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  1. The 9 cases I order is on a pallet. I have got quotes before for pallet shipping and after 9 cases the savings is not enough to justify ordering that many. The saving per case is usually less than a dollar. I have ordered 18 cases before but that was just more cause I was going through so much at the time. I have contacted Golden Brands Wax directly, and almost spit out my drink when the reply email stated "We do have a minimum of 21,600Lbs of wax that must be ordered per order." (432 50lbs Cases, or in my case 12 Pallets) I do not have the space for that much. LOL Unless th
  2. The commitment level is like none other. Multiple times a week I "DRAG" myself down to the basement. Usually no one else is here. Just me doing the things that need to be done. Cause owning your own business is so "Glamorous" and who wouldn't want their own business. OMG, you make candles.. How Fun!!!! No, No, I am a gloried factory worker slaving away in my basement hoping I get this order out on time. After I get 100 Candles ready, I then need to pour 100 candles, and then clean up 100 candles, and then I need to label 100 candles and then I need to package and ship 100 c
  3. Ohh and...... (I got myself all fired up thinking. LOL) The people that post WHAT IS THE BEST.... Wax.. Fragrance Oil... Supplier.... Seller Everyone wants to know the "BEST". Sometimes I want to respond and just say the "The Most Average One is". LOL
  4. I like the people that are.. I am "Launching" next month do I need insurance? I am "Launching" next month do I need an LLC. Should I do an LLC vs a Sole Proprietorship? Ummmm Before you decide to "Launch" how about you figure out those questions. Or I am "Launching" next week should I use Shopify vs Etsy? You haven't even chosen a platform to launch on and your are launching? OR - Help me name my business.. OR my favorite one of all time. ALL TIME. What is your Social Media Page, lets follow each others. WHY do I care if someone el
  5. Volume, Volume Volume. Add if they love local to a decent distributor and can avoid shipping. But neither is probably true. Most are thinking.. Oh Look I made $4 on that sale. For me to keep up I also have to pay people to help, and my electric bill has increased. Fortunately I still work out of my basement so my overhead is still low otherwise I would probably have to increase prices about 20-25% $4 seems better than nothing and your like look at that. When you have to produce 100 candles and it takes you 2+ weeks and you figured out how to make 1 at a time, $40
  6. Literally 1 year ago I could order 9 50lbs box of wax for $685 shipped. The last few months it went up to $755 and today when I went order $806. $120 more, over $13 per 50lbs box of wax. WTF! Fortunately late last year I decided to up my prices after 4 years of not changing. Here I thought I was making more money, but in reality just covering the new costs. UGH. I am scared to look at prices for me FO and other items. Anyone else see crazy price hikes on things they buy?
  7. I use the Facebook groups as comic relief. 100's of the same questions over and over. AND no one likes the shipping prices.
  8. I just hit my 5 year anniversary for my candle business... WOW what a journey so far. From a high level I am going to let you know that it is OK to change. Change is good. Just make changes carefully. If you already do not know, I make candles in recycled beer and liquor bottles. (Well aware of legal issue arguments) When i started this business I was ONLY going to use glass bottles, nothing else! Nothing! This was the market I was going after! I got an appt at a local gift shop, showed her my candles and she was like "Eh"... and asked, do you mak
  9. After 5+ years of supply shopping rarely do I find a new GREAT deal for something I use. Well this weekend I did. https://www.samsclub.com/p/scotch-bubble-cushion-wrap-240-sq-ft-roll/121568 $12.98 for a 240' 12" roll of bubble wrap. Last year I was going to Office Depot and paying $25 per roll (buy 2 get 1 free), which then went away for awhile. Now they have a sale $15 per role. Not sure how long that will last. https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/653230/Office-Depot-Brand-Small-Bubble-Wrap/ The Sams Club Bubble wrap is also 40 feet lon
  10. This was something interesting I found out this year.. A SEP IRA. https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/retirement-plans-faqs-regarding-seps Basically allows you contribute ~%20 of your PROFITS to a tax deferred IRA. Even though I contribute to a 401k at my day job, this is totally separate. I would suggest talking to your accountant and a financial advisor to set it up and find out more.
  11. All depends of your accounting method - https://support.taxslayer.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015704292-Schedule-C-Accounting-Method I use the Cash Method so I do not worry about "Inventory".
  12. Enough to try and get the price down, but not so much that you break the bank. Also knowing what you can/will sell helps. 5 years ago when I started I would buy 1 50lbs box of wax at a time. I found a place I could get it next day and was a good price. Order it as I needed it.
  13. UGH, well over 100 new pictures I will need to take. I do not have a white background. What a PITA. Amazon is going to begin enforcing two MAIN image requirements this year to help improve product discoverability and eligibility to be featured in Handmade Marketing Campaigns. The MAIN image is the primary image of your product. The MAIN image is what displays for a product in the search results and browse pages, and is the first image customers see on product detail pages. MAIN images cannot have text, logo, graphics, or water
  14. What/How do you drive sales to your ebay listing? I tried selling my candles on Ebay and basically did not sell anything there. People go to Etsy for Hand Made items, and unique gifts. (Not saying that it 100% what etsy is)
  15. I use Shippo under 2 circumstances. 1 When I have a larger box, I can easily compare rates between USPS, UPS, and Fedex. Usually Fedex wins out. 2nd. Any of my Amazon Handcrafted orders, as Pirateship does not integrate with Amazon yet.
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