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  1. The power of Social media is scary. Friday night I a few orders for one on my candles. WAY more than normal but was good. Enough that I went home and made some. I found the "Blog" and then the facebook post about it. Woke up Saturday morning and shipped as many as I could that I had made. Went and did some running around, my Etsy site quickly sold out, I updated the inventory. Fast forward to Monday morning. I have sold more on Etsy these past 3 days then I did in Nov and Dec last year. More than I have ALL this year so far. The orders are still coming in. So some whole new sets of problems have came of this. 1 - I do not have enough boxes both brown boxes and USPS boxes in stock for the quantity of orders that came in a single weekend. 2 - Ran out of wax and FO. Called on many of my friends to come help out. Much of much supplies have been slowly increasing for the holiday season but not ready for a weekend of chaos. I have no idea who the person is that wrote this or why. Here was the blog post from Friday https://www.bestproducts.com/lifestyle/a29516615/mountain-dew-soda-scented-candle/ and the realted FB post - https://www.facebook.com/808287332621941/posts/2565029993614324/ Since then I have found 3 more articles about it https://crafty.diply.com/99003/this-mountain-dew-scented-candle-will-give-your-home-that-aroma- https://comicbook.com/irl/2019/10/20/mountain-dew-scented-candles/ https://1029thewolf.radio.com/blogs/mandys-blog/716-candle-company-selling-mountain-dew-scented-candle Unfortunately I am someone that can not say no to the orders. I have already increased my production time to 3-4 weeks. Anyone else ever deal with something like this?
  2. @Marleigha In past years I did as many as 40 shows. This year I will I think I will be doing 12. When I started I did every school and church show I could go to. This is exhausting and I have become MUCH more selective. No disrespect taken. I appreciate the input. In the end I am limited to a 10x10 space. @pughaus In one of my early pics of my tent, I have 2 end caps with a few product on display (most popular items) with little signs encouraging people to touch and smell. This draws most of them inside. Even after 100's of shows I still trying to figure out a better way. I have tried many different ways. Here was a setup at my show a couple weeks ago. In person it is not as overwhelming as it seems. Make it life size and waist high it works pretty well. Little different that my typical setup cause the ground in the back on the tent was like 10" higher than the front. Lots of leveling.
  3. I assume it is just to help with the high and lows vendors have over the year. Encourages them to buy more. And is flexible for which month they first purchased in.
  4. My day time job moved basically across the street to a new office, it was a new zip code **201 to **202 and shipping with most of our vendors dropped a few dollars.
  5. Just got this email 99% of the time I use Paypal Payhere (2.7%) which was always lower than Square (2.75%). The only reason I liked square was there was it allowed me to process transaction offline. There are 2 places I would do shows that get so crowed with people that the cell towers could not handle everyone and Paypal would just fail. Square fixed that for me. When my Average ticket price at a show is just under $20 this ends up costing me more. SIGH
  6. I wish so much I lived closer to a place to go pickup my items. I have tried to rationalize going to pickup supplies soo many times but in the end can just not do it. The closet place to me (I think) is Natures Garden which is just over 4 hours away. I just placed a large FO order from them and it was ~$80 Shipping, and then If I place a larger wax order It would not be over $200 shipping. So I could save $280 but spend 8+ hours and in my SUV I would spend ~$85 just in gas, maybe more with a full load on the way home. OHHH and have to take a day off from my real job cause none of these places are ever open on the weekends. 2 Hours ( 4 hours Round Trip) I could totally justify. How far do you travel to pickup items? What is your limit? I did contact Golden Brands last year (AAK) about a wholesale purchase of wax. LMOA One of the statements was.. "We do have a minimum of 21,600Lbs of wax that must be ordered per order." Yes that is 432 boxes of 50lbs wax. I did not continue to email them after that. I have no where to even put that much wax right now. Unless they could just leave the tractor trailer in my driveway for the next 2 years that would be OK Maybe in January I will analyze my wax usage from previous year and shipping costs, how much I could legitimately fit (volume and weight) in my SUV and make a large wax purchase that way.
  7. Is this new? Did I not realize this? They are now selling wax and carry what I use! And with shipping it is cheaper than what I have been paying! https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/candle-supplies.html It amazes me that over the last 4 years I have been using the same wax and this would be my 4th provider for wax. Anything to save a $.01.. Per ounce. Yes I am now at the point I look for pennies. Which translates to a 3%-6% lower cost on most common candles. Just by ordering wax from a different supplier.
  8. 464 is too soft for Tarts, I use 444 and it works great.
  9. Where I fall is along the lines of this Here in the States we have something called the “first sale doctrine.” It simply means that once a tangible copyrighted work (or something with copyright in it) is sold lawfully the first time, the original copyright owner no longer has rights over the physical item. After that, the buyer can do whatever he or she wants with it — sell it again, donate it, whatever. That’s why you can legally hold a yard sale or sell computers on eBay. The resale right applies only to the physical item sold, not copies. The first-sale doctrine is a legal concept playing an important role in U.S. copyright and trademark law by limiting certain rights of a copyright or trademark owner. The doctrine enables the distribution chain of copyrighted products, library lending, giving, video rentals and secondary markets for copyrighted works (for example, enabling individuals to sell their legally purchased books or CDs to others). In trademark law, this same doctrine enables reselling of trademarked products after the trademark holder put the products on the market. The doctrine is also referred to as the "right of first sale," "first sale rule," or "exhaustion rule."
  10. @Quentin There is profit there. Depending on how you define profit. For me it is a profit on the product and a decent hourly wage. If I basically eliminate the hourly wage I could easily compete at a price point with him. If I sell 7000 tins at a $2 profit. $14k a year in profit. BUT how many hours did I have to work for that $14k? Did I work 500 ($28/hr) hours? or 2000 ($7hr) hours Excersie.... 7000 candles in a year is ~135 a week. I can pour about 60 small tins in 2 hours. (only 4 different scents though) That is unboxing, wicking, pouring, triming, labeling and then storing on a shelf. I can probably ship 15 an hour. So to ship 60 of them it would be 4 hours. So to make and ship 60 of them I am in 6 hours. 12 Hours a week I am at 120. (52*120=6240 candle a year) ($2 profit x 6240 = $12,480) 12 hours a week for 52 weeks is 624 hours Works out to be $20 an hour. Not too bad of a part time job. Some people would be really happy with that. I am not saying there isn't more time involved or more work involved. There is plenty of room for arguing my numbers. But "volume" can justify a slim profit margin. I know I am leaving out order supplies and marketing, and maintaining etsy/website.
  11. https://blog.storyblocks.com/tutorials/wrap-image-around-item-photoshop/ or http://www.myjanee.com/tuts/3dtransform/3dtransform.htm Really you are just warping the picture some to "match" curve of the candle. In photoshop you just have layers with each image on a layer, and then you either have the layer visible or not.
  12. I assume something like this https://medium.com/code-drunk-refactor-sober/how-to-put-any-design-on-a-shirt-using-photoshop-ffd015df6338 or https://creativepro.com/add-realistic-artwork-wrinkled-surface-photoshops-displacement-map/
  13. Ohh how I love vacations and dread them at the same time. Just as the season is really about to start family is going on a little get away. Then right after we get back I have about 5 weekends of fall shows, gift shops will need stock, and craziness will begin. Sort of my last week to relax before 3ish months of increasingly less sleep. Some things I learned ETSY Never put your shop on Vacation Mode. I just change my processing time to 2-3 weeks. I do this about a week before I leave. Too many stories were sales do not come back to previous volumes after vacation mode. You just need to edit your shipping profiles to make this change. Amazon Same thing, Never put your shop on Vacation Mode. I was averaging a 3-5 sales a week, and then I put in away mode for a week in the beginning of June. When I came back it took 2 weeks to make 1 sales, and 2+ months later still not quite back. To change this was a major PITA. Required downloading a report, and then uploading a Price / Quantity spreadsheet. Should be easy to change back. Amazon can penalize you if you do not meet deadlines. Personal Website I just put a pop up saying that nothing will be made until Sept. Turn off ALL advertising, ETSY, AMAZON. Hope that helps some of you.
  14. Candles https://716CandleCo.com
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