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  1. I'm on the I wouldn't reuse them team. Unless I was making them for myself but even then I don't keep the used ones lying around. They looked used after one time to me.
  2. I let mine cure for 7 days before starting to test them.
  3. It is weird that it says left with individual. Seems like that individual would have known it wasn't for them? It also took a long time for her to contact you after it was delivered. If tracking shows delivered, any case against you will usually be found in your favor if you decide not to reimburse. Definitely have them check with their local post office, they'll need the tracking number.
  4. This happens from time to time and it's SO frustrating. Luckily it's not TOO often. Most of the time, I end up replacing the order. It's the cost of business sometimes and good to have a happy customer. Though sometimes it's easy to feel like they're taking advantage. But I want to assume the best in my customer. I've had packages marked delivered and then show up a few days later but sounds like she's already done that. Hopefully it wasn't too big of an order. I would definitely have her contact her post office to see if they can help out first!
  5. Most of my fragrances are from NG. There's a lot of great ones already mentioned. Also sounds like there are some I need to try! I do like the Fresh Brewed Coffee but it's not my favorite coffee from them. I do prefer the Mt. Hazelnut one like Gail mentioned or Cafe Mocha is great too. I agree Tinsel is amazing, such a unique fragrance! Other ones not mentioned that I love are Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Elf Sweat, Reindeer Poo, Apple Jack & Peel, Caramel Apple, Jack Frost, Fresh Outdoors. I'm sure I'm missing some!
  6. I have just a little bit of PB left and I also mixed it with xcel which I have a lot of that left. I LOVE my wax melts and I want to pretend that lots and lots of testing is NOT in my future. Mixing a container wax and pillar wax for wax melts seems to help with some of the frosting/crumbling problems but I haven't tested any waxes in a really long time so that may have changed.
  7. I wish I had seen a year ago that they were discontinuing these waxes, I would have bought more to stock up. But of course, i didn't know until I went to buy more eco PB wax and it was no where to be found! That way I could have been testing all summer instead of waiting till the busy season to test. I think the American waxes are ones that seemed promising, and maybe the Golden waxes too. I'm hoping to start testing soon!
  8. I want to thank all of you for all of this information. I have not been able to get my hands on any wax as things are a bit slow for me and getting anything new has been put aside for now. It sounds like these new waxes are on not worth my time. However, I don't make candles, I make wax melts. Do you think they would still be awful waxes to use for wax melts? As I research about what new waxes to use, I'm just confused! I did so much research years ago to get the perfect waxes and this is just so frustrating to have to start all over. But that was all before this trouble with soy waxes. I worry if I don't use all soy that my customers won't come back. And I'll have to redo ALL of my labels. argh!
  9. I don't know if this helps, but I keep it as Pumpkin Apple Butter and it sells really really well for me.
  10. Lots of great ideas already. I like the idea of the bags if you're a great seamstress. I had a friend do that for awhile and she did very well. Lip balm sells very well for me In the Spring, I got back into vinyl cutting and started a T-shirt/decal biz. As with any business start up, it's taking a bit to get going but I'm loving it! I haven't tried selling them any shows yet.
  11. Your labels are always so gorgeous! All of them are great! Are you just choosing 1 of these designs? I LOVE the retro car design for #1 it has a Norman Rockwell feel to it.
  12. Yes! My jaw dropped at the shipping! The place I normally get the ecosoya waxes doesn't have the new waxes yet. I normally buy 100+ lbs at a time and with other things so it's worth it but the 10 lbs of each to test is pricey.
  13. I just want to thank you all for this thread. I've been keeping up with it to see how things are going with the waxes. I don't make candles but wax melts are my biggest seller during the holiday season so I"m hoping for big things from these waxes. Looks like I'll be spending the season testing though! I have found the waxes online but shipping prices are outrageous so I'm waiting for a place closer to get them in stock.
  14. Ugh! This is SO frustrating! I'm so sorry it's happening to you! Crazy how someone copying YOU accused you of copying. Imitation is not flattering, it's aggravating! We work so hard on branding ourselves and to have someone try to take that way is maddening. I've been there, I don't know if you remember my big thing on here a few years back where someone ordered from me and copied and admitted to it and still didn't care. She disappeared for awhile but is back and her shop still looks eerily like mine and is doing a lot of the same products. But I can't do anything about it other than continue to being the awesome business owner that I am
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