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  1. $110 for a candle? WTF are we all doing wrong??!!! lol
  2. Agree. Anything chocolate smells like vomit to me.
  3. I'm going to walk a VERY thin line here....when they started to get political on their website, I started to look for alternate sources.
  4. I wish they had a video of the candle making process. Sad part is, people buy into that garbage
  5. Fragrancebuddy.com Update: The power company has promised us that by 9/30 we will have power. Currently we are still without power and internet. This is the only thing holding us up. We tried to run off of a generator and hot spot internet by phone. This was not an option. The internet is just too spotty to process orders. We are hopeful that next week we will be back up and running.
  6. Their whole "lets go green, so we feel better about ourselves" has compromised a lot of their scents.
  7. All of our fairs have been cancelled, but our online sales have been through the roof. Very thankful for that.
  8. We've been looking ourselves. If you ever find out PLEASE let us know.
  9. That's probably going to leave some soot on the sides of the jar, but like Forrest said, give it a month and that might solve the problem.
  10. Who knows...it may even be more cost effective for them to send out at least a 1/2 sample like Bittercreek instead of that rose. We have never bought a fragrance because we liked the smell of the rose. Listen up Natures Garden, the rose does NOTHING for us. The best deal with freebies is Candle Wic. Free 1oz sample for every pound you buy. Too bad we don't use more from them.
  11. Love Bittercreek, but they need to get their website updated. It's very difficult to navigate. Promo codes need to be added to the comment section? Come on Bittercreek get with it! Shipping is always an issue. I don't even bother clicking the USPS option for shipping. I always get a phone call saying they can't ship a certain oil USPS....they should just eliminate that option as it seems to be a consistent problem. Also, it would be nice if we could get a free 1oz sample instead of a 1/2 oz sample. Not much you can do with a half ounce! I guess the free half ounce is better than Nature Gardens silly scented rose!
  12. Yep, couple different pines and a couple other Christmas/winter types and that's it. Makes it easier for us and makes it easier for the customer to make a decision!
  13. Good idea candybee. We have found as far as seasonal scents are concerned sometimes less is better. It's kind of funny, but sometimes the more choices a customer has, the less of a chance you have of them making a purchase. It's called "choice overload" (google it). I can't tell you how many people have come up to our table at fairs and sniffed all the candles...loving all of them. Then say "oh my God, I can't decide...I'll be back". We cut back on how many different scents we bring to fairs and sales have increased. Some people suffer from paralysis when forced to make a buying decision and don't end up buying at all.
  14. Yep, copycats everywhere. We had someone actually copy our "About us" on our website word for word, the only exception is they changed the hometown name. It was truly pathetic. We started doing festival shows, now they are doing festival shows. Copied all our price points, copied the look of our product. We don't consider them competition as they are a couple states away. Be original people!
  15. Black Crow has done very well for themselves. I thought at one time someone said she was on this board. I know her name is Shirley Franzoni
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