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  1. How do you guys package Clamshell melts for shipping , do you use padded envelopes or boxes with bubble wrap and popcorn? Got our first official sale that wasn't a friend on Etsy. Woooot.
  2. Ahahahaha I told someone on the candle making resource group on FB to not take his videos serious because there was unsafe wicking and he was giving wrong info out to new people as in adding FO at extremely low temps along with no warning labels. The very next day I was banned and all posts and replies I had made to anyone were removed. Next day they accepted me back. lol. This guy is a god to some people I'm guessing. Im guessing his money comes from his classes that he does all over the US and not the sale of his candles.
  3. You are right that they do not contribute to hot throw. The whole point is its an eye catcher, something that gives you an edge on your sales which is what we all want. Same reason people make cup cake and desert looking candles, because those also do not contribute to hot throw but look good and there is a market for them. Just need to do it a different way such as what was mentioned earlier about using wax coffee bean embeds for the same effect.
  4. I saw those, but honestly I am too lazy to deal with making them :D
  5. Seen a bunch of Coffee candles for sale that have real coffee beans either in them or on the surface. Is this safe to do?
  6. As compared to which wax? For me I have been testing out igi 6046 and liked it a lot until I got into testing the Coconut 83. Both have good ct and ht but the 83 has a more real smelling cold throw, probably because of the soy and palm wax in it. My test fragrance was Pumpkin Souffle. For a 3" jar I recommend adding 5% beeswax and use an eco 6 wick and pour at 185-190. Without the beeswax the Eco 4 would work better. Eco is my new best friend, I don't know why I haven't gotten these sooner, seems like TallTayl is always recommending them. I am not getting any mushroom from it, and I am smelling the candle in the next room really strong, and this is after a 3 day cure. Can't wait to try after a long cure. Gonna get the beads as soon as calcandlesupply gets it in next week because I don't like the mess of pulling it out of the bag and cutting it, plus its easier to measure. Hope that helps.
  7. I suggest you let it sit for 20-30 days. That is how long it takes cement to cure. That might be the cause of your problem.
  8. Did you wash the jar out before you poured the wax? That pic looks like it might be Portland cement residue that might have still been lightly coated on inside of jar. Another thing you can do is message some of the people on Etsy that make those jars, maybe they can help you out better. Wow, I hope you get this one figured out because I love the look and price of those jars. Keep us posted.
  9. So did the refrigerated one shrink so much that only the wick was holding it in the can?
  10. Do not put it inside the jar, it is only for the outside. They use it to shine up the jar and make it look good, its also a sealant.
  11. Welcome to HELL!!!!!!!! Ahaha, no seriously I don't think you will find anyone anywhere that is going to give you their recipe, there is just too much time and money involved with getting that perfect candle, if there is such thing. What I recommend is starting with 4627 Paraffin wax with LX or HTP wicks, and practice with it till you get it down. Its the strongest cold and hot throwing wax and easy to work with in my experience. Then after the addiction kicks into overdrive, then try other waxes till you get your niche. Good luck on your long and costly journey, there are lots of great Chandlers on this forum that are more than willing to help you out.
  12. Wanted an update from you. Did they sell like hotcakes and which wick worked best for you with that wax?
  13. My best method honestly is to give the candle to a friend or neighbor and let them tell me, because in actuality, they are the customer that will use it how they see fit whether it be a small room or large room. Candle nose is real, so if you make a lot, it gets kinda tough to tell if you are making a good product. I always give them away and tell them to let me know how strong it is, and how the wick performs, how the melt pool is etc. Too me this is the best way but I only speak for myself. Hope this helps and you find out you have been making incredible candles all along.
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