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  1. Hello everyone, I have a new toy coming soon and it has nothing to do with candles or soaps, a 40W laser. I have always wanted one and need a few more deductions for my taxes this year so I took the plunge. Does anyone else have one and how have they incorporated it into their business. Thanks, Karen in MA
  2. Hello everyone, I am on the hunt for some 16 oz Mayo jars. I have tried all my usual places plus a few more. I got the last case at the Jar Store. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Karen in MA
  3. Check out jar pricing. That has also gone up on th very hard to find Mason jars. Karen in MA
  4. Thank you for the list. Unfortunately none of them have the same scent description. This is a very specific and lovely scent. Karen in MA
  5. Oh my I was looking to try and order some more jars last night while ordering fragrance, saving on some shipping. I was comparing The Flaming Candle prices to Fillmore and was shocked. The price of the 16 oz mason on Fillmores site has doubled since last Spring. I understand that there is a shortage but I was a bit shocked as they have always been my go to for jars and lids. They are out of stock but are listed at 10.95 a case, I paid 5.93 a case in April. Karen in MA
  6. I received my order yesterday. It is similar but just not as good as the Candlewic one. I got a few others to try like Pistachio Macaroon, Stropwaffel, Apple Butter Carmel and Their signature scent plus a few more. Will put them all in wax this weekend. Karen in MA
  7. So I ordered some of their Autumn leaves to try along with a whole bunch of other scents that I do not need. I will let you all know if it is the same. This particular scent is so good and it is not like any of the other Autumn Leaves fragrances I have found. It is very much like the fresh pine sap you get on your fingers when cutting your own tree. Karen in MA
  8. I call it Rustic Pine in the Winter. It is probably my best seller from Sept to Dec. Karen in MA
  9. I ordered over the weekend when it came back in stock, two pounds. I received an email yesterday they were not able to fill my order as it was out of stock even though the web site had it available. I am unsure how much longer this wholesale customer will wait, ugh. Karen in MA
  10. Thank you for the offer. I now currently have 27 cases as I ordered from Candles and Supplies then Fillmore got more in so I figured I might as well while I ca. Karen in MA
  11. Good morning, I am wondering if anyone knows of an exact match to Candlewic Autumn leaves? They are out of stock and I need a few pounds of it. It is my number one seller by far at this time of the year and I have already gone through 5 pounds of this so far this season. Here is the description: Warm, earthy patchouli is combined with wood notes, sweet dried fruits, grated spices of clove and cinnamon, and light top notes of mandarin and berry to create this luscious autumn aroma. I have done a couple of searches but have not found it yet. This is so yummy, to me it smells jus
  12. Hello everyone, I just went to reorder some jars from Candles & Supplies and the Bees Knees jars are no longer listed. I have already emailed them about them but in the meantime I figured I would ask here. Does anyone know of another supplier for the Bees Knes jars? Thanks, Karen in MA
  13. I wonder if this is lik the Fireside that Indiana Candle used to have. Sh no longer carries it and it was devine. Karen in MA
  14. Thank you for the message. I will also be ordering some today since I want to make sure I have plenty for the holidays even though I have no live shows coming up. Karen in MA
  15. I just saw them last night and ordered a bunch. Thanks, Karen in MA
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