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  1. It depends on the fragrance and the specific jar but basically every scent that throws well for me in these jars https://www.communitycandlesupply.com/proddetail.php?prod=JJS8-NOLID In 464 works with a CD-6 or a CD-4. I've never personally had much luck with any of the Premier wicks. I will also say I use both the butterscotch bourbon and cashmere cedar---I could never get the butterscotch bourbon to work in soy and I believe I use a CD-6 with the Cashmere Cedar.
  2. The good news is that because a ton of kids want to be influencers there is sure to be a ton of information out there about good resources and such. Might be going on this journey myself. My family always gives me money for Christmas so I am pre-spending it on a nice camera.
  3. Based on those jars I'm wondering if that wick is too big? I've never had much luck with Premiers but the ones that I did used like a 735 in an 8oz jam jar with a 2.5 in opening. Also, maybe others will know more about this, but the Premiers are coated with paraffin and maybe that's burning really hot and giving the off smell? I dunno, but I would at least try to wick down or try a different wick series. Sometimes certain scents can smell weird in paraffin/soy or blends but if it's happening with all of them, it would kinda have to be the wick unless it's just a bad batch of wax. Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is to test. Which sucks---believe me, I understand.
  4. Did it happen with each fragrance separately? I know that smell very well but it does seem to hang around in my nose so you may want to separate them into different rooms to figure out if it's happening with one of them or all of them. I managed to tame the smell in my Brandied Pear by mixing palm and soy together, but my Lemon Verbena has had that off smell in different waxes and smaller wicks, and adding vanilla to my Pumpkin Souffle hasn't had much effect (though it covers it a little bit). I get the sense that it happens often with lighter scents like citrus--there's a bit of discussion on it here:
  5. If you just want something that looks sparkly, you may want to consider using palm. I'm not the best at it but mine still look really pretty. I know we have a couple of more experienced chandlers who use palm. As far as 6006 goes I've had nothing but trouble wicking that wax. The only wick I've been able to make it work with is HTP83 on one particular fragrance (CS Caribbean Teakwood).
  6. I bought a ring light to mess with pictures but maybe the softbox is the next step.
  7. I get pretty angry at the thought of people valuing artistic value or trendiness over safety. The potential destruction of people’s lives just to make a few bucks is some real messed up thought process.
  8. All businesses have values that they express either explicitly or implicitly and their support is merely an expression of those values.
  9. I make my labels with Canva so I already have a Pro account so I messed with it a bit. I can't make it look not fake and not sure why? Angle? Resolution? Something else I'm not thinking of? Edit: I basically just threw this one together as an example, but every time I put a candle into one of these images it has this uncanny quality.
  10. None of them got too hot to handle, even that far down. My thought is that the CD6 smells the best but I have them segregated into different rooms so it's hard to compare different airflows etc. I plan on rotating them tonight to see if that holds in different rooms. I haven't tried the HTP93's yet but I do have some. HTP's and CD's are my most commonly used wicks in those jam jars. I'm not 100% sure but I think that the CSN looks like that because I blew it out first, went to get the other two so it had the most time to cool. It looked normal to me when burning. One thing I will say is that even though the throw isn't spectacular on any of them, the fact that all three wicks mostly work is pretty nice.
  11. This is an excellent point. Maybe I can get supplies in a sane amount of time after the holidays. 😬
  12. I think I probably made a mistake trying to do Halloween candles this year. I did get the candle system down in plenty of time but it seems like it's pretty niche thing as opposed to later holiday candles.
  13. Before buying an FO I would look around here for what fragrances other people like in soy since it can be finicky. My experience personally has been that citrus scents are hard to detect while bakery often work pretty well. Depending on the maker YMMV of course.
  14. I've never used that wax myself but I know some users here use it and like it fine. As far as the directions are concerned, I think in general going with the manufacturers' directions is recommended, though experimentation is going to be necessary to make things work. I do think that going with double boiler is recommended as you don't want to heat the wax directly. As to the fragrance oil, I think it would be best if you used something from a specialty candle store. I've never heard anyone say good things about oils found at craft stores. Soy in general can be somewhat difficult to coax a good hot throw out of and you don't want to handicap yourself any more than you have to. As far as amount, most people measure by percentage---the common amount to use in soy is 8%. My candles are 5.4 oz so 8% is .43 oz per candle. Also, you didn't mention what wick---wicks matter a lot as far as hot throw is concerned, as does cure time. I would give a soy candle at least a week, though I usually give them two weeks before testing.
  15. Sorry for the late update. I've been kinda unmotivated to experiment recently. I will admit to not controlling the time precisely, but this approximately 9 hours into the burns for HTP-83 and CSN7 and about 11 hours for the CD-6. Some observations: They look way more similar now than they did in the beginning. I'm less impressed by the hot throw now after separating them but it's still okay. The flames end up struggling at times, but always push through. I wonder if some of the struggles are caused by the high amount of vanillin in the FO. I think I still like the CD-6 the best. The CSN-7 is somewhat tunneling (though not that bad anymore) and there's a small amount of soot in the HTP83 jar. Obviously the bottom is where the rubber meets the road.
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