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  1. I thought I was a cotton wicks kinda girl but I love my zinc wicks! I use the "low smoke" wicks from Candlemakers Store. I can test/power burn and never have to trim because the mushrooms will fall off...unlike cotton wicks the zinc wicks don't curl so the wick can get long but even then I don't trim and it'll burn fine.
  2. Wholesale orders have come to a halt. I feel bad for the brick and mortars. My website is doing okay because I'm having crazy sales and investing in advertising. My niece is out of school; I've hired her to ramp up my social media. Instagram stories is key right now (we do behind the scenes, polls and questions, show ourselves packing orders with gloves on)
  3. Those of you who make soap, have you considered selling liquid/hand soap online? That is sold out in all the stores I've been to.
  4. I purchased a sample kit from them what a waste of time and money; none would stay lit. You all warned me but I had to see for myself...lol There's a reason they don't allow/have reviews on their website...
  5. How do you think the virus will effect the candle and b&b industries? Are you concerned at all? I was in the final stages of launching a new candle line but the packaging company I was working with in China keeps pushing the ship date back for my samples..so yeah, change of plans there
  6. "Please don't be alarmed it doesn't dry this color"🤪
  7. do you sell candles made with wood wicks or just personal
  8. thanks! i don't see green tabac as RE
  9. https://www.cierracandles.com/PaloSanto-BBW-Type-Fragrance-Oil.html https://www.candlewic.com/store/product.aspx?q=c99,p1666&title=Palo-Santo https://www.candlesandsupplies.net/Fragrance-Oils/Palo-Santo-Topaz-Fragrance-Oil
  10. Hi Tall was this your experience with Wooden Wick co wicks? Or are you referring to another company?
  11. interesting. what is the ky version of problend 600?
  12. that makes sense i wonder if i can use a different jar and pour less at the top to mimic those favorable air currents in half jar testing to reduce cure time (thinking out-loud)
  13. When I make a half jar candle with 9% fragrance I can cure the candle for 24-48 hours, light it and it will fill the whole living room, very strong throw. But the same scent made to full jar capacity (to the top of jar) will not have scent throw when I light it within 24-48 hours? These are flint 8oz jars I'm using. 464 wax I have tried this with 8 different scents from 3 different brands.
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