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  1. I have been getting their wax for years and the shipping was better than most. Last year I found a place local that carries my wax and I was doing the happy dance. A few times a year I drive down fill the van and drive home. I did the math and for every 4 boxes I am getting the 5th free with the shipping I am saving. Karen in MA
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking for some name suggestions. I am trying to rename Boozy Bites from JS. Here is the scent description. Bourbon infused marshmallows - old fashioned goodness meets the hipster revolution. Top notes of melted butter, mimosa and hints of coconut. Middle notes of Kentucky Bourbon, sweet fluffy marshmallows and confectionary sugar. Bottom notes of crushed vanilla, soft amber and musk. I am trying to avoid any name with Marshmallow in it as I cannot seem to sell anything with Marshmallow in the name. Thanks, Karen in MA
  3. Good morning everyone. I am wondering if anyone has used anything that is similar to TFC's Autumn Flannel. They are currently out of stock and I poured the last of it over the weekend. The scent description is below. I love the fragrance and it is a huge seller for us. I have done a search but have not found anything similar. I have a call into to them to see when it would be back in stock but thought I would check here. Thanks, Karen in MA Top - vanilla bean, almond, caramel Middle - coriander, ginger, bay leaf, clove, cinnamon Bottom - leather, amber, tonka, smoky woods, cashmere musks
  4. We use shelves like that at our shows. They break down easily and are very portable. We have had them for quite a few years so it is time for some new one.
  5. So far the HT and CT are great. This is my sons new favorite orange scent. Karen in MA
  6. I just used up the last few ounces I had of Almond Pear and Honey from Tennessee, I loved that one. Karen in MA
  7. I did see this one but the best I know I have never ordered from them. Karen in MA
  8. Hello everyone, I need a bit of help. I am looking for an already premixed Lemongrass and lavender Fragrance. I guess I made a few candles in this scent last year and sold them at a market. The customer is looking for some more. Since I am basically lazy when mixing fragrances I am almost certain I purchased this premixed. I see that Candle Cocoon sells one but I have no record of ever purchasing from them. I have gone through so many old emails looking for an invoice with this on it. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I might have gotten it? Thanks, Karen in MA
  9. Has anyone seen the email about all the new scents at RE? I have been trying to be so good an use up what I already have but this might be a problem. Karen in MA
  10. I am right there with all of you. I love my logo but really need a good tag line. I am also redoing my web site from the ground up and the colors I am choosing are a struggle. I have seen such clever tag lies out there and think why didn't I think of that. One I have found to be very clever recently is a guy from the Cape and it is "biggest wick on the Cape" I am taking any and all suggestions on a tag line. Karen in MA
  11. So I am not sure if I am too late for this reply. I was not a fan of the Berry Triffle nothing in general I just think there are better berry fragrance out there. The Avocado Cilantro is probably one of the only ones I have never ordered, you will have to let me know. Lav Sage and Rose is one of my favorites and I hate Lavender scents. Sea Salt and Peony is a nice floral scent and I sell a lot of it. Blueberry muffin is okay, I prefer Candlewic Wild Maine Blueberry for most of my Blueberry candles. Vanilla Mint is nice. Mayan Gold is a not the best seller for me but I think it is the name. I agree with Belinda on the Pumpkin spice chutney I am not a fan. I think it too much like a burnt smell. Chutney by the way is like a chunky jelly. Sweet tobacco vanilla is another nice scent but like you I have a hard time selling tobacco scents. Cocoa therapy is a super strong chocolate but a bit more like a bitter chocolate. If you have not ordered yet throw in some Tomato leaf it is amazing. Karen in MA
  12. Yes it is way up about 8 miles North of Bangor, it is a drive for us. Karen in MA
  13. I am going to be nosy, where in Maine? I have a house in Old Town. Karen in MA
  14. There was just a thread about their fragrances. Worth a look. I ordered some from them and have put a few in wax this past week. Karen in MA
  15. Candybee I bought them here: https://www.stanpacnet.com/ Karen in MA
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