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  1. Found this post as I just received an order from JS, one of my favorite suppliers and one of my favorite FO I purchase regularly has a much weaker scent than a year ago. I was going to email them, but I have found in the past when I ask a question via email I typically get a very defensive response and I highly doubt JS would admit to watering down this particular FO. Just thought I would share as I was hoping I wasn't the only one experiencing this. Not much you can do I guess.
  2. Hi Belinda! Just got them in and from just smelling them, Vanilla Butter Fudge, is a really nice strong scent and you can definitely smell the vanilla first and it ends with buttery undertones. The one from TCS is called Vanilla Fudge and it smells really strong as well, great vanilla scent, almost like a really sweet vanilla. Will have to see how they both work, but I am preferring the scent of RE's for an actual Vanilla Fudge scent.
  3. Just found out today one of my staples, Summer Melon Spritzer from Brambleberry has been discontinued and it's one of my staples 😞 Here is the description: sweet mix of cantaloupe, watermelon, Canary melon, grapefruit, apple, pomelo, and tonka bean. If someone knows of a dupe or has some they don't mind selling, please let me know? Sad girl looking for options 😞
  4. Thank you. I ordered "Vanilla Butter Fudge" from RE and a "Vanilla Fudge" from The Candle Maker Store. Will see how the two compare.
  5. Looking for a Vanilla Fudge FO. I see that RE has one and was curious if anyone has tried it.
  6. I really dislike the smell of rose FO's, but I was in Bath and Body Works and I took a whiff of their Pink Petal Tea Cake candle (Pink Rose Petals, Pound Cake, Vanilla Glaze with Essential Oils). I was shocked at how much I liked it and I kept sniffing it! Would love to try and come up with that scent. Definitely could smell the pound cake and vanilla and the rose was ever so slight that the combination was perfect!
  7. Thank you Belinda! Good to know about shelf life on the creme brulee and I actually plan on trying JS's Sweet Tooth.
  8. After reading all these great reviews on Cajun Creme Brulee I decided to go ahead and another supplier on my list, and.... they are out of stock. That's 0 for 2 this week - tried to order Sweet Tooth from RE as there was also a post where it was highly recommend, and it too was out of stock. 😞
  9. If you like bakery/sweet scents, their Cake Batter Ice Cream is amazing, as well as Caramel Macchiato and Graham Cracker Latte is so unique (smells just like the name). I use these for B&B products. I am intrigued to try their cream cheese frosting as well as the chocolate lavender. I keep adding to my list, but I think it is a good sale. If you have any recs on bakery/sweet/drink scents, let me know.
  10. Thinking of trying their Cotton Candy this time. Have you by chance tried it?
  11. They are in my top 5. I find a little goes a long way so the price makes it worth it.
  12. After reading your post I decided I should try this scent from RE and I see that it is out of stock due to FO shortage :-(
  13. Finally received my order of five 1oz samples yesterday. Basically took 3 weeks from time of order. Hot Apple Pie and Warm Apple Pie - Identical smelling FO and pretty good but not any different or better than other samples I received. Actually changed my mind with my plans on this scent and went for Indiana Candle Supply's Apple Fritter (scent is amazing and spot on). Cotton Candy - Very weak scent out of bottle. O'Kayu - could barely smell as the scent was very weak, but definitely did not smell like Japanese rice pudding (had more of a floral scent). Amish Friendship Bread - now this one I was really happy with. Very strong and amazing scent. Just like the description. Though I loved Amish Friendship Bread I would have to rethink whether taking the chance and waiting 3 weeks on this one. Perhaps if I pre-planned well in advance.
  14. Oh I so agree on the silly scented rose! Instead of them spending the money on the rose, put it towards a free sample.
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