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  1. Looks like igi 2281 starting to mottle. What wax is that?
  2. Sounds like she got the same batch that I received where it sinks just like 4786. 😒
  3. I suggest painting them yourself if its that important. I asked several companies that had lids I liked about getting them in black and what I was told is that its too expensive to paint the lids and keep the lids affordable to the consumer.
  4. Wood wick with this wax will fix everything. When I was messing with the 83 I couldn't get any wick to work very good, even with beeswax added. I kept seeing other vendors at the markets using wood wicks with their coconut so I tried it with success.
  5. Your topping off layer needs to be at least 10 degrees hotter than your original pour.
  6. I only tried that wax for a short time basically just samples so I never really got a right wick for that wax. I still have about 90 percent of the box just sitting here. You can try the wicks I listed above, thats all I can say. I only use Paraffin now. Paraffin = no headache
  7. Great Thanks everyone. I think Adobe is doable for me, I am always using cad programs anyways, besides I see now you can pay 20 a month subscription for it instead of paying out the big cash for Adobe.
  8. I came across these candles the other day and really liked the look of their labels. Does anyone know what software was used to make something like this? We have been using Avery and are so limited on what you can do. Here is a pic
  9. Yes thats a thing with plumbers putty it doesn't last the longest, but Hey its super cheap and don't need to go to a hobby store to get it :D You can add linseed oil to soften it up if you don't want to keep buying it.
  10. https://woodenwick.com/wick-selection-guide This will help you out a lot.
  11. Heres what I do. For now I am just using Avery, but if I want a label to look like your label, I just copy a texture I like a paste it in as the background. I can make one look exactly like your sample if I find that texture.
  12. Same answer as Pam W Can't beat it. Plumbers putty is so cheap and easy to find at any Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, etc.
  13. Have you tried it yet and if so how is it?
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