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  1. MilosCandles

    Wicking 464 and 6006

    I have only used GB. I will say the throw was better with 464, but hard to sell candles that the tops is starting to melt. LOL
  2. MilosCandles

    Wicking 464 and 6006

    I use GB444 I did use 464 to start with but found the melt point to be too low to sell at shows in the summer. I ended up switching to 444. With 444 and a 3 inch tumbler I use either CD16 or CD18. Since it is 464 use can probably get away with CD12 or 14. Hope they helps a little.
  3. MilosCandles

    Lids, Dust Covers & Such

    Dust Covers - http://www.westernpress.net/CandleCover.html I have not tried them yet. I saw a recommendation here for them. They are on my to-do list.
  4. MilosCandles

    An observation

    @CorgiCaperI use GW 444 for my candles and melts, works great for both. GW 464 would never work.
  5. Anybody use a jar like this? https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/fc53232-case36anchor.html Do you use lids? I was looking at the CS Straight Sided Tumbler but wanted something a little bigger https://www.candlescience.com/containers/straight-sided-tumbler-jar-libbey Open to ideas for something similar or another vendor. Thanks
  6. MilosCandles

    Hade these made - Wick Holder

    3d Printer has been ordered. Hopefully be here next week. @Quentinand @CorgiCaper If you are really interested, if you would want to mail me a sample (empty) Jar and wick you use I would be happy to try and come up with something. No Promises. LOL Message me directly and we can come up with something.
  7. MilosCandles

    Printing Company

    I just saw an ad on TV for Vista Print - Sale ends 1/11/2019 Though the run a special all the time. Maybe this one is better than others. LOL
  8. MilosCandles

    Printing Company

    This is all I mentioned
  9. MilosCandles

    Laser Thermometer

    This topic had quite a bit of discussion about thermometers.
  10. MilosCandles

    Photographing products for on-line sales

    Can you post a sample? You lighting may not be good enough (bright enough) to begin with.
  11. MilosCandles

    Creating LLC info

    In New York it is just $25 every 2 years for an LLC. $200 to set it up plus $5 if you want hard copies mailed to you. Not too bad. Then I just do taxes as if I was a DBA also because I did a "Single Member LLC". Nothing really changes. Though I guess I will find out a year from now. The bank worked out much easier than I thought... I emailed everything to the one girl at the branch earlier in the day, when I got there just answered a few questions, signed a bunch of docs and I was all set up in less than an 45 minutes. Now to change ETSY, and AMAZON, and anywhere where else I have business and banking info.
  12. MilosCandles

    Creating LLC info

    The Banks in Buffalo are not too bad. BUT the usually ask 100 questions and want you to know projected sales. Ummm I am selling candles out of my basement... probably avg $1 million in sales each year... LOL (I WISH!!!)
  13. MilosCandles

    Creating LLC info

    Just some info for anyone thinking about becoming a "REAL" business. So I had a Sole Proprietor DBA setup for myself, and as I have grown and expanded I slowly began to change my name and wanted to be better protected. As of Jan 3rd I am now officially 716 Candle Co LLC. I used this service - https://www.incfile.com/ I did the "Gold Plan". The $150 I spent (plus $200 to file in New York) seemed like a pretty good deal. Got all my paper work done, and properly filed. I still need to list it in 2 news papers and pay for that. The extra money I spent on the Gold plan is all things I probably could of done myself with little to no cost except for time. I feel like I saved myself quite a few hours by going with the GOLD plan. In New York I created a Single Member LLC. Just applied for my Sales Tax Number and I need to head to the bank to open a new bank account. Updated and Renewed my membership and insurance with HSCG. I think I spent about 2 hours total on all of this. I am sure I have another 2 hours at the Bank (LOL) and a little bit time to deal with listing info in Local Papers.
  14. MilosCandles

    Private labels

    Not really. Usually a retailer just want to be able to keystone the price. Meaning double the wholesale cost. Other than that nothing special. Are they doing wholesale or consignment?
  15. MilosCandles

    Hade these made - Wick Holder

    I have used CD16 in them.