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  1. ncraiders

    Fragrancebuddy Labor Day Sale!

    lol me! Tho to be fair i am not making things to sell just for personal usage or for potential holiday gifts so i don't need alot. Tho this sale is kinda tempting i am gonna try to hold out and not buy anything else i have a ton of oil samples i need to mess with first lol.
  2. It is sad that most of the main waxes used for candles all cause some form of environmental damage as well as loss of habitats for certain plants and animals. It is also sad that no matter what your thinking is on the different waxes it really won't have an effect on that main resources growth and sales. Even if none bought more of that wax it really would not matter in the end due to the fact that only a small percentage of that resource is going to wax. There are so many products on the market that carry some form of byproduct from oil, soybeans, and palm that the waxes really aren't gonna effect it all that much one way or another. Probably the least effecting wax is beeswax. tho i imagine there are some issues with that wax as well as far as how it is collected. I for one respect every ones choices on why they choose wax a over wax b and c. Cause like others have said we all look at the possible pros and cons and choose the one we feel works best or the one we think is least effecting natural environments.
  3. I have to agree all forms of candle wax have environmental issues concerning them. The difference is some groups have the money to spend to try and discredit other wax types and the majority of people eat that info up and never stop to think about what issues the other wax types might be causing.
  4. ncraiders

    Sticky aroma beads

    I baked mine at 370 for roughly 7 minutes and the top is still slightly bumpy abut i dont know that you can get the top smooth unless there is something on it to force the melted beads together. i wasn;t trying to get a smooth top just basing the time to bake them off someone else that has used the same beads.
  5. ncraiders

    CandleScience .99 cent sale is back!

    I have the the ones listed above tho i have not gotten them in wax yet. Bought them a few weeks back when 2-3 of them were 99 cents. Fallen Leaves OOB smells really good to me. Cinnamon stick does smell like cinnamon sticks to me as well. I also bought red hot cinnamon from them and oob it smells like red hots to me. Both cinnamon fragrances smell different. Hot Apple Pie OOB i can smell apple in it. I need to start pouring these soon to see how they will work out. I am on the hunt for a good apple pie fragrance as well as a cinnamon fragrance.
  6. ncraiders

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I have one hanging in my familys van as we speak. Been hanging there a little over a week now still has good scent in it. I am also using the plasticpellets4fun beads. I did the impatient mans freshener, I soaked the beads and after 24 hours i baked them. We will see how it compares to one i set the beads sit for a few days after soaking up the oil when i go to make a new one after this one looses it fragrance.
  7. ncraiders

    A real campy label I just made

    yeah that does look alot better.
  8. ncraiders

    A glitsy looking label

    nice looking labels, even my poor eyesight can read that easily. 😊
  9. ncraiders

    I’m proud of this one

    Yeah good idea make her happy. You can always make another for yourself anyways.
  10. ncraiders

    Need inspiration

    Apple peach and cinnamon i would def buy that if it was local. I was also thinking something to do with leaves would be good for a fall item.
  11. Since i started messing with candles and melts I have started popping open the clamshells to smell them cause i know not all fragrances of the same name smell alike. So I like to sniif first and not regret buying it later lol.
  12. ncraiders

    Sticky aroma beads

    I am testing beads from Plastic Pellets 4 fun in ornaments. I just stuck one I made in the car to test how long it lasts. Hoping it lasts for atleast a month but only time will tell. Sadly it seems to be hard to find beads that will last any length of time now. Out of curiosity do you know if the beads ar jsut stuck together but can be popped apart or did they actually melt together? If they actually melted I wonder if the car was to hot and it actually sapped the scent out of it due to all the heat.
  13. ncraiders

    What's going on with Yaley??

    No Hobby Lobby sells Country Lane now.
  14. ncraiders

    What would you do?

    If you mainly do melts i don't think it would be to time consuming to train someone to do them. Tho you have to consider will that person only make melts or would they then try to make candles and sell those under the same name.
  15. The only reason I could see making them yourself would be to make them shorter so you could better see the melts. I have been to places that use something similar to those were they stand the melts on end and put them in and then lay one across the top to allow for people to easily see the fragrance. Did it stop me from pulling them out of the holder to see them. nope cause i was popping them open to check how they smelled anyways since they had not sealed the clamshells at all.