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  1. This was something interesting I found out this year.. A SEP IRA. https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/retirement-plans-faqs-regarding-seps Basically allows you contribute ~%20 of your PROFITS to a tax deferred IRA. Even though I contribute to a 401k at my day job, this is totally separate. I would suggest talking to your accountant and a financial advisor to set it up and find out more.
  2. All depends of your accounting method - https://support.taxslayer.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015704292-Schedule-C-Accounting-Method I use the Cash Method so I do not worry about "Inventory".
  3. Enough to try and get the price down, but not so much that you break the bank. Also knowing what you can/will sell helps. 5 years ago when I started I would buy 1 50lbs box of wax at a time. I found a place I could get it next day and was a good price. Order it as I needed it.
  4. UGH, well over 100 new pictures I will need to take. I do not have a white background. What a PITA. Amazon is going to begin enforcing two MAIN image requirements this year to help improve product discoverability and eligibility to be featured in Handmade Marketing Campaigns. The MAIN image is the primary image of your product. The MAIN image is what displays for a product in the search results and browse pages, and is the first image customers see on product detail pages. MAIN images cannot have text, logo, graphics, or watermarkEffective: 8/31/2020 If your MAIN image features a text, logo, graphic, or watermark, you must upload a new MAIN image without the prohibited content by 8/31/2020 or risk being suppressed from Search. While this has always been an Amazon image requirement, ASINs violating the rule previously were not removed from Search. Please ensure all images meet the imaging guidelines to ensure there is no impact to your business and to provide a great experience for your customers. MAIN images must feature a pure white background Effective: 12/31/2020 Amazon will begin requiring pure white backgrounds for MAIN images by 12/31/2020. We wanted to give you plenty of time to make the changes to your images prior to enforcing the change. Updating your MAIN image to a pure white background will increase deal eligibility and ensure consistency across the Amazon experience and product detail pages—RGB color values of 255, 255, 255.You can still feature lifestyle images as alternate images the customer will see on your detail page.
  5. What/How do you drive sales to your ebay listing? I tried selling my candles on Ebay and basically did not sell anything there. People go to Etsy for Hand Made items, and unique gifts. (Not saying that it 100% what etsy is)
  6. I use Shippo under 2 circumstances. 1 When I have a larger box, I can easily compare rates between USPS, UPS, and Fedex. Usually Fedex wins out. 2nd. Any of my Amazon Handcrafted orders, as Pirateship does not integrate with Amazon yet.
  7. TIME... I find people do not put enough value on this. Of course in the beginning when you have more time you do not have as much as a value on it, but as your business grows you find you have less time, which then makes that time more valuable. Times of the year also change my time value. Slower times I do more for people. Try to cultivate some new customers. But there is just your time, do not forget family and friends time. I no longer offer discounts on my Etsy page, only on my website, cheaper shipping also. Every month sales on my own site are increasing. It is hard for me to imagine that I ever leave Etsy. Maybe I end up getting to the point I have to charge so much that people just stop buying from me there and it just is not worthwhile to maintain it.
  8. Orginally Etsy was made for the home crafter to be able to easily sell things online. But as the site grew and and profits for them, they needed to adjust their service also. 4 years ago I would of been happy to personally drive a candle to someones house for an order. Now if someone is not willing to pay the $6 shipping I charge, SORRY. Go to one of the many stores that carry my candles or find me at a fair. Etsy is no different. They cater to the top 10% that generate 90% of the revenue. (I am making up the numbers) I really do not do anything different.
  9. I gave a full range of reviews. 99% positive, but always happy to figure out a way to satisfy some of the people complaining. Few Samples Had some email that they never received their package (candle). While I was checking the tracking info, they also posted a 1 star review claiming they never received their package. The package said delivered. At that point I did not bother responding after the negative review. Normally I gladly send another candle to them. Someone on my FB "Doesn't Recommend Me", with an crazy explanation. I clicked on his name, and all of his comments across FB are negative. I had a problem for a bit that customer thought changing the scent also changed the can it was it. I quickly learned that if it doesn't make sense I just reach out to them to confirm, after reaching out twice and no response I just cancel the order. Generally if anyone reaches out to me directly I offer a refund, or a new candle and hope they buy again.
  10. Read this is may help - https://716candleco.com/candle-business-usa-shipping/
  11. Look into Pirate Ship (https://www.pirateship.com/) So much better than Paypal. It is FREE, and integrates into MOST e-commerce platforms, and is cheaper.
  12. If it is 1 pound (16oz) it can not go First Class. ALL my single Can Candle orders go 1st class mail with a standard weight of 15.9oz listed on the postage label. They usually actually weigh between 14-15oz, but MUCH easier to just leave it at 15.9. Shipping on a 4x4x6 Box 15.9oz is NEVER more the $6, I think the most is ~$5.80
  13. It is actually a little cheaper than the Regional A box for pastage. AND it can fit my Cans and Bottles a little easier with out extra packaging material at times. It basically a smaller square version of the Rate A and cheaper postage. In order of preference and cost Square Rate A Rate B Medium Flat Rate Large Flat Rate I generally only use the Flat rate for shipments to Hawaii and Alaska.
  14. If you candle packaged weighs less than 16oz (1 pound) I would use 1st class mail. ~5.50. Anything over 1 pound you have to use Priority Mail. This is basically the new size box I use. https://store.usps.com/store/product/shipping-supplies/priority-mail-box-4-P_O_BOX4 I can fit up to 5 of my cans in it, Shipping starts at $7.80 for local and then goes up based on distance.
  15. My online sales are up. I am not 100% sure why. I have many ideas. Everyone being quarantined and stores being closed am I sure is part of it. How much I am not sure.
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