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  1. LivInTX

    Black Friday?

    lol, I haven't pulled the trigger yet either. My cart is filled with FOs.
  2. Save $2 per pound on all orders over $150 use the code TURKEY in the coupon code box Save $1 per pound on all orders over $50 use the code GRAVY in the coupon code box This sale will end Sunday at Midnight, EASTERN TIME.
  3. LivInTX

    Black Friday?

    Got an email from Lonestar. Not as good as I hoped. https://www.lonestarcandlesupply.com/2019-black-friday-sale-info
  4. Just got an email from them. 10% off Fragrance Oils - Coupon code BLACK2019 (end Nov 30)
  5. Received the email today $5 off $55 order - coupon code: CASSEROLE5 $100 off $110 - coupon code: PIE10 $20 off $220 - coupon code: GRAVY20 $30 off $330 - coupon code: TURKEY30 $50 off $550 - coupon code: STUFFING50
  6. LivInTX

    Black Friday?

    Just received BBs Black Friday email. Little disappointing. Was hoping they would have a sale on their FOs https://view.email.brambleberry.com/?qs=0039b3227d539c4f26ea52faf641c7e3129ad4d593de73c3a74bca840819102e9aa2349ddc86be6221693d7b26288d9a9cf93d61bc914393b0aa198f9284e151bc03e0117d5a820e6176eba449d2b2ae
  7. LivInTX

    Black Friday?

    Lonestar just emailed me back and said they will definitely have a BF sale that will be announced on their social media Friday morning.
  8. Thank you Belinda! I am going to try NG, BA.
  9. ugh, I just got an reply email from them and they said they no longer carry it. I received my sample from Indigo and I found it to be a little too light on the scent. I will try it though, but I really would like to find another one.
  10. LivInTX

    Black Friday?

    Aztec has 10 for $10 going on right now and then 10% off all fragrances on 11/29 https://www.candlemaking.com/blackfriday2019.html Bulk Apothecary said they will announce the day of (11/29) Just Scent said they will have one as well (just haven't seen the announcement yet) https://www.justscent.com/special-announcements.html Not sure about Lonestar
  11. I went on Bitter Creek today and did not see that they had white chocolate available. It would be listed under "white chocolate" right?
  12. So I tried looking for White Chocolate on Bitter Creek and I can't find it. Could they be out of it?
  13. Ok just found the BF sale for Aztec on their site, 10% off all FOs on Nov 29. Thank you!
  14. I'm holding out on buying FOs to see if any will have a Black Friday Sale. Are there some that typically do each year?
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