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  1. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!! I think I'll combine the scent ideas with naming each after an area in Texas i.e. Texas Hill Country, Piney Woods, Gulf Coast and specific cities as well. I appreciate all of the input!!!
  2. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions!! We Texans love anything that is Texas themed!! Maybe a Hook 'Em Horns scent would be good too!! I did see the Bluebonnet FO at Lonestar but was a bit leery when a review said it smelled like an "old lady perfume". Whatever that means........ Thanks again ladies!!
  3. I've had a request from one of my stores to make some Texas themed candles. Hmmmmm.....I asked her specifically what she was looking for and she said I could just come up with them myself. This is always a challenge as everyone's interpretation of these things is different. I'm thinking that a leather/bourbon would be excellent (I like the RE leather and FC Kentucky Bourbon). Any suggestions for a good bluebonnet FO? Or mountain laurel? Any other Texas scents you can recommend?
  4. I blend FC Pipe Tobacco with FC Kentucky Bourbon---fabulous
  5. thank you so much for your recommendation but I just checked their site and they no longer carry that FO
  6. I just got a request to make wax melts for a baby shower with a Derby theme--naturally they want a FO I don't have . Can anyone recommend a great Mint Julep FO that you've either used in a candle or a melt?
  7. Tobacco and Caramel from Flaming for me also--It's my #1 seller hands down. Men and women love it
  8. I use the Ky parasoy from Rustic Esentuals---easy to use
  9. The CD4 was perfect in my 6 oz jar (Black Cherry Merlot, CS). In the 12oz Calypso jar (Earth & Woods, FC), I switched to a CD6 about 1/3 of the way into the jar as it was burning hot with a large melt pool. The CD 6 is pretty good but is getting fairly hot and starting to mushroom considerably at the bottom 1/3 of the jar. After reading all of the wick test info above I've decided to pour another tester with both jars and try the HTP's for comparison.
  10. what ratio are you mixing your leather/vanilla? I'm going to try mixing leather from RE with some Tobacco & Caramel (FC); T&C is my #1 seller--I think this would make an awesome combo
  11. I just poured my first 2 candles with the 6046; I used the 6 oz and 12 oz calypso jars from Glass Now and so far I love this wax!!! I used a CD4 in the small jar and a CD 8 in the 12 oz and they are burning beautifully on my first 2 test burns. I'm definitely going to try the suggestion of adding the FO at around 170 to see if that boosts the ht; the ht is great now (I added the FO at 185) but I'll give it a whirl.
  12. I just tried the Flaming Candle purple dye---a bit stinky but no residual odor after the candle is poured. I don't usually color my candles but I had a special request from my biggest customer.
  13. I use an 11 oz tumbler with 6006 and I find that a CD 8 works well with many of my FO's.
  14. I wish someone would come out with a version that you could adjust to fit different sized containers---that would be awesome~~
  15. A week. I don't have the luxury of letting it cure any longer than that as I need to get these poured. I'm not willing to sacrifice quality, believe me. I know you had mentioned that a longer cure time in larger containers when using the zinc wicks is important to determine wick size.
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