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  1. Is anyone else doing Amazon Handmade. Has anyone tried using coupons or a promotion? I thought about creating a coupon for Amazon and then I saw this "Redemption fees ($0.60 for each redemption)" Really? So a $15 candle I am already getting charged 15% for each sale, and if I use coupons it is another $.60 charge, another 4%? UGH Does anyone do the FBA? Any good site that explains the charges with that? Like if I send Amazon a few of my most popular candles what the fees for warehousing and shipping them would be? I also saw this statement... While the Professional Selling plan costs $39.99 per month for an Amazon Seller, this monthly fee is waived for Handmade Artisans until 12/31/2019 I wonder if that will be extended. You can bet if I have to pay the $40 a month for the professional seller account I will take full advantage of it and not just sell handmade items on it.
  2. Depending on how many you have and how much work it is. When I changed I did it slowly moving to the new label. At some point when it seemed like not too much work, I used a heat gun to help remove the old labels and then put on the new ones.
  3. Photos of where it was delivered is the new thing. Just means it was there for that 1 second though. LOL
  4. Can do something like this with a lid https://www.partycity.com/big-party-pack-clear-plastic-portion-cups-200ct-791089.html
  5. The ribbon I do not think has changed at all. It is still the same stuff from years ago. Primera is working great. I haven't used it as much as I have wanted to yet, but hopefully start picking up some. I have been so busy doing other stuff I have finsihed designing a new label that I am happy with to put on my new glass jars.
  6. So I wanted to make custom warning labels for my candles. Put my name and logo and website on them. I looked into custom labels but they were just so much more expensive and how many do I order. 100, 1000, 10,000? I did not want to use a inkjet or laser printer as those labels can smudge some or run. Many years ago I did some IT work for a guy that some coffee to gift shops. His ploy was single pot custom labeled packets. So the store could have their own "brand" and various flavors. To label the coffee packets he used a Zebra Thermal printer with these ribbons. These Zebra printers are NOT heat transfer ones that need special labels. I did a little searching on ebay and found an old Zebra Z6mplus for $180 shipped. Now this printer has not been made in 11 years. But it was worth the gamble. I got the printer and then came time to hook it up. Well none of my computers have a parallel port. So I found they sold a network adapter for it. $25 I spent on that. I download the FREE version or Seagull Bartender software they have now, drivers Seagull has for the printer. I had some old 2" round labels on a spool laying around and after few hours I was printing custom warning labels, and almost the same price I was buying preprinted ones. The $200 I invested will pay off in no time. And the fact that I have some old 2" labels that would of never been used is even better. The only thing is I wish I purchased the 300 dpi model rather than the 203dpi version. Printing on a small 2" label would of made a difference for sure. I think I can replace the print head in this with the 300 dpi version but I need to do more research.
  7. This is one of my stupid secrets about etsy. Last year I raised my prices a little higher than I wanted to. BUT then etsy lets you run a sale anytime you want at no charge. So I was always running a 10% off sale. When your item shows up in the search results it crosses out the normal price and shows a sale price. SHHHH do not tell too many people.
  8. I just take an average per ounce which is factored in to my spreadsheet. I try an wait as long as I can and order a large quantity at a time to keep shipping cost as low as possible.
  9. Yes worked out for amazon, and the convenience to the customer, BUT I charge up to 20% more on Amazon than I do on my website and I know that is true for many others as well. The average consumer just doesn't realize.
  10. When I first started I would do almost anything to make a sale. Pickup's or Drop Offs were things I would say SURE to. Last fall I did not do that anymore. Was too busy and I know people wanted to save $8 for shipping but I just got tired coordinating a meeting time. I would suggest going to one of the gift shops that carried my candles. Well I made the mistake of saying SURE Saturday night. Someone asked for 4 custom candles Saturday night and asked of they could grab them Sunday morning (Easter). Sure..... So I whipped them up Saturday night, messaged them Sunday and no response. No sorry I will not be able to make it, Sorry plans changed. Nothing. Just a gentle reminder to myself to stop catering to everyone. Order on my website, pay for shipping, and then they will show up to your door. Yes $8 does seem like a lot of money that YOU can save, but you get to custom order your candle and have it show up at your door and NO inconvenience to me.
  11. Amazon Prime (Free 2 day Shipping) has ruined shipping for everyone.
  12. I know what you mean. The pretty artistic stuff I totally struggle with. I struggle drawing stick figures. And for me I know this and it makes it worse. I firmly believe you can not "learn" artistic.
  13. This is 100% true.. The one company I order from their Fed-ex rates are almost 35% cheaper than UPS. Every once in a awhile it comes UPS.. The only reason they do this is because UPS is probably cheaper anyway. I do not care as long as I get the packages. Many times we pay the retail rate while they pay a discounted rate. It took me a few vendors to figure out who was the cheapest to get wax from, when I 1st started i did not think shipping made that much of a difference. Now I buy from place that the wax price is a little higher but the shipping is much cheaper. I have debated driving to buy a big lot but just can not justify the cost. a 50lb box of wax is always 50lbs. LOL
  14. I have a slight flaw in one of my ideas. I put a 1 inch sticker with the scent on the right side of the beer label. I do this for ALL of them. When a right handed person picks up the candle the natural thing to do is to look on the left side of the candle. I told myself 3 years ago to change this. Not a huge deal, but similar to the card.
  15. It is not easy. You will never have it figured out. When I started I said I am only making candles in glass beer bottles. I went to a gift shop and she asked. Can you do tins? Sure I said, and she kept buying more. Then i discovered how to use beer cans. But they were so boring. can't see the light through the can, I was not interested, until people kept asking for them. Now half if not more is in beer cans. Scents get added and removed as they sell and don't sell. Never wanted to do Melts, now I do. Interact with people at shows, listen to what they ask for. Listen to what they like and want. You will find things that sell and things people want. Need to accommodate. Husband is right to a degree, make some stuff and go from there. See what others are doing at the shows that are similar to you. See what their pricing is, look at how they display. Look at other displays and see what they sell, how they sell and display. Some people stand in front some people stand behind. Make some money at the shows and re-invest.
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