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  1. Sweet, you made my day. I never knew about this place and its a few miles from me. I always thought it was Korea, but yah I saw it in contact us that it is on Warner and Tustin.
  2. Thats it. I just ordered 25lbs as well. Can only hope its good stuff.
  3. Just saw that CS is carrying this. Anyone tried this yet? https://www.candlescience.com/wax/igi-6046-coconut-paraffin-blend-candle-wax Is this gonna be the new trend? Looks like its packaged like 4627
  4. Im confused. Everyone on here complains how Soy doesn't have very good HT compared to Paraffin. But then I read that you are adding soy to your already 70% paraffin mix of 6006 to increase fragrance boost. Shouldn't it be the other way around by adding Paraffin to you Soy? Or is this how it used to be in 2015 before mixes were changed?
  5. I read a lot on here about slowing down the cooling process for better jar adhesion. I have yet to see anyone post on using these soda coolers. I am going to pick some up if they work, because they would be a hell of a lot easier to use than wrapping with a paper towel or cloth. If anyone has used these I would love to here the results. And these fit perfectly to an 8oz straight sided jar.
  6. Does anyone here know where to buy 3" autowick pins. I have no problem finding 4". Did they just stop making them?
  7. Blooming candle for anyone interested. What kind of wax is this?
  8. Ok good. Was thinking it was just snake oil. Thanks so much.
  9. I have been seeing these candles a lot lately. Is there some special chemical in these that eliminates odor or is it just a regular scented candle with a strong FO? I have ordered the scent before from CS and it just smells like Juicy Fruit.
  10. Try the igi 4627 you will love it. I use it by itself and also mix it with 444 to smooth it out and adds a little to HT. I make both soy and paraffin candles to cover both preferences. The only thing I don't like about the 4627 is that by itself in clear jars it looks like a Jolly Roger candy in color because it is sooo translucent. Colors are crazy in it though. Add a little soy to it and you got your own blended 6006 that is more opaque. It is kinda messy, so use rubber gloves when scooping out. Cut the top of the bag down to wax level and leave it in the box, or cut bag all the way down all 4 sides and put it into a 5 gal plastic bucket that has a lid. I use a heavy duty spatula type ice cream scoop kinda what you see them using at Cold Stone, but gonna try one of those cake making straight spatulas that they use to spread frosting, because I heard they work really good. To me when I light it up, its real subtle in FO HT, (probably because of candle nose), until I walk outside and come back in, then BAM!!!! hits you right in the face with how strong the scent throw is with this wax. Good luck, looking forward to your results
  11. How long did you let your test wax cure before starting the burn?
  12. Ya they are a few miles from me so I don't have to pay shipping.
  13. Here is a place in Southern Cali where I get mine. https://www.essentialsupplies.com/~smartcart/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=J08SS&dept=Glass
  14. What is the Fragrance load on that palm wax Candybee? Im messing with 5lbs of the pillar feather blend right now and love it. Want to try the Glass glow soon too.
  15. Yah I do attach them but was just wondering after doing my test candles. Thanks.
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