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  1. Well thanks to the covid-19 I was able to finally figure out my problem with 2281. When adding 12% of a combination of FO and mineral oil ( all instructions said 8% combination, but it only created snow balls) I was finally able to duplicate the mottling of igi 1286 mottling wax with my 2281 base wax. This is probably what Yankee does with their own formula. Haven't burned it yet but I can say that my 1286 will also burn like Yankee with no mushrooms since there are no additives at all in this wax. I always trim before burning and have not tried to not trim the wick yet. I guess I will have to give it a try. The one benefit I love about the mottled container candles is that even though they do get wet spots, you don't really notice them because the mottling kinda camouflages them. I also added some vybar 260 to my 1286 mottling wax to see what that did, and I think it turned out great. To me it looked like a rustic non mottling wax. It wasn't glossy like most container wax but it did look good with the mat finish and the colors were deep. Normally this is mottled with bubbles everywhere. Here is the pic of it.
  2. Hopefully you are still checking into this forum. I have been messing with the 2281 recently and am having a heck of a time trying to get a good looking mottling effect with this wax. Its hit and miss for me, and when I do get mottling I also get the worst wet spots. Would appreciate any advice you can give me on this wax, I really would like to make it work. Thanks.
  3. Well that stinks, I really thought this was 4627 in slab form like they claim. Guess I will just keep messing with it here and there. I wish all slabs were as soft as it is :(
  4. Thank you for reaching sending those photos over. I really appreciate it! We definitely see what you mean regarding the swirling on the surface. You'll want to make sure that you're melting the complete surface of the candle to help that top layer reharden smoothly. The swirling is usually the result of air escaping the wax, along with the wax cooling at an uneven rate. I encounter this fairly often in my candles and making sure that I remelt the surface from edge to edge usually helps me achieve those smooth tops we all like to see! Additionally, we generally recommend keeping your workspace between 68-74 degrees for the best results. Allowing your candles to cool on a cooling rack rather than a solid surface will also help your candles cool at a more even rate. The shrinking you're seeing around the wick is an unfortunately common occurrence with paraffin wax. I certainly understand wanting to retain a perfect first pour, and we find that lowering your pour temperature and preheating your containers helps retain the best results from the initial pour! I understand that you've tried a range of pouring temperatures, but you may benefit from lowering your pour temperature just a little bit more in increments of 5 degrees and making note of any improvements in your results. You can easily preheat your glassware in a warm oven on the lowest setting, just be sure not to heat your containers over 100°F and use caution when handling warm containers. Preheating your containers bridges the temperature gap between the wax and your jars and thus, helps minimize shrinking in the process. I hope this information helps a bit! Please feel free to let me know if we can assist you any further. Have a wonderful day! Best, Alejandro CandleScience Support www.candlescience.com They say they encounter this problem fairly often. Is this really how this wax behaves to the rest of you guys and gals? I can pour 4627 and get a perfect candle every time, except impossible to wick without mushrooms, I pour 4786 knowing I have to re pour and can wick this in my sleep with a perfectly smooth top every time, but 4630 seems like all the forces of the universe need to come together to make a candle. Would be better if they just said I had a bad batch of wax and refunded me. Oh well there goes $140
  5. There it is, the same problem I am having and this is 3 years earlier. His red pic looks like heat gun was used, and I also get that, just a slight difference in pattern.
  6. Just put in a ticket to CS for the 4630 wax after reading their comments. I guess a lot of people are having issues with it. Hope I don't have to pay to ship it back since its not my problem.
  7. Their scents really shine in Paraffin or Paraffin blends compared to their coconut soy blends. Good thing its free shipping over $99.
  8. Yes, you can prevent this in the future by putting lids on your jars, and not letting the rain splash on them😀 I would just not do the show, unless you had to pay a lot to get into it and no refund. They also sell sides you can attach to your canopy to fix this as well.
  9. I never even thought of doing that, I thought thats what they got charged and had no say. Either way they are in PA and I am in CA I doubt that they would reduce shipping to $50, do you think they would? Im kinda stuck with Lone Star, CS, and Aztec because they are only a couple states over and even their shipping is high. I only know 3 in CA and I am not interested in anything they sell except Lab & Co. I will have to message them and see. Thanks
  10. I wanted to try their wax but the $114 shipping for 1 box of wax isn't going to work for me :D
  11. I agree it does look like 4786 on a first pour, but the slab is soft as hell and sticky. I cut it with a drywall knife easily. These wax companies need better quality control to put out the same product every time you buy it. I always read that 4630 is 4627 in slab form, but color wise the 4627 is identical looking to 4786 while this 4630 I have colors like there is a small amount of soy in it.
  12. I know for a fact it isnt the liquid dye load. I had 3 other candles I colored by only scraping the sides of a dye block to achieve just a slight hint of color and it did the same thing. I am not even going to bother with this wax anymore. This is the only wax that gives me this problem. Its not worth my time. I have gone through 2 slabs already and every result is the same. The one I blended above with 4627 and 2281 to me was far superior to this wax away. I was just getting tired of scooping out of a bag and wanted to make things a bit easier. I also did use a heat gun and the pattern still stayed there.
  13. No, the middle pic is the 2nd pour and it is level, just looks funky.
  14. Here is my 4627 with 25 percent of 2281 to harden it i bit. This was also a 2 pour but looks like silk
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