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  1. That's exactly the reason that I have narrowed my containers down to the 9 oz ss amber, 16 oz ss amber and the 8 oz square mason (the mason is just for seasonal scents). I also refuse to keep adding FO's to the mix as well. I have a "scent menu" of my set offering and then I rotate in seasonal scents so I just have to test new scents periodically. I found the CD 10 to work perfectly in the 16 oz ss amber jar on almost every scent. Miracles do happen. I am so very grateful for your input on this since I would have had no idea where to start with the LX or zinc wicks. THANK YOU!!
  2. I thought so but I figured I'd better ask! Thanks so much for your help; I just ordered an LX sample pack and I have a zinc sample pack already. Yet another batch of test candles???? Oy!!! The endless pursuit of excellence
  3. Most of my FO's take a CD5 in this 9 oz jar; the VBN, TPS and CT take a 6
  4. lightmyfire

    Why am I getting this with 6006?

    this beats sinkholes all day long
  5. I'd really like to just put a bunch of wax in there and have it ready for the next batch. So I'll need to weigh the melted wax in the pour pot to determine what the weight is for a certain number of candles then measure that out of the Presto? Got it. I will also try the electric griddle warming method for the pour pot!
  6. Well it never fails that when you want to get some new holiday scents going there are a few that just drive you insane with wicking challenges. Or is that just me?! These are my challenges right now in 6006, 9 oz straight sided amber jar: Vanilla Bean Noel (WSP) Toasted Pumpkin Spice (CS) and my absolute favorite new scent Charcoal Tonka (FC) VBN and TPS are wick hogs and burn beautifully on the first 3 hour burn then they seem to slog along and then burn great then slog along again. Charcoal Tonka (FANTASTIC SCENT if you haven't tried it yet) isn't quite as moody but has its moments as well. Has anyone experienced wicking any of these lately and what are you seeing?
  7. I have read every single post about Presto Pots (I think!) and I'm only missing one bit of info before I break mine out of the box. Mind you, it's been on the shelf for 5 months because I just haven't had time to work with it in my studio. I can no longer keep up with my orders while using the double boiler method, although it is what I know and love. I'm hoping the Presto will be my new love, based on all the glowing reviews. So my question is, how do you know how much melted wax to put into your pour pot? Obviously when I melt using the double boiler method I weigh the dry wax and melt. I'm assuming this is still a weight based system with the Presto. Do I need to weigh my pour pot with melted wax from the double boiler to determine what the weight is for X amount of candles and then use that weight as the baseline for use with the Presto? I'm hoping I'm not having a "silly question" moment with this..........sometimes it's the simple things that can get confusing when you're changing methods. Thanks for your help...........this will get me going with my more efficient system!
  8. lightmyfire

    CD vs HTP wicks question

    you are one funny cat
  9. lightmyfire

    Wicks for 6006

    I'll be very interested to read your results. I use CD wicks but I'm always open to the "silver bullet" of wick choice
  10. lightmyfire

    Heating Jars

    try wrapping the jars with something--I use little pieces of felt that I adhere with velcro. Works like a charm with 6006 poured at 165
  11. lightmyfire

    Mrs Meyers Limited Edition Apple Cider

    it's amazing how often I see candles for sale that have an off center wick.........
  12. I ordered some of these wicks to try in my IGI 6006. Holy shinola--they burn hot hot hot. The suggestions for wick size by container is way off in my opinion. And as stated, they fray and can actually take on the characteristics of 2 wicks. I bought a sample pack to try which will look great in my ever growing collection of wicks
  13. lightmyfire

    cure and smell of burning

    How long do your candles smell that way? I find that right when I light mine they almost always give off a light smell of "burn" as you called it. In my opinion that's just a natural occurrence as you just lit it and it's just getting started on the burn. This goes away rather quickly and I've never had a concern about it.