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  1. Found this site also http://promotionalmatches.com/matchbooks/20-strike-color-on-white-matchbooks/
  2. Has anyone had Match Books made up for promotional item? Some one on here back in 2016 mentioned asking your insurance company about giving them out also. I found this place. http://www.fatratpress.com/matches/ No idea though
  3. The version I have been working on is one that you just go to bed and when you wake up in the morning everything is all done. LOL
  4. I do all jars in all scents for my wholesale accounts. For my retail I limit the Jars/Scents
  5. This seems like a BIG RED FLAG. If it is not it might be too much of a hassle to deal with. 1st I would google his name/email address and phone number and see if you find anything. I would ask him who and where his freight forward is, I doubt they will come pick up from you. See how big of an order he wants. Name and address of his store. Tell him you want to advertise that your candles are there. Maybe you just start out with a small order to see how the process is and if it easy, worthwhile and not a scam.
  6. I raised prices last year, and i just raised them again this year. USPS shipping is crazy now, almost 10% sometimes.
  7. Candlewic gets them from Allstate - http://allstatecan.com/seamless-tins
  8. I get mine from Candlewic https://www.candlewic.com/store/category.aspx?q=c72&title=Candle-Tins
  9. @earthfriendly There was another topic that someone was asking about rubber stamps
  10. @Quentin Maybe? https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/large-dome-cover.html They are a little more expensive but maybe shipping is cheaper?
  11. @Trappeuruses Zazzle to create great labels. I have a really nice label printer and do not want to pay to have my labels made for me. I would rather design a label or image and then print the label myself. Does anyone use/do anything like this? I love the templates on zazzle. I found some similiar ones like https://www.canva.com/ https://www.picmonkey.com/home/ Anyone use those? Anyone use something else.
  12. @Trappeur Yes these only fit 1 size. Not good for some one that makes various containers. Do you have 100 candles curing at 1 time? Usually the most I have curing at 1 time is 50-80, and usually by time I get to the end I can take off the holders from the 1st ones.
  13. Anything special? Anything to avoid? What did you end up doing?
  14. The difference is those are done with Plastic Injection Molding. Pay $10,000 for the mold, and then fractions of pennies afterward for each. It will be interesting to see if there are some common sizes or more popular sizes that can be done that way.
  15. Just made my 1st samples for @CorgiCaper I have no idea how I am going to price these yet and not 100% ready to sell. Maybe like $5 for 1, $25 for 10 ($2.50ea), $50 for 25 ($2ea), $87.50 for 50 ($1.75ea), $125 for 100 ($1.25ea) all with Free Shipping. Thoughts? If anyone else is interested contact me. I am still looking for input on them and for some people to try them. Just need to ship me you jar/tin and wick so I can measure and size them. The ones I made for myself... OMG I can not believe how nice it is to NOT worry about if the wicks are centered after I pour. The way I designed the tab that hold the wick allows for a little tension to be applied also to keep it nice and straight.
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