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  1. Hobby Lobby carries the 6" pins for the 4" molds and the small ones for votives. I was told that they no longer make the other pins. If you have access to a drill press you will never need a wick pin again. Or if you know some one handy maybe you can get them to make you this
  2. https://www.candlemakingsupplies.net/glass--boxes--jars--lids/10-oz--monticiano-colored-glass/c___265.html Cheapest I could find. Started with frosted but looked like crap with when the wet spots started. White and black is what i use.
  3. Yes it is smooth, with just slight texture.
  4. I love this wax. Very elegant looking. So far it has really good HT. Cold throw is ok, a little on the low side. Definitely burns hot. Keep that wick trimmed. I have been using CD and HTP wicks and having good luck so far. Tried blending with a little soy but didn't see any improvement doing that. One thing to note, is that it doesn't have the great glass adhesion that Candle Science claims. I would recommend jars that arent transparent because no matter what temp I poured, by the next morning there were wet spots. I even cleaned each jar thoroughly and heated in oven and still, no avoiding the wet spots unless you have some kind of temperature controlled storage. It would be nice if IGI would let us know percentages of Paraffin and Coconut. Last note, this wax still needs to cure about 2 weeks.
  5. Saw this on a website a while back showing how these were made. Ya its a Hurrican mold setup and they wrapped the wick around the center mold and poured.
  6. Ahahaha, I wish that was my work area. I just snagged that pic off the net because it was easier than taking a pic and loading it on computer:D But I do have a similar bun rack to that one.
  7. Climate control would be the optimal for me, but since I don't really have that option I find these bun racks work the best. Really nice for keeping different scented candles separated and it also has the dust cover and wheels.
  8. Does anyone know where to get the non adhesive label inserts that go inside the clamshell? Really don't want to have to purchase more Avery labels that need to be stuck to the outside.
  9. Finally after 2 months the State finally gave us our legal name. Here is our first clamshell label. Thoughts?
  10. Ohhhh, I thought you were using 6046 then added 464 to it. Would be nice if they ever listed the percent of paraffin in the 6046. This stuff seems like it was mixed with 4627 but not a lot. Its got that vaseline like texture on the surface but is still a lot harder wax than just 4627. I can actually break off sections of it. Gonna blend it a bit and experiment, but so far as is I like it a lot.
  11. Ya me and my wife noticed the HT difference after burning one that had a 2 week cure. What change did adding the 464 do? I have some 444 here but haven't blended them yet. I had already switched over to htp 105 for our 10oz tumbler. It still mushroomed but not as bad.
  12. You have any good results with your candles?
  13. Whatever you do, do not buy the liquid dye from AZTEC. They don't give you the squeeze dropper they have a hard plastic dropper/lid that you twist to open. No matter how careful I have been I wind up having dye all over the place.
  14. I tried out 10 and 25% of palm container with it and I don't like the look it gave it. Dried weird with little dots of texture in the wax and took the silky look away. I also read that this is different than 6570 and that 6570 was coco/veg and 6046 is coco/paraffin. Don't know if it is correct since I have never used 6570 but I did read that info on 2 different forums.
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