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  1. https://woodenwick.com/wick-selection-guide This will help you out a lot.
  2. Heres what I do. For now I am just using Avery, but if I want a label to look like your label, I just copy a texture I like a paste it in as the background. I can make one look exactly like your sample if I find that texture.
  3. Same answer as Pam W Can't beat it. Plumbers putty is so cheap and easy to find at any Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, etc.
  4. Have you tried it yet and if so how is it?
  5. When I was using Soy, I used CS, Lone Star, Aztec and some others with it. No particular preference, other than what smelled good to me. I have since stopped using Soy all together. Too much time waiting for it to cure and the number of wicks I had to go through with Soy that it isn't worth it to me. But the biggest problem I had with it was the inconsistency from each batch of wax, and you will read on this forum that it is a common problem. I do love the look of a Soy candle though, I currently make my own blend using 2281, I also use 4786, and 4627. I still have Lab & Co and some Coco83 that I mess with as blenders when I get bored, but its Paraffin for me. You just can't beat how easy it is to wick, and the great Hot and Cold throw you get after a day. But hey, Gratz on your video popularity, I think it was your videos that got my wife into the candle business and then I got hooked. Hope its giving you a lot of business.
  6. OOOOPS!!!!! Ahahah. Yes as a matter of fact I did post the wrong video. One of those days I guess My bad, anyways as far as 93, to me that is still too big for the small jars I saw you using in one of your other 6006 video. I thought the jar you were using had a 2 1/2" opening at top and then tapered down slightly. The glass is going to be so hot when it gets down mid way. I just see lots of your followers getting excited thinking they can just copy what they see you making and start selling without knowing they need to test.
  7. Go to the Home Depot and get yourself some plumbers putty. Its real cheap and you get a ton of it.
  8. There is always a greater risk when you combine fire with glass. This is why you need to test your candles to make sure you don't have too hot of a wick, and that all your candle jars are made to be used for candles. Try to keep the glass temp at or below 140 degrees. I don't know about the glass or marble surface causing a problem since the bottom of your candle jar isn't going to be hot unless you are still burning your candle with hardly any wax left in jar, maybe someone else on here has experience with that and will chime in. Hope this helps.
  9. I have some old 6046 candles that are doing the exact same same thing with only 6% FO. I don't have a clue why, so you arent alone.
  10. Oh come on. That would make a great Youtube video and possibly pay you a lot :D
  11. Better call them first, because their website says they are closed for local pickups.
  12. Im suspecting it might be the Lab & Co wax since its growing in popularity unless IGI made a new one and they seem to carry most of the IGI wax.
  13. Well the post I made was their email to me, but I read it is going to be early May now instead of April.
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