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  1. MilosCandles

    Heat Gun Alternatives?

    Maybe 3"-4" The low setting of my $9 Harbor Freight heat gun was plenty. I just have bungee cords holding it place so I can move it as needed. I made this all for less than $100 Rotating platform $65 Heat Gun $9 Black Pipe $15 24" Wooden top $8 Old Wooden table laying around - FREE I think I am going to add a 2nd heat gun a little further in so I can do a 2nd row also at the same time. Should only cost me another $20 to do, and I will be able to do between 40-45 candles at once. Almost like the commercial... Set it and Forget it. LOL
  2. MilosCandles

    Heat Gun Alternatives?

    I made a device this weekend to help me out. Works awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFMPwYg630s I added the wood top later.
  3. MilosCandles

    Heat Gun Alternatives?

    There was a post here somewhere about your tools you could not live with out, and about everyone said their heat gun to make the top of their candles look pretty. I agree. With me having a full time day job and house (life) my time for my candle business is limited. Add a craft show on the weekend here or there, and now I have far less time. I am ALWAYS looking for ways to save some time. The amount of time I am spending on re-heating the tops of my candles keeps taking longer the more candles I make. LOL. My question is, has anyone explored any alternatives to re-melting the tops of your candles? Heat Lamps, Ovens, Any failed or successful attempts at something?
  4. MilosCandles

    Alternatives to Etsy?

    Made my 1st sale on Amazon Hand Made. Took about a week. See if it picks up at all. I am not sure how the Amazon SEO works. At some point I may need to look into more. Figure out how I get more views and sales. This time of year I just do not have any time. I also put up about 10 items on Artfire. In the last week I had 1 person click on and view an item.. (See attached stats) (NO SALES) I paid for 3 months, I already have it on my calendar to cancel on Jan 2019. I have also listed some of my items on Ebay.. With getting FREE listing on there - WHY NOT. Two Sales in the last 2 weeks. In comparison, I averaged about 3 sales a day on Etsy over the last 30 days. Please realize the amount of time I have put into ETSY and SEO on there. I realize these other sites I really haven't put any time in yet. Amazon and Ebay cost me nothing monthly and free listings, just cost me when I sell something.
  5. MilosCandles

    Online Commerce - Variations :-(

    I try NOT to price my variations for that reason. Only takes 1 - 2 times and you learn your lesson. LOL
  6. MilosCandles

    IGI Contact Info Needed

  7. MilosCandles

    Chocolate Shop Scent - Need Ideas

    Some good ideas. Thanks
  8. I have to complain for a minute. It is amazing how many Online Commerce sites have such a basic archaic way of dealing with Variations. Etsy, Artfire, Amazon, WooCommerce all have very levels of support for this. I have numerous different vessels and have close to 40 different scents. For me to create a listing on any of these sites and have to Type or Copy and paste each scent into a box 40 times for each listing is just crazy. THEN if I add or remove a scent have to go back into 100 different listings is CRAZY. I will say for Etsy I found a site called Vela - https://welcome.getvela.com/ that allows BULK editing of your ETSY listing. (FOR FREE) I use this ALL the time. Tags, Titles, Description, and Variations. It has been a life saver. Otherwise Etsy suggests editing each item and that sucks. WooCommerce does allow Variations with "|" separating the scents so I can copy and past the list in each listing. NOT GREAT. And I think I may have found a PAID plugin to help with this, but have yet to pay. I think I am going to need to pay soon though. - https://www.pimwick.com/pw-bulk-edit/ Artfire - SUCKS Amazon - If you are NOT in Handmade it is easy and can do it with a CSV file. With Handmade, not terrible but only allow 20 variations, oh wait sorry not "variations" they are called OPTIONS. You can copy and paste a list in separated by commas. But still need to edit each listing. I think often when people think of Variations they think of S, M L, XL. So annoying. Done Complaining for the day. Hope this helps some one else.
  9. MilosCandles

    Etsy Store Suggestions

    @aptommo Update your profile with you store link in it.
  10. MilosCandles

    IGI Contact Info Needed

    What is IGI?
  11. I was approached by a local chocolate shop to make some candles that smell like Chocolate. I got them them CW - Milk Chocolate which seemed OK. But they also want Orange Chocolate scent and something that smells like Sponge Candy (VERY BUFFALO THING, LOL) Any ideas what I should mix together for the Orange Chocolate? I would probably use the CW-Milk Chocolate plus something. For Sponge Candy they said chocolate plus butterscotch or molasses. Thanks
  12. MilosCandles

    Alternatives to Etsy?

    So I was accepted to Amazon Hand Made, and I put up a store. I did not list all of my products, I was able to export etsy and then import into amazon, with some work and data tweaking. They have some reports to see if I get much traffic. I only imported one picture per listing for right now. I am not going to do much more until I know the effort is worth it on there. I probably spent about 6 hours to get it to the point it is at right now. https://www.amazon.com/handmade/716-Candle-Co Would be amazing if I even get half of what I do on Etsy.
  13. MilosCandles

    Alternatives to Etsy?

    What are your fees on Ebay when you make a sale. Mine ended up being about 10% between ebays fees and paypal fees. The 15% amazon charges is for listings and selling and credit card processing. So yes it is a little more expensive but it is a flat 15%. Plus it is on Amazon. Part of the reason why I asked @Crafty1_AJ if his items came up in an normal Amazon search. My items might be priced a little bit more on Amazon to account for the additional cost. OR not offer discounts on there. Yes you set your own prices and shipping policy on "HandMade" https://services.amazon.com/handmade/handmade.html FAQ https://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums/t/handmade-faq-frequently-asked-questions/343913
  14. MilosCandles

    Facebook Giveaways

    Where do you find your "influencers" and what do you say to them?