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  1. Does anybody use someone to do some of their accounting? I am that guy that waits till I need to do my paper work. Well taxes are due in 2 months and state sales tax is due in 1 month. I have 11 months of receipts and paper work saved in a folder waiting to be entered. It probably only is like 3-5 hours a month of work, but now I will have like 30 hours to do. UGH.
  2. This is the reason I LOL when I see people wanting to sell 2oz-4oz candles. I sold 4oz tins for like a year. When I looked at my costs/profits. My cost to make a 4oz Tin Candle was like $1.85 and the 8oz tin was like $2.10, but I charged $4 more for the 8oz tin. Hmmmm Waste of time and energy. I make Melts for me to sell, but will not sell them wholesale. Until I get a machine to pour candles for me and cut my labor costs, and then buy in BULK and can make them for pennies, just not worth it.
  3. You need to find your niche and where ever you are comfortable selling, there is no one right way. Some people sell just at fairs, some on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, there own website, Esty, eBay, Amazon, Work, giftshops. Everyone one has pros and cons and they differ person to person. Amazon does have a larger learning curve that some, and I may not suggest starting on Amazon. I started at local Craft Shows, and then added Etsy, and then my own website and then Amazon. That was a 3 year process. Just understanding 1 platform at a time, and making sure I have a solid understan
  4. What a crazy year 2020 was. Not sure how I managed that many sales. Just over 2 months 2300+ sales. As of right now I have no open orders on any of my ecommerce sites. Deep Breath... Now to keep things lively I sold my house and bought a new one. 4 years ago I moved and I said I would never move the business again. WELL, here I go again. I wish I knew how to sit still for a bit.
  5. Here is just a sample, I have of some mail over a month old still moving through USPS. The 2nd week of December I switched to only using priority mail, mostly for the insurance. Most of the items have been delivered but still a few that haven't been. 1st Class Packaged mailed 12/7 - Still not there https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction.action?tLabels=9400109205568210493293 https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction.action?tLabels=9400109205568210526366 Priority Mail mailed 12/17 - Still not there https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackCon
  6. I am not getting buyers on Amazpn messaging me cause Amazon is telling them that the package must be lost. WTF. I have numerous packages from 12/6/2020 still not delivered. Almost all the packages after that are atleast slowly moving through USPS, but those from that date are crazy slow. Most of the Priority Mail ones I have shipped in the last 2 weeks have been taking about a full week to arrive.
  7. @TallTayl From our previous posts I have enough "meat" on the bone to suck up the extra $2.50 for the next week. Since I know this isn't permanent I will just deal for now. The joys of "Customer Service".
  8. 60+ First Class packages from Dec 7th are "at the sorting facility" which I get, but ones from Dec 8th have already been delivered. I would mind if it was truly first in first out. but clearly that is not the way it works. Now shipping everything priority mail. Add $2.50 to the cost of each item now. The is over $300 in postage and $1200 is revenue.
  9. I did not know about the affiliate program until I started getting traffic. Etsy affiliate program page is awful vague, and I am sure they are pretty strict who they allow in. Sometime I just see people writing an article and linking to my Esty page with out being an affiliate.
  10. Here is where I have truly benefited from Etsy. - https://www.etsy.com/affiliates Everyone that "Advertise" or writes and article about my candles are Affiliates. So they make a percentage of all the sales they drive to Etsy. I do not pay anything extra for these sales. Not the 12% ad fee, nothing extra. THIS IS HUGE for me. In the last 30 days 60% of my traffic to my etsy shop is from Affiliates. THANK YOU ETSY. So because I make them money, they keep reposting the articles, I keep getting sales this way. (never loo
  11. Often I have the opposite problem cause people do not know how to price their items. Take for example my pricing above. Me charging $15 +$7 shipping. Net Profit of $11.20. No labor or overhead yet, no mileage. None of my time on the computer doing marketing, customer service, driving around picking up items, taking out the trash, and breaking down all the boxes. No Insurance cost in that, no electric, or internet. There are listing for basically the identical candle for $17 with free shipping. $5 less than mine. If I priced that way I would I have a profit of $6. If
  12. Unfortunately it is the cost of doing business. Not too much you can do. I use STRIPE to process credit cards on my site. I have had people Dispute the charge with their credit card company. Well for a $20 purchase that I would of been happy to refund, I am charged a $15 dispute fee plus will loose the $20 I received. Just sucks.
  13. In the beginning for with Etsy I paid for https://erank.com/ for a few months. I combined that with https://welcome.getvela.com/ I looked at the various keywords I was using, others were using how they ranked via erank.com. Vela allowed me to MASS Update my listing, removing bad keywords and replacing with better keywords. Once i learned what keywords were good and worked and which ones didn't, I was much better off. $6-$10 a month is a good investment for a few months to help you along. WARNING - Vella is awesome free tool to mass update etsy. There were a
  14. I have a rather complicated spreadsheet set up for this. Basically I have 1 page of ALL my costs. I can update any of my costs on per unit of measure on that page, and then all my individual products up date, and then I have a SUMMARY page for ALL products. I haven't updated in over a year. Some of the prices I am sure are off some. NO LABOR is included. How I break down my costs.
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