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  1. TIME... I find people do not put enough value on this. Of course in the beginning when you have more time you do not have as much as a value on it, but as your business grows you find you have less time, which then makes that time more valuable. Times of the year also change my time value. Slower times I do more for people. Try to cultivate some new customers. But there is just your time, do not forget family and friends time. I no longer offer discounts on my Etsy page, only on my website, cheaper shipping also. Every month sales on my own site are increasing. It is hard for me to imagine that I ever leave Etsy. Maybe I end up getting to the point I have to charge so much that people just stop buying from me there and it just is not worthwhile to maintain it.
  2. Orginally Etsy was made for the home crafter to be able to easily sell things online. But as the site grew and and profits for them, they needed to adjust their service also. 4 years ago I would of been happy to personally drive a candle to someones house for an order. Now if someone is not willing to pay the $6 shipping I charge, SORRY. Go to one of the many stores that carry my candles or find me at a fair. Etsy is no different. They cater to the top 10% that generate 90% of the revenue. (I am making up the numbers) I really do not do anything different.
  3. I gave a full range of reviews. 99% positive, but always happy to figure out a way to satisfy some of the people complaining. Few Samples Had some email that they never received their package (candle). While I was checking the tracking info, they also posted a 1 star review claiming they never received their package. The package said delivered. At that point I did not bother responding after the negative review. Normally I gladly send another candle to them. Someone on my FB "Doesn't Recommend Me", with an crazy explanation. I clicked on his name, and all of his comments across FB are negative. I had a problem for a bit that customer thought changing the scent also changed the can it was it. I quickly learned that if it doesn't make sense I just reach out to them to confirm, after reaching out twice and no response I just cancel the order. Generally if anyone reaches out to me directly I offer a refund, or a new candle and hope they buy again.
  4. Read this is may help - https://716candleco.com/candle-business-usa-shipping/
  5. Look into Pirate Ship (https://www.pirateship.com/) So much better than Paypal. It is FREE, and integrates into MOST e-commerce platforms, and is cheaper.
  6. If it is 1 pound (16oz) it can not go First Class. ALL my single Can Candle orders go 1st class mail with a standard weight of 15.9oz listed on the postage label. They usually actually weigh between 14-15oz, but MUCH easier to just leave it at 15.9. Shipping on a 4x4x6 Box 15.9oz is NEVER more the $6, I think the most is ~$5.80
  7. It is actually a little cheaper than the Regional A box for pastage. AND it can fit my Cans and Bottles a little easier with out extra packaging material at times. It basically a smaller square version of the Rate A and cheaper postage. In order of preference and cost Square Rate A Rate B Medium Flat Rate Large Flat Rate I generally only use the Flat rate for shipments to Hawaii and Alaska.
  8. If you candle packaged weighs less than 16oz (1 pound) I would use 1st class mail. ~5.50. Anything over 1 pound you have to use Priority Mail. This is basically the new size box I use. https://store.usps.com/store/product/shipping-supplies/priority-mail-box-4-P_O_BOX4 I can fit up to 5 of my cans in it, Shipping starts at $7.80 for local and then goes up based on distance.
  9. My online sales are up. I am not 100% sure why. I have many ideas. Everyone being quarantined and stores being closed am I sure is part of it. How much I am not sure.
  10. Yes it did, not like in the fall. Yes they do continue to post the message on their facebook page.
  11. It is going to be a scary 2020. There will be a recession, there will be many canceled events, and when there are events sales will be less that we are use to. I live in Buffalo, NY. Schools are all closed till at least thru 4/12, already talk through the end of the school year. Many local businesses will start closing New York State, the counties and towns have all declared a State of Emergency. County Executive strongly urged the workforce to stay home. And this is just in my area. The reality is that this is a WORLD WIDE issue. Fortunately I have a day time job that I think is secure, and selling candles is a side job. I expect some of the gift shops I am in to be closed by the end of the year. I expect some of my competition will lower their prices to try and sell more. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
  12. So I setup a way for people to advertise my products and get paid when a sale is made. Anyone have any good ways to post this? Have websites to advertise this on? I found a couple websites, and many sites that are dead and just poor.
  13. I will say Etsy does cater to their bigger better sellers. I will admit that 100%. How do I know? I did a test a few months back. I did not offer free shipping. When I did a search sure enough my items were very low on the search result list. This hadn't been the case a few weeks before that. So I adjusted my pricing and offered free shipping on orders over $35. About a month later is when I was being promoted on Social Media and the order started to pile in. To curb sales (and make more money) I stopped the free shipping. I haven't offered free shipping since Nov. I can do a search for some of my products now and I am often in the 1st few search results (just below the paid one). I do not pay for advertising either, well I wasn't paying for it, now they will force me to. It is interesting, I am thankful. I do not always agree with their changes. BUT as long as I am still making money I will just keep rolling with the punches. I would like to think they know more than me.. I just make decisions on a whim. LOL. Now I would like I think I know how I want to spend my money, and forcing me to pay another 12% may be bad. 2020 is another year and more challenges.
  14. I am in the "Mandatory Club" with Etsy right now. BUT I get a discount. 12%. LOL In the past I have used advertising in 2 ways. One was to increase sales during slower times, and other times I have turned it off to curb sales. In the past year I have done NO advertising as I haven't needed to. I haven't wanted to. Why would I want to spend $1-$10+ a day on it when I haven't needed it. Secondly I do advertising on Facebook, Google, and Google Shopping for my own website already. Now I will be competing with my own ads on Etsy. SIGH! @Laura C I do not see myself leaving Etsy. The user base they have there is enormous. I will continue to adjust my prices to accommodate their fees. I will try to continue to grow my own website. If I am doing $10k+ a year on Etsy why would I stop that revenue stream? One interesting thing that Etsy has started that has tremendously benefited me is an Affiliate Program. (https://www.etsy.com/affiliates) I have a few websites that every now and then promote my candles and I get a ton of orders from them. They are Etsy Affiliates. I pay nothing for the advertising and they make money with every sale they push to my Etsy site.
  15. So this has been a crazy few months. The 1st wave of Social media came Middle of October with Mountain Dew cans. Then about 3-4 week later an old post about Dr Pepper cans took off. I made it through Christmas and took some time away from my basement. Well then some news stations updated the article again. https://www.13newsnow.com/video/features/trending-today/candles/273-4e026337-cf11-46a3-8f81-25767fb81d9b?jwsource=em Nothing like it was a few months ago but it is amusing or old posts can get brought up again and again.
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