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  1. Certainly sounds like a lovely and interesting trip and so glad you had a good time! I'm in Ohio and if you go out far enough you can find Amish country. It's quite amazing and beautiful!
  2. That’s amazing! Will definitely be excited to see what you come up with. Didn’t realize the shape was patented.
  3. I got just a tad excited about FO's 🤣 But I should also say, glad your trip was fun! Is Waco where Chip and Joanna Gaines reside? Id be so interested to see their houses. I also love Amish stuff! I think their way of life is so fascinating. Part of me wishes they would adopt me.
  4. That's so cool! She seems like a lovely person. I got my order today and I am so excited about them. I got what a lot of you recommended. Lavender, Cedar Musk and Lavender (I really think my husband will like this one) Blazing Bonfire, Blueberry Pecan Waffles, Marshmallow Fireside, Fresh Mint and Eucalyptus, Espresso (excited about this one been looking for a good coffee FO), and Cocoa Cashmere. Let's just say I can't wait to pour some candles 😍 They all smell great! Very impressed.
  5. Yes! Thank you! I am already becoming spoiled by homemade soap. It's sooooooo much better, I had no idea or I'd have tried it sooner. I figure since it's my first batch and I didn't work too much on making it pretty I'd just use it as I go and note how long each subsequent bar has been used. I use to use dove and my skin is already better. It's kind of crazy actually. Much, much different. I tried a scrubby bar for my husband too as he likes to work on trucks. It was predominantly coconut oil and I added some apricot powder and a few coffee grounds to it. He actually really likes it! I just need to work on making them pretty and smell good too Have a great rest of your weekend!
  6. This is interesting. I like the idea of the tapered wick but don't have steady access to that that I am aware of. I am struggling with a stinking 8oz jelly jar. Do you think this method would work for that? I am using 464 and upon recommendation going to try it with a small amount of palm added today. I'm actually getting ok hot throw with a CD5 wick. It burns very well up top but i'm about 1/2 way down and an hour into a test burn. I can see the melt pool growing. I think I am going to try a CDN wick as well? I did notice that my CD was curling quite a bit making one side of the jar hotter than the other. So far the jar temp has been below 175 but I imagine it will exceed by the end. Would be interested to try a small votive. That is really smart. Do you have a recommendation for what would work well with 464? Thanks!
  7. Yes, i can definitely tell! She invited me to the FB group but I have been blissfully social media free (besides here) for 5 years. Once I actually am up and running selling I will likely have to get one. I will for sure add their group. They seem like real people and I like that! Very excited to receive my scents. Hoping they come today! Also hope you enjoyed your vacation! I could use one of those right now! Well.. anytime at all I could use one 🤣
  8. I think I should add that I ordered around 8pm EST last night and it's been shipped at 10:30am. Thrilled about that! 😏
  9. Hi there! New to this conversation. But I read through and went ahead and ordered some of your recommended scents from MWFC. VERY excited to receive them Also got an email from them welcoming me and asking if I had any questions, etc. Customer Service is not dead! Thanks for all of the recommendations!
  10. I have not, unfortunately, but once we get that in the US I will definitely be trying! I have a lot of interest in olive, rapeseed, and coconut wax. Hopefully someone with experience can help you. Let us know how it goes! Will be interested to learn along with you Best wishes!
  11. Thank you both! I really appreciate the input! I will definitely consider all angles and @StanfordP you may be right. It may just be easier to make contributions as needed. @BusyBee you mentioned previously that you worked with some non-profits. Do you mind sharing in what way and how that has worked out for you? Thanks so much again!
  12. Thank you! I will look into that! I don't mind being more heavily regulated or paperwork if that would work well. My day job is a secretary, it's what I do Definitely won't do anything before talking to a CPA as well. Just researching.
  13. Not at all! It's just an idea of a way to help the community. The thought process, after doing a small amount of research on being a non-profit, would be to have my proceeds go to local charities and organizations. Upon researching, I could still pay myself a modest salary, but it would be fixed. I am ok with that as I am naturally pretty frugal and really just want to be comfortable. I'm a pretty simple girl. I live outside of Dayton, Ohio and would love to contribute to the programs that have been starting up around here to help the city. It's a very little, big city that has a pretty fair amount of poverty and issues. I think it would be awesome to be able to help fund some of these projects while doing something I love. Maybe exploit consumerism a little to help my community Being a non-profit, I could have some other benefits that would help this such as being tax exempt. I'm very, very much in the research stage and weighing pros and cons. It may be better to just being a regular LLC and make donations as I see fit. We will see!
  14. @candybee I just wanted to update you that I went ahead and have been using a bar of my soap realizing it will get even better over time. I am thrilled with how it turned out. It's sudsy, smooth and very moisturizing. My skin has actually never felt better after only a few days of use. Safe to say I'm hooked! I made my first cold process castille as well and it's gorgeous. Going to wait much longer to even test that one out. But now I want to make all the soaps! Thank you so much for your advice to this newb I sincerely appreciate it!
  15. I, unfortunately, cannot help you with technical advice as I have never made a pillar myself at this point but I think it’s beautiful! I love that green! Keep working on it people would love those!
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