having a good scent throw candles for now. I'm very glad I came across this site, I've been reading all evening.