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  1. you should be compensated and credited for this idea
  2. "American Made" really gave me chuckle
  3. Update: I wicked down to CD8 and getting some amazing hot throw! Thanks ya'll!
  4. @TallTayl Where do you buy your black liquid dyes? The powder option isn't working for me
  5. Very high-end, very fashion forward. The rug matches the candles.
  6. Sorry this happened. How are you liking the wicks?
  7. They are located in California one of America's fragrance capitals (after New York). They probably get their stuff from a perfumer over there with minimal cut (not much carrier oils)
  8. Loved the look (crater free) of problend. Hated the chemical/paraffin undertone (not good for sensitive noses/people), sooting and relative underwhelming hot throw...i moved on to 464
  9. mushrooms much more than my other scents but otherwise okay
  10. you mean when i blow it out it's getting more oxygen and air current? do i wick up or down?
  11. tobacco caramel from flaming candle...I can smell the scent more immediately after I blow out the candle. The scent isn't as strong when it's burning I am using 8oz flint jar, cd 10 wick...8.5% it is difficult to mix with 464...could that be it...i add fo at 180 pls help
  12. do use those glass dividers or do you wrap the candles individually? if shipping multiple cases in a single box, what are you using for box padding/cushion?
  13. please warn us next before posting fragrance porn. 😝🤤
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