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  1. I don't dry it after I add the fragrance. I have been selling them for a long time and haven't had anyone say it clogs. Maybe I just sift it enough to keep it small enough not to clog or maybe I use less fragrance? When I did research to make body powder a number of years ago, I didn't read anything about drying it out or I probably would have tried that.
  2. Hello all! I don't check in here nearly as much as I should. But I'm doing some research for finally making some cp soap from scratch so here I am. It sounds like you'e done most of the research and trials to get something you like but I'll add my input too. I have been making body powder for around 8 years and it's one of my best selling products. I don't bake it or let it dry. I make a huge master batch of all my powders mixed and when it gets ordered, I scent it and package it up right away and send it off. I package in powder sifter bottles. my ingredients in random order are
  3. Between this and their ODR policy, I'm so disappointed with Etsy, It used to be such a great place to sell. The last couple of years have been rough on there and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I opened a stand alone website and am pushing all of my sales and advertising to that site and we'll just see what Etsy does. I really wish I had opened a stand alone site a long time ago. People who can opt out of those ads will become invisible. It has already felt impossible to be seen on there lately.
  4. I'm with those on the 60/40. I hope it works out well for you. Sounds like it might be ok since it's your friends but I would have a clear contract. Especially when it comes to damaged or returned products. I've done consignment many times and each time I kicked myself because I was burned each time. The last time I sent products to a business and never heard from her again. I was so mad, I didn't even try to go after her. And like Shari, I also had another company go out of business overnight without telling anyone. I will never send products out without payment again.
  5. Thank you! That's good to know which questions to ask about the oils. Hopefully I can eventually take a course. One book I got wasn't great so I'm sending that back but I got a few more that have been really helpful!
  6. I want to unsee it AND buy the Wonder Woman one all at the same time
  7. Ooooh a west coast FO Supplier! I'm excited about this! I'm actually trying to pare down my FO choices but then I find new places to buy from.
  8. @kandlekrazy are you saying they work better in m&p or not at all? That's what I do. I won't buy them from an MLM company for sure. I think the one I bought from says they're already wholesale pricing. But it's taken over 2 weeks to get my order so I may find someone else to get them from next time. @Dana It is nice to see familiar names and "faces"! I joined here so long ago! I did look into some of the aromatherapy courses and such online and it would be good to learn! Just kind of expensive! I'm already doing an online marketing course right now. I'm looking forward to
  9. Thanks so much for all of that! I've had to think through the lip balm and will definitely keep the flavors I have already and probably just add a few that are lip safe. Lip balm is one of my best selling products so I don't want to ruin that! I don't do anything with wax at the moment because I was using the ones that were discontinued and now totally gone so I haven't had the energy to try to replace it. I plan mainly to do some body oils and also in the other products I currently have (solid lotion, body butter etc....) And also keep my best selling fragrance oils! I c
  10. Thank you for that info! I have read info from some of the suppliers so that has definitely helped quite a bit! It's the other info that causes the stress! lol. I ordered a book that someone on here had recommended in another post so I'm excited for that to arrive. The soap I make is melt and pour so I don't know if that make a difference at all? I have a lot of testing to do! I'm also glad to be remembered I keep meaning to spend more time here but it just hasn't happened.
  11. All of them I hope I make solid lotion, body butters, sugar scrubs, lip balm ( i know some aren't lip safe?), body oils, soaps.
  12. Hi all! Not sure if you remember me or not, I used to be a lot more regular on here! I am in the process of adding essential oils to my products and am learning all that I can about it. I've run into A LOT of "scary" information out there because of problems with the MLM claims and such. I've used essential oils personally but have never used them in my products and am a little nervous about going forward with them. It's like looking up symptoms online and the worst is always shown! Is using essential oils similar to fragrance oils? have a great day!
  13. I'm on the I wouldn't reuse them team. Unless I was making them for myself but even then I don't keep the used ones lying around. They looked used after one time to me.
  14. I let mine cure for 7 days before starting to test them.
  15. It is weird that it says left with individual. Seems like that individual would have known it wasn't for them? It also took a long time for her to contact you after it was delivered. If tracking shows delivered, any case against you will usually be found in your favor if you decide not to reimburse. Definitely have them check with their local post office, they'll need the tracking number.
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