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  1. @SRez I always forget about them. Without shipping the price would be about the same as Fillmore. I have been to their place before to pick up wax in a pinch. Karen in MA
  2. So I am on the hunt for some 16 oz Square mason jars. My usual places are out of stock but Fillmore has a similar jar but the picture makes it look like it has a green hue to it. Has anyone ordered it and if so is it really noticeable? Thanks, Karen in MA
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for a scent description for Star Dust from Just Scents. I bought it in Jan and never copied the description. Now with them bought out it is no longer on the site. Thanks, Karen in MA
  4. Hello all you creative people. I am looking for some name suggestions for Oud Luxe, here is the scent description: truly a luxurious and sumptuous fragrance. It offers sweet nuances of jasmine, ylang yland, and herbals resting on a rich woody base of precious oud, vanilla, and leather. I am stumped on something to call it and Oud Luxe just not cut it for me. Thanks, Karen in MA
  5. @TallTayl I bought about 2500 wicks in December when i heard they may be in short supply so I am good on that. It seems like daily I am talking about the nationwide glass shortage. I had one customer after I explained about the jars and lids ask me when I would have them in stock I wanted to say did you not hear a thing I said? Karen in MA
  6. Hello everyone, I have to say I was a bit shocked yesterday when looking to reorder some jars. I love Fillmore and order jars, wicks and fragrances from them. I was looking at getting some 16 oz square mason jars and the price had more than doubled, 82.5% to be exact from when I ordered in Jan of 2020. I completely understand the supply issues and pandemic and all but that just seems so extreme. What other huge pricing issues have you all run into lately, I am curious now. Karen in MA
  7. Hello everyone, I have a new toy coming soon and it has nothing to do with candles or soaps, a 40W laser. I have always wanted one and need a few more deductions for my taxes this year so I took the plunge. Does anyone else have one and how have they incorporated it into their business. Thanks, Karen in MA
  8. Hello everyone, I am on the hunt for some 16 oz Mayo jars. I have tried all my usual places plus a few more. I got the last case at the Jar Store. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Karen in MA
  9. Check out jar pricing. That has also gone up on th very hard to find Mason jars. Karen in MA
  10. Thank you for the list. Unfortunately none of them have the same scent description. This is a very specific and lovely scent. Karen in MA
  11. Oh my I was looking to try and order some more jars last night while ordering fragrance, saving on some shipping. I was comparing The Flaming Candle prices to Fillmore and was shocked. The price of the 16 oz mason on Fillmores site has doubled since last Spring. I understand that there is a shortage but I was a bit shocked as they have always been my go to for jars and lids. They are out of stock but are listed at 10.95 a case, I paid 5.93 a case in April. Karen in MA
  12. I received my order yesterday. It is similar but just not as good as the Candlewic one. I got a few others to try like Pistachio Macaroon, Stropwaffel, Apple Butter Carmel and Their signature scent plus a few more. Will put them all in wax this weekend. Karen in MA
  13. So I ordered some of their Autumn leaves to try along with a whole bunch of other scents that I do not need. I will let you all know if it is the same. This particular scent is so good and it is not like any of the other Autumn Leaves fragrances I have found. It is very much like the fresh pine sap you get on your fingers when cutting your own tree. Karen in MA
  14. I call it Rustic Pine in the Winter. It is probably my best seller from Sept to Dec. Karen in MA
  15. I ordered over the weekend when it came back in stock, two pounds. I received an email yesterday they were not able to fill my order as it was out of stock even though the web site had it available. I am unsure how much longer this wholesale customer will wait, ugh. Karen in MA
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