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  1. After taking a deep breath and walking away from my studio for a few hours yesterday, I decided to try this. I poured at 170 and poured with the jars in the box they were shipped in with the dividers. Can you even believe it? It worked. No lines. Really pretty candles. Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions and for listening and actually caring! The wet spots might come back which means I better get them delivered to my customers before that happens.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion--I was thinking the same thing. I used to pour that hot and then to prevent sinkholes I started pouring cooler. Now I don't have sinkholes but I have wet spots. I love this craft
  3. So I poured 6 candles in my amber jars last night and used the Koozie technique. Can you believe that the lines are even worse now???!!! I'm ready to beat my head against the wall. Starting to wonder if it's a glass issue? So hard to fix a candle problem when you don't know what's causing it. I will not be defeated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Wow--that's fantastic!! I have been using pieces of felt that I wrap around and sometimes those work but where the felt overlaps where I wrap it around causes the pull away I believe, because it's double insulated. Hope that makes sense. Any idea where I can purchase this silver insulation? I would be fantastic to use for all of my different sized jars. Thanks for sharing!!
  5. I just ordered the Dickens Christmas (16 oz based on the amazing reviews), got it in yesterday and already poured a 13 oz red calypso jar and melts to test. I haven't been this excited about a FO in a LONG time. I guess I've just gotten bored with the run of the mill scents. This scent is truly amazing. Notes of clove, orange, cinnamon.........not heavy or sweet. I love it. I also love the Drunken Pumpkin--different and complex yet so simple. I also blend the LS Twilight Woods with FC Warm Vanilla Sugar for a scent that constantly sells out; smooth and fresh. On a different note from another supplier, my all time favorite is "Fig Tree" from FC. Please try it if you haven't. Heaven.
  6. Holy moly--------the fridge trick is the bomb!!!! TT you are my new hero! Why does that fix it???
  7. Thank you!! As luck would have it I went right by a Dollar Tree after I saw your post. Unfortunately, even though it's still 98 degrees in central Texas, they don't have any Koozies right now. Neither did Walmart. I found some on Amazon--I'll give those a whirl. If that doesn't work these will work great for holding a cocktail while I'm figuring out this dilemma. The freezer tip did work-----love it.
  8. I loved this FO last fall---I did find it a bit tricky to wick in 6006. Had to wick up 2 sizes but it was worth the trial and error; fabulous scent
  9. Grapefruit and Mint from CS is fabulous!! I couldn't keep that in stock this summer.
  10. It's so funny that you are asking this as I just ordered this scent from Lone Star. I'm actually thinking of just calling it Bourbon Pumpkin. I usually name my candles with names that actually say what their fragrance is. I just looked up "drunken" in the online thesaurus---haha, how about "Pickled Pumpkin"
  11. Now the question of wicking on a blend with 6046/6006. I'm using CD's with 6006 and HTP with the 6046. Oh what a tangled web we weave.........:-)
  12. that's what's so odd; as part of this test I put a box over the darn thing so there's no draft at all. I think it's gremlins. I'll go try the fridge technique. Thanks--I'll let you know!!
  13. I never put my jars close together--in fact this particular jar was a single candle I poured for a FO/wick test.
  14. I have been making candles for about 5 years now and doing well in the wholesale market on a small but busy scale. I'm using the 9 oz straight sided amber jars and I have a love/hate relationship with these things. The small mouth opening can get tricky with pours (I stop my pour right before the neck gets smaller) but other than that they are my go to vessel. I'm using 6006 wax and CD wicks--all is good there. Here's my problem.........these stupid lines. It's just one line on each jar, not multiple. I know it's a "wet spot", more like a "wet line" and it drives me insane. I didn't used to get these and it's driving me crazy trying to remedy them. I know it's no big deal but when you go from not having them to well, having them, it makes one a bit nutso. I am pouring at about 155 degrees and then I wrap each jar in a little felt cocoon-like I always have. Any idea why these are appearing and how I can get them to stop?
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