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  1. might be worth it to just buy these, change the label and wick and re sale as your own :D
  2. Came across this today and thought id share. https://www.aisleofshame.com/aldi-candles/
  3. Try 1-3% beeswax instead.
  4. Post your items on here with pics and prices, or on Craigslist. I always sell things pretty fast on Craigslist.
  5. I could have sworn that video of the guy testing said it was 140 degrees.
  6. https://woodenwick.com This is probably where most people buy them, and they have all sizes and a chart to help you out.
  7. Finally got a 2oz FO to try from these guys, Rose & Patchouli. Wow! What is used in their fragrances that make them so much better than regular fragrance oils?
  8. These work the best. You can get them at the Dollar tree. That jar is a perfect fit.
  9. Was looking at there line of fragrances and was wondering if anyone who has used them think they are really that good to justify the high dollar amount they are asking? I was thinking they are just having them made at AFI and putting a crazy markup on it. If I find one I like of theirs thats what I plan on doing. I am so glad someone posted about AFI, they have so many copied scents and don't charge anything to copy a scent you send them, only the minimum price of 10 pounds should you decide to buy , which is only 1/3 the cost from Lab & Co. :D
  10. I just got a sample pack from Woodenwick.com to try out. How do you prime them?
  11. When I was using 4627 which is basically 4630 that isn't in slab form, and lx wick worked great for me
  12. I just burned a 6046 in a 3" dia jar with nag champa and nothing else added with an htp 105. Burned just shy of the edge of glass in 3 hr, no mushroom and used an htp 105. Try adding soy to it, it will help you a lot. This wax I don't think burns as hot as coconut 83, because in that wax I have to wick down.
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