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  1. I am really getting tired of Candle Science and all their discontinuing!Blue Spruce a great seller for me is discontinued too. I am slowly finding other companies who closely match the scents they are discontinuing and hopefully I can just move away from Candle Science completely. I loved their oils but am also finding that the replacements don't even come close. Fillmore Container is great for waxes and I think they use the same manufacturer for oils as CS
  2. Is anyone else frustrated with all the changes Candle Science has made? They were my favorite supplier but each fragrance change has been a dud. And then all the ones they have discontinued! I am trying to find dupes of all the ones I use now because I'm sure eventually they will be gone or changed to something not even close.
  3. Marisa I have a 1# bottle and it did smell rather light. Was just wondering if in soap or candles the scent got stronger. Shari may try Bite Me. Thank You
  4. Got my sample of the Odor Eliminator from Julie at www.soapingsupply.com and it's spot on! I am really liking her dupes. Candle Science discontinued Merry Mistletoe also and I ordered from her and it's perfect. So glad I found her!
  5. Melts are amazing! Even stronger than the CS oil. Wow filled the entire house. AFI nailed it!!
  6. Quentin AFI is Aromatic Fragrances international https://afi-usa.com/ They offer 6 free samples ($5 shipping for al) and have thousands of fragrances. Very pleased with customer service. I had placed an order for 2 samples and they reached out and let me know I could order up to 6. Very quick shipping too.
  7. I got my sample from AFI and it is amazing. It's the exact dupe for CS Smoke & Odor Eliminator and I might even say a tad better. Made melts to test the effectiveness and wow it filled the room and eliminated cooking odors. Held up for 3 days! Slowly but surely I am going to find dupes for the CS oils that I use as they have been discontinuing too many in my opinion so I'm going to find back ups just in case.
  8. Belinda just got my smoke and odor eliminator from AFI and trying it in melts right now but OOB it is exact dupe! AFI says by Candle Science. Wonder if they were the manufacturer for CS on this one? Anyway I coudn't be more excited right now. Wellington was way off base. Don't waste your money like I did. I got a 4oz and between price and shipping I paid $30! Oh well trial and error. Made me even madder at CS for discontinuing and no help on how to find the scent. Still waiting on the dupe from Julie from Scentsationals before I make my final decision but gotta say AFI is perfect!.
  9. Just received Wellingtons version of Smoke and Odor. Seems very light and not quite like CS will try in melts and see how it goes. have high hopes for AFI sample. Can't wait to receive that one and also Scentsational. She does dupes and I sent her a sample. Fingers crossed. CS has been very frustrating lately with all the discontinued scents. They were always my first choice but I think I''ll check other suppliers first. I hate to invest in the limited supply when they discontinue because they aren't going to make it anymore and so eventually I need to find a dupe. Very frustrating!
  10. Anybody know of a dupe for Candle Science Merry Mistletoe? CS is doing away with so many big sellers for me. It's really frustrating.
  11. Mailing an ounce of the CS Smoke and Odor to Julie at Scentstional Soaping Supplies. She doesn't charge for the dupes. Keeping fingers crossed I find this scent. My customers are so upset that this was discontinued by Candle Science. From all the comments on the CS page they made alot of folks unhappy. The blend they suggested of 85% Red Hots and 15% Juniper Breeze doesn't even come close. It actually stinks in my opinion. Tried it with melts and threw them out they smelled awful.
  12. Just ordered a sample from AFI and also see that Wellington carries one with similar description to Candle Science. May try that one too.
  13. Oh my gosh I am searching high and low for the smoke and odor eliminator made by Candle Science too. It was a great seller for me and can't find anyone who is carrying it. Their recommendation for the blend is awful and nothing like the original scent. If anyone knows of a supplier who is now making this scent please let me know. Thanks!
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