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  1. Purchased Mahogany Apple candle from BBW and I'm obsessed with the scent! I googled the scent to see if anyone carried an FO dupe. I found a place called Studio Fragrance? Never heard of them. Anyone had experience with them or know who may carry a dupe? Description: Red Mahogany Woods, Golden Delicious Apple, Fresh Lavender with Essential Oils
  2. I did email RE to ask about Pumpkin Creme Brulee, as I would really like to try it. They said they did not have an ETA, but they would be restocking it. Not much help, but I thought I would share with you.
  3. I noticed a lot of 1oz samples have been removed and quite a few only available by the pound (which use to offer 8oz). I emailed JS and asked when Pumpkin Spice Latte would be back in stock and no response. Is this typical? Perhaps they are super busy? I know they read it because I also asked if Pumpkin Vanilla Cream was offered smaller than 1lb and the next day I saw that they added additional sizes. Since no response on Pumpkin Spice Latte, I went ahead and purchased Pumpkin Spice Latte from RE. Hope it's good!
  4. Gail, I have in my cart Pumpkin Latte from RE but I really want to find that perfect coffee with pumpkin type blend. Would you recommend perhaps blending in a pumpkin spice or something sweeter like a Pumpkin Vanilla?
  5. I did and their response was "Due to our expansive product line and the vast variety of uses by our customers, we are unable to offer specific recipes or formulation guidelines." And I looked on their website for articles. Nothing.
  6. I purchased 1 gallon of unscented hand sanitizer (water thin 62% alcohol) for spray bottles from Bulk Apothecary. My daughter wishes to add a free 1oz spray hand sanitizer to some of her customer's purchases. Since it is unscented we wish to add a skin safe essential oil. Cannot find anywhere online how much essential oil to add per gallon of this hand sanitzer. Anyone know? Or have any idea on where we can find out? Thanks!
  7. lol, I haven't pulled the trigger yet either. My cart is filled with FOs.
  8. Save $2 per pound on all orders over $150 use the code TURKEY in the coupon code box Save $1 per pound on all orders over $50 use the code GRAVY in the coupon code box This sale will end Sunday at Midnight, EASTERN TIME.
  9. Got an email from Lonestar. Not as good as I hoped. https://www.lonestarcandlesupply.com/2019-black-friday-sale-info
  10. Just got an email from them. 10% off Fragrance Oils - Coupon code BLACK2019 (end Nov 30)
  11. Received the email today $5 off $55 order - coupon code: CASSEROLE5 $100 off $110 - coupon code: PIE10 $20 off $220 - coupon code: GRAVY20 $30 off $330 - coupon code: TURKEY30 $50 off $550 - coupon code: STUFFING50
  12. Just received BBs Black Friday email. Little disappointing. Was hoping they would have a sale on their FOs https://view.email.brambleberry.com/?qs=0039b3227d539c4f26ea52faf641c7e3129ad4d593de73c3a74bca840819102e9aa2349ddc86be6221693d7b26288d9a9cf93d61bc914393b0aa198f9284e151bc03e0117d5a820e6176eba449d2b2ae
  13. Lonestar just emailed me back and said they will definitely have a BF sale that will be announced on their social media Friday morning.
  14. Thank you Belinda! I am going to try NG, BA.
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