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  1. So this has been a crazy few months. The 1st wave of Social media came Middle of October with Mountain Dew cans. Then about 3-4 week later an old post about Dr Pepper cans took off. I made it through Christmas and took some time away from my basement. Well then some news stations updated the article again. https://www.13newsnow.com/video/features/trending-today/candles/273-4e026337-cf11-46a3-8f81-25767fb81d9b?jwsource=em Nothing like it was a few months ago but it is amusing or old posts can get brought up again and again.
  2. I do various consignment agreements. One is 60/40, others I "Rent Space" and they take 10% to cover credit cards fees and have a little incentive in selling also. Because of the type of candles I sell I almost prefer consignment, it is so much easier for me.
  3. I need to let people know what I have found. 5 Months later I have found a solution. FREE Solution. YES FREE. No catch. It is Called Wave Accounting https://www.waveapps.com/ How it is free?????????? Wave makes money from financial services that make running your business faster. We offer payroll services in Canada and the U.S. at a super affordable price. We also allow businesses to accept payments online so you can get invoices paid faster; we charge a competitive 2.9% + 30¢ fee to process credit cards, and 1% for bank payments (where available). I have been using it for about a week. As the end of the year is approaching I figured I would give it a try. The 1st thing I tried was uploading some of my scanned receipts and WOW, that worked amazing. Upload about 50 of them, it identified them in about a minute, I then categorized them and I was done. I am now 100% invested in this software. It did integrate with Etsy, but I stopped that. It is easier to just put monthly numbers in from Etsy, then let it try to figure them all out. Etsy's numbers are just a mess. Next I need to get the app on my phone and try scanning receipts with my phone. Currently I am using Dropbox for this and that already works great. Their website has been very fast and responsive almost as good as a desktop app. Give it a try and see what you think. So nice I can now see some monthly stats and do some reporting. No more spreadsheets for me.
  4. If I set up a free shipping guarantee, will it apply to my entire shop? Yes. Your free shipping guarantee will make all listings in your shop eligible to ship for free to US buyers if their cart value (excluding applicable taxes) totals $35 or more. It will also apply the guarantee to new listings in your shop. You can also select individual listings in your shop to ship free and they will have priority placement in US search results. What you may want to do is create a 2nd shop for your candles. Not 100% ideal but solves the issue. https://help.etsy.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017604474-How-Do-I-Open-a-Second-Etsy-Shop-?segment=selling
  5. OMG! https://www.wthr.com/article/online-shop-selling-soda-beer-scented-candles Read this article, LOL This is making me laugh A Dr. Pepper scented candle is breaking the internet. So much that it sold out. No word yet if the company plans to relaunch and offer the Dr. Pepper candle to the public again. PS No one reached out to me. LOL
  6. I am debating "charging" sales tax on Credit Card Purchases. 1 - to help cover the costs associated with everything. 2 - To encourgae cash.
  7. I thought maybe this social media craze was over. Well today it just took off again. https://www.facebook.com/delish/posts/10158769955127437 Today this post which was posted on 10/22/2019, slow 3 weeks ago. Today at 2:15pm (Eastern) had 19k shares. just over 2 hours later at 4:30pm it now has 44k Shares. My etsy site is blowing up again. I am glad I just got back from a week in Orlando. Back down to my basement for the next 6 weeks. See everyone just after Christmas.
  8. @TallTaylThis is good advice. In the past I never printed packing lists, but since I started having people work for me this year I did start and I was just throwing them away after shipping. Maybe they just need to go in the box going forward. Especially for the orders that make no sense to me.
  9. More of the problem that I had was that people just do not understand Etsy. They thought when they were on the product that said Mt Dew Can and then selected the Scent as Dr Pepper that the can would some how magically change also to match. Really it just comes down to reading and verifying your order which I have come to realize is VERY difficult for people.
  10. @SebleoExactly. If I am at a 1%-2% of my orders have an issue, I will be pretty happy. When I am not in control of the entire process from making, to shipping and have people working for me I full expect a higher percent of mistakes. When the people are getting paid minimum wage people just do not care like you do.
  11. Now the next part... The complaints.... Surprisingly only 6 so far. 1 - Lady complained she got the wrong items. When sent her a screen shot of the order, she apologized and blamed her husband. LOL 2 - Another lady called said the tracking showed the shipment was delivered but couldn't find it. While she was on the phone with me she found it. 3 - Some said the candle did not smell. Just gave her a refund. 4 - Someone else complained they received the wrong items. Emailed them their order, never heard back. They got exactly what they ordered. 5 - Someone left a negative review and then emailed me. Never responded to them. I am happy to work with people. Probably give refunds when I probably shouldn't, but message me 1st before giving a review. I realize not everyone is going to be happy. 6 - Someone received a broken candle. Opened USPS claim, they wanted a refund rather than another candle. Fingers crossed they are not too many more. (Knock on wood)
  12. Right down the drain - Sadly. Usually I try to get used cans from the recycling center but when it is that many not much of a choice. I am covered by the "first sale doctrine". I am not creating or reproducing their cans/logos, and I am not reselling soda in the can that I made calling it by there name. I was on the verge of losing it. The range of emotions was crazy. I am glad it was in October and not late Nov. LOL. I may have just checked myself in. Or got on a plane a flew far away.
  13. I can finally breath. WOW. After a week of craziness. I needed to mark the items as sold out as of Friday. The stress was getting to me. It gave me the weekend to really catch up and get things under control. By Monday I was able to re-list the items with the extras I had made. So many people helped me out (paid). From box folding, to packaging, to sorting out orders, to shipping. Felt like I had a "real" business for a week. LOL I do not think there is any Mountain dew 24 packs left in Buffalo, NY. So many websites wrote (copied) articles about them. This is what I could find. (This does not include any social media sites. I can only imagine the shares). https://www.bestproducts.com/lifestyle/a29516615/mountain-dew-soda-scented-candle/ https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/buy-candle-smells-mountain-dew-210456944.html https://comicbook.com/irl/2019/10/20/mountain-dew-scented-candles/ https://www.delish.com/food-news/a29522663/mountain-dew-soda-scented-candle/ https://diply.com/99003/this-mountain-dew-scented-candle-will-give-your-home-that-aroma- https://odditymall.com/candles-that-smell-like-coors-light-mountain-dew-fireball http://twistedfood.co.uk/you-can-now-get-a-candle-that-smells-exactly-like-mountain-dew/ https://www.myrecipes.com/news/mountain-dew-candlehttps://guiltyeats.com/2019/10/21/mountain-dew-scented-candle/ https://countrymusicfamily.com/mountain-dew-candle-customers-say-it-smells-just-like-the-drink/ https://www.geeksaresexy.net/2019/10/20/these-candles-smell-and-look-like-your-favorite-soft-drinks-mountain-dew-dr-pepper-and-more/ https://1063cowboycountry.com/finally-your-casper-home-can-smell-like-your-favorite-soda/ https://1029thewolf.radio.com/blogs/mandys-blog/716-candle-company-selling-mountain-dew-scented-candle https://alt987fm.iheart.com/content/2019-10-26-heres-a-candle-that-smells-just-like-mountain-dew/ https://www.thegreenhead.com/2019/10/mountain-dew-candle.php https://www.animatedtimes.com/mountain-dew-scented-candles-are-now-available-for-you/ Crazy!
  14. OMG, this is crazy. I am sure there is more. I am trying to ride this wave, but I am not sure how long I can do it. https://odditymall.com/ https://mymix945.iheart.com/featured/traci-james/content/2019-10-21-mountain-dew-soda-can-candle/ https://www.myrecipes.com/news/mountain-dew-candle https://www.animatedtimes.com/mountain-dew-scented-candles-are-now-available-for-you/ https://guiltyeats.com/2019/10/21/mountain-dew-scented-candle/ https://comicbook.com/irl/2019/10/20/mountain-dew-scented-candles/ https://countrymusicnation.com/mountain-dew-lovers-can-have-a-candle-that-smells-just-like-the-soda https://www.thegreenhead.com/2019/10/mountain-dew-candle.php https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/buy-candle-smells-mountain-dew-210456944.html http://twistedfood.co.uk/you-can-now-get-a-candle-that-smells-exactly-like-mountain-dew/ https://country1037fm.com/2019/10/21/get-all-jacked-up-on-these-mountain-dew-scented-candles/ Attached is what my basement looks like right now.
  15. The power of Social media is scary. Friday night I a few orders for one on my candles. WAY more than normal but was good. Enough that I went home and made some. I found the "Blog" and then the facebook post about it. Woke up Saturday morning and shipped as many as I could that I had made. Went and did some running around, my Etsy site quickly sold out, I updated the inventory. Fast forward to Monday morning. I have sold more on Etsy these past 3 days then I did in Nov and Dec last year. More than I have ALL this year so far. The orders are still coming in. So some whole new sets of problems have came of this. 1 - I do not have enough boxes both brown boxes and USPS boxes in stock for the quantity of orders that came in a single weekend. 2 - Ran out of wax and FO. Called on many of my friends to come help out. Much of much supplies have been slowly increasing for the holiday season but not ready for a weekend of chaos. I have no idea who the person is that wrote this or why. Here was the blog post from Friday https://www.bestproducts.com/lifestyle/a29516615/mountain-dew-soda-scented-candle/ and the realted FB post - https://www.facebook.com/808287332621941/posts/2565029993614324/ Since then I have found 3 more articles about it https://crafty.diply.com/99003/this-mountain-dew-scented-candle-will-give-your-home-that-aroma- https://comicbook.com/irl/2019/10/20/mountain-dew-scented-candles/ https://1029thewolf.radio.com/blogs/mandys-blog/716-candle-company-selling-mountain-dew-scented-candle Unfortunately I am someone that can not say no to the orders. I have already increased my production time to 3-4 weeks. Anyone else ever deal with something like this?
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