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  1. I'm confused. Probably just not knowledgeable. On Flaming Candle's site, they say their wicks are standard or high melt. So does that means it's a standard high melt paraffin (one in the same) or is a standard wax OR high melt paraffin? Is paraffin wax considered a standard high melt? All in the wording and I'm confused and not knowledgeable enough. haha. Thanks!
  2. I was going to order an 8 oz size fragrance to try. $32 3 day usps and $22 fedex. For just that 8 oz. Guess I'll have to cut them out of the list haha
  3. Surprised me as well. This particular one of their top selling ones. Note #2 under Notice. I wouldn't imagine anyone would follow those directions.
  4. I was on the high end Trudon candles site. When they list how to properly burn their candles they state this? Is this true for all candles? To preserve the fragrance, do not burn your candle for more than 2 hours at a time during the first third of the candle and 1 hour at a time during the remaining. Do you lose the fragrance to an extent if you don't follow these rules? Must be some science behind it. I haven't seen this talked about much. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the responses. That helps!
  6. Does anyone know which HTP wick would be comparable to a CD2? On a google search I found an old thread that said HTP 31 was comparable to a CD4. Does HTP not go down in size as much as CD's? Thanks!
  7. WSP being so slow is worrisome. I've been planning on re-opening in a new location (Austin). I think it would do really well here. But all the supply issues of late, I'm starting to rethink that as well.
  8. Belinda. I shall! May be a while. But I will when I do.
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm in Austin, TX. I have State Farm for us personally as well. But haven't checked for my business. Everything is torn up and on hold right now after the snow storm here as we had the busting pipes plumbing issues so many here had. Hands are tied right now to do any candle work/business. I'll look into a referral possibly as you did BusyBee when the time comes.
  10. Just called them. It's a temporary issue till they catch up on order. 6-8 weeks out.
  11. Tried submitting a question about it on their site but it wouldn't even go through.
  12. Has candlewic custom wick builder gone? For good? Thanks!
  13. I finally got some. Haven't poured it yet but I'm not seeing what all the fuss is about,
  14. I was seeing on a candle making forum on reddit that some people were getting candle product and liability insurance through some other sources such as Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Acuity, Geico and Indie. Seems so many new people are making candles since lock down there are insurance companies covering now. I sold for 10 years only using an LLC. But I am looking to get back to selling this coming year again but live in a large metropolitan area now and want added liability insurance, Does anyone have insurance coverage through someone not through soap guild or something? Thanks!
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