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  1. I use an 11 oz tumbler with 6006 and I find that a CD 8 works well with many of my FO's.
  2. I wish someone would come out with a version that you could adjust to fit different sized containers---that would be awesome~~
  3. A week. I don't have the luxury of letting it cure any longer than that as I need to get these poured. I'm not willing to sacrifice quality, believe me. I know you had mentioned that a longer cure time in larger containers when using the zinc wicks is important to determine wick size.
  4. If I didn't love this FO believe me, I wouldn't be jacking around with this when I have so many orders to fill Can someone just tell me what you think about this flame and MP at this stage--it doesn't matter what your experience is with this wax or wick. Just a visual opinion?
  5. I already did a full burn on a test with this scent which got me to the point of having to do another one from scratch. I'm just trying to determine at this point if this a good start with this wick. I'm not familiar with the zinc wicks so I don't know if this flame looks too big, etc. Do you think this is a good start or pull it out and go with something smaller? I don't want to keep going with burns and wasting time if this initial burn is off course.
  6. I have an order for one of my new scents-Kentucky Bourbon from FC. It's a fabulous scent but wicking this bugger has been a challenge. I use 6006, 16 oz ss amber jar. I started with a CD 10 (too small), then tried a Z60 (only had one left so when it fell over in the jar I switched to CD 12), CD 12 was too big. I poured another tester and started from scratch with a Z60. This is what I'm seeing after 3.5 hours. It's not smoking or going crazy but it has a full MP and scent throw is fantastic. What do you think about this flame height etc? I have got to get this order poured and I'm just stuck. Thanks for your help!!
  7. lightmyfire

    dimples are NOT cute.........what's up with this?

    Now that I think about it I did just open a brand spanking new box of this wax...........the smooth one was from the last box. Hmmmmmmm........... I'm going to choose my battles and embrace the dimples. Just so dang frustrating to see these 2 melts next to each other and wonder WTH? I will save my frustration then for sinkholes, wet spots, wicks pulling out and let's not forget about wick selection. On another note, I have been giving tours of my little candle studio to my customers. When I show them my inventory of wicks and my note taking process for testing candles, they are always amazed at the process involved in making a quality candle. I really enjoy educating my customers on how to burn their candle to get the best results and how monitoring the burning process by using a wick dipper to guide as well as extinguish the wick really does make a better burning candle. They are always so interested and appreciative and they all say "I had no idea how much thought goes into making a candle". Then when I ask them to wait 2 weeks to make their candles they are more than happy to wait because they understand that it's a process and a craft.
  8. lightmyfire

    dimples are NOT cute.........what's up with this?

    I use the Ky para-soy tart and votive wax.
  9. Making melts is not new for me but I am so frustrated with what you can see in the photo. The melt on the right is an example of the lovely melts I have been pouring for the last 5 months with several scents. Beautiful, smooth tops. The melt on the left is what I am now getting; this scent is "Sun Kissed Plumeria" (FC). I thought maybe it was just this FO for some crazy reason. But now it's everything that I'm making. Wax= Ky tart wax. Heat to 165 and pour at 150, like I always do. Room temp in my studio is 70 degrees. Between this and entire order of melts turning bright yellow I'm ready to pull my hair out. Oh and yes, I tried pouring cooler........that didn't help. I know it's ok that they're dimpled but I'd just like to know why. Any suggestions?
  10. I would think it would be like baking.......I had to adjust every cake recipe for the altitude when I lived in Denver. Not so much in Texas But at some point I guess I realized that this craft is what it is...........I think sometimes there's just no explanation. I have strengthened my intestinal fortitude immensely.
  11. I added this technique to lowering my pour temps way down on my 6006 and it has worked well. I just poured 6 of the 9 oz straight sided amber jars and as a test I poured at 160 instead of 155 and I went past the point where the neck narrows and I have sink holes on every candle. The combo of lower temp and fill point just seem to be a happy combo in my studio.
  12. my tip wasn't intended to be a panacea, merely a suggestion on something to add to your considerations when pouring a candle in a jar with a neck that's narrower than the jar. That's all.
  13. Well I do manage them with pour temps and as for rate of cooling I wrap each candle in a felt wrap to slow the cooling. I still do that. I do all of that, believe me. But as an added precaution I don't pour past the narrowing of the jar. It's just another step.
  14. I was on a crafting site a few weeks ago (I cannot for the life of me remember what it was) and I was searching for information about sink holes and how to avoid them. I've been making candles for about 4 years so I'm getting the hang of this and I'm always reading threads here- I've learned a lot over the years about pouring temps, etc. Now this may be something ya'll already know, but the tip I read that has changed my life is that if you are using a jar that changes shape at the top, stop your pour before you get to that narrowing. I have added 8 oz square masons to my lineup just for seasonal scents (I only use 9 and 16 oz amber straight sided jars--keeps my life as simple as possible!) and I was read to pull my hair out due to sink holes on every candle, every pour. It was driving me insane. After I read the tip I mentioned, I stopped pouring right where the flared square part of the jar narrows to the neck. Voila. No more sink holes. I can tell when I've poured just a bit too far because I will get a sink hole; easy to fix with the heat gun as soon as I see it. It sure beats fixing every dang one of them.
  15. lightmyfire

    Scent Reviews So Far

    Sugared Cronut - This is really nice at 6%. I'm renaming it French Toast, to give you an idea of how it smells HT. I agree! I love this one. Just an FYI--it turns wax melts yellow very quickly when not using dye. That doesn't bother me but some may find it off putting.