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  1. WSP was slow as snail before COVID ever existed. The way they run their business doesn't align with how I run mine.
  2. I've noticed an increase in celebrities and social media influencers releasing candles and candle lines.
  3. Need subscription to read full article but here's a snippet below: Yankee Candle executives’ new side gigs include tasks such as packing the company’s products into gift baskets. Wendy Marcus was midway through a recent meeting with senior leaders at Newell Brands Inc. when word came that she needed to leave immediately. The Newell-owned factory that makes Yankee Candles was once again short on workers, and the plant needed Ms. Marcus, an R&D manager, on the assembly line to help pack the famously scented knickknacks into gift baskets. “I t
  4. Oh no I hope the quality and service of RE doesn't change. I stopped shopping with WSP. There lead times are too long. Prices too high. Shipment packaging is way too elaborate and still doesn't prevent leaks. And the handling charge is ridiculous and outdated.,
  5. I hear you. My techniques are commensurate to the type of business I'm running. The candles I sell are highly customizable and therefore made to order..one by one. I have NO competition on the market right now because making the candles i make is hard (but high profit and personally the process is very satisfying). It's a multi step process to make these candles. All the other steps besides the actual candlemaking take up a lot of time. So therefore I prefer not to spend more time waiting for wax to melt. I don't have time to stand and stir in fragrance when the wax reaches the "right" tempe
  6. I love those free USPS cube boxes (posted above)....there are the only usps boxes I use. The other free boxes are a waste of money (you'll waste money on shipping) It's best to go to ULine and get custom size boxes to take advantage of cubic mail rates
  7. In my candlemaker I put unmelted wax and fragrance in then heat it and melt it all and pour. Candles come out normal.
  8. I thought I was a cotton wicks kinda girl but I love my zinc wicks! I use the "low smoke" wicks from Candlemakers Store. I can test/power burn and never have to trim because the mushrooms will fall off...unlike cotton wicks the zinc wicks don't curl so the wick can get long but even then I don't trim and it'll burn fine.
  9. Wholesale orders have come to a halt. I feel bad for the brick and mortars. My website is doing okay because I'm having crazy sales and investing in advertising. My niece is out of school; I've hired her to ramp up my social media. Instagram stories is key right now (we do behind the scenes, polls and questions, show ourselves packing orders with gloves on)
  10. Those of you who make soap, have you considered selling liquid/hand soap online? That is sold out in all the stores I've been to.
  11. I purchased a sample kit from them what a waste of time and money; none would stay lit. You all warned me but I had to see for myself...lol There's a reason they don't allow/have reviews on their website...
  12. How do you think the virus will effect the candle and b&b industries? Are you concerned at all? I was in the final stages of launching a new candle line but the packaging company I was working with in China keeps pushing the ship date back for my samples..so yeah, change of plans there
  13. "Please don't be alarmed it doesn't dry this color"🤪
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