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  1. And what erks me even more is when someone buys more than 1 of an item. You pay a listing fee on each one. REALLY? You charge me for the listing fee for 3 months, who cares how many I selll in that 3 months. Atleast with amazon is it s flat 15% and only when it sells. No listing fees, no credit card fees, no selling fees. Just 15% on every sale. Yes it is high, but it does not seem like they are nickeling and dimeing you.
  2. I have a show this week. and it is suppose to about 90. I will have a much better report after this. Some will just pop out pretty easily others will require a little finagling.
  3. I started with 464, and ended up switching to 444 for the higher melting point. Had some issues with outdoor shows.
  4. Had them made. See I am getting to my to-do list. 6 months later. UGH. This will totally help at my outdoor shows that are just dust storms.
  5. Every site has its pro's and cons. Both as a host and for marketing. Not easy decisions, and not a 1 size fits all. I make a ton of sales on Etsy, yes their fees suck. BUT I have my own website and an Amazon Handmade and Etsy out sells bot of them. I do everything I can to drive sales directly to my site where I am just paying a credit card processing fee. I have had my own website for just over a year, I am always working on content and SEO. Every month I see my rank grow, and visits grow. It is a slow process. Facebook, Instrgram, Pintrest.
  6. @Laura C & @TallTayl I agree with you both. I am very OCD with stuff like that. But few factors play into this. The amount of variations, time to setup, and size of my space. Add the fact that the items get moved everywhere by shoppers. Those things just make it near impossible to have a organized display. In an ideal world I would totally do it Yankee candle. Grouped by scent. I dream of that. LOL. I do have some organization by rows. Top row is liquor bottles, next is melts (alphabetized), next is tins and jars(alphabetized), then beer/soda below that. Almost more organized by price point. It is amazing how people shop/buy in my tent. Some just want a scent, some just want a particular can/bottle some want the perfect combination. There are some items and scents I have way more of cause I know what sells and what people ask for. It is very interactive tent. Touching, holding and smelling, showing their friends. Usually have some music playing. There is nothing serious about what I am selling.
  7. @Laura C Thanks! It is totally random. Some many different bottles and scents. Never could come up with a "logical" method. There is a label on each one.
  8. The selves worked out great. Still need to make a few tweaks to the overall setup. But for the most part I was pretty happy!
  9. You can always do stuff under the table and off the books... But the liabilities between the law, lawsuits, insurance are usually not worth it. I am sure half the people at some of the craft shows I do are NOT registered as a business, do NOT pay sales tax , and have no insurance. As far as a fundraiser it is really no different that selling wholesale to a gift shop and them re-selling it.
  10. I had the same attitude when I 1st started. You are willing to sacrifice your time to just make a sale. I tried to cater to 100% of the people. Pick Ups, drop offs, custom items. I look at my time MUCH differently now. I no longer can cater to 100% of the people. A $15 candle sale is not worth 2 hours of my time. It is not worth 1 hour of my time. Every now and then I make an exception and I find that it just bites me in the ass. Basically what I am saying is be sure to value your time and do not sell yourself short. Time IS money. Time spent working is time away from family and friends.
  11. I hate that if a customer enters the wrong address in and they message you after the sale you have no way to update the order. ETSY suggests canceling the order and having them re-order or manually changing it when you go to ship it. 90% of the time I remember and do it. But what a pain when I forget. Done venting.
  12. This is forever the question. Sounds like you need to make a few more of them to see how long it takes you. You may need to keep the 2 ideas separate rather than trying to combine them.
  13. I just got a spam email from these people https://www.plusprinters.com/
  14. Here is an old topic that discussed this
  15. I looked into it some but ended up finding inexpensive boxes and using a larger rubber stamp on them.
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