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  1. thanks! i don't see green tabac as RE
  2. https://www.cierracandles.com/PaloSanto-BBW-Type-Fragrance-Oil.html https://www.candlewic.com/store/product.aspx?q=c99,p1666&title=Palo-Santo https://www.candlesandsupplies.net/Fragrance-Oils/Palo-Santo-Topaz-Fragrance-Oil
  3. Hi Tall was this your experience with Wooden Wick co wicks? Or are you referring to another company?
  4. interesting. what is the ky version of problend 600?
  5. that makes sense i wonder if i can use a different jar and pour less at the top to mimic those favorable air currents in half jar testing to reduce cure time (thinking out-loud)
  6. When I make a half jar candle with 9% fragrance I can cure the candle for 24-48 hours, light it and it will fill the whole living room, very strong throw. But the same scent made to full jar capacity (to the top of jar) will not have scent throw when I light it within 24-48 hours? These are flint 8oz jars I'm using. 464 wax I have tried this with 8 different scents from 3 different brands.
  7. i hear ya......i meant luxury/avant garde in terms of the marketing angle...but they could still be affordable example https://www.areaware.com/products/goober-candle?variant=15518542987299
  8. This candle made "favorite things 2019" I've never seen a candle with so many waxes "Wax is a natural blend of coconut, soy, beeswax, apricot oil, and paraffin with a lead-free cotton wick. " https://www.jennikayne.com/category/home/candles-and-apothecary/basil-matte-glass-candle
  9. very nice. invest in good photography and branding and you can market as luxury, avant garde candles
  10. IMO best coconut I've found is Mahagony Coconut at Flaming Candle...the coconut in there is superb...would be a dream to to get it isolated
  11. you should be compensated and credited for this idea
  12. "American Made" really gave me chuckle
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