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  1. I appreciate everyone's thoughts. My thought was for filling in voids, kind of like how people use packing peanuts. I could see it going either way as far as image---I do have Handmade in my business name but my aesthetic is not full-on craft paper and rustic nor is it the super duper slick industrial design like a lot of people seem to to go with. I'm not sure how possible this is but one thing I have considered it making it an option and maybe I'd provide a small discount if you went with the shredded cardboard and market it as the "eco-friendly" option.
  2. Hey all, I have a question that I haven't found any real answers for. I shred a ton of cardboard with my heavy duty shredder but am running out of room in my compost bin (my wife isn't into me having a big open one) to put it in. Are there are safety or regulatory concerns about using shredded cardboard as packaging? My wife is concerned as far as the look of it, but my main concern is whether or not there are any regulatory guidelines to using your own shredded cardboard. My initial thought is that as long as it wasn't used to package food it shouldn't be an issue but I hone
  3. I don't have a good answer to this but I have two scents that smell fantastic in melts (Lemon Verbena and Brandied Pear) but smell like fuel in candles. My melts are half-palm so I'm going to try to make palm candles with those two scents (when I have time) and see if they smell better.
  4. CS Apple Harvest and CS MacIntosh Apple are both fantastic. Candle Cocoon's Cranberry Compote has a real nice tang to it. I think I like CS' Toasted Pumpkin Spice the most of the more stereotypical scents.
  5. I don't have specific experience with RE's Coffee House so I can't make a direct comparison but I know a lot of people like FC's Coffee House. I don't personally like it (at least in the parasoy I tried it in) as it smells to me like mediocre drip coffee, but as a coffee snob maybe I have too high of standards haha.
  6. I'd say as long as they're safe it'd be fine. Maybe you can sell a line of "ugly" candles at a discount if you feel like ones that aren't up to your standards might damage the perception of your candles in general.
  7. So, I was pouring my first batch of palm wax candles (NG container palm) after confirming that the system works safely, but then I was needed by my wife for several hours and was unable to monitor the candles in order to flip them. I did not see anything wrong with them on first glance but I know that palm is notorious for pitting and other issues. I realize that I can test them in order to find out if there are any gaps or pits, but what's the best way to go about actually fixing them after I find the issues? Drill several holes and fill or something else entirely?
  8. Ironically this picture was taken just after flipping and is way better than the other side. The lightbox has built in lights but basically only goes from dimmer to brighter and doesn't have other settings. I may need to buy an additional light to place outside to fix that particular issue.
  9. Container Candle, 8 oz straight-sided jam jar Wax Used: GW464 Wick Used: CD-6 CT: Good HT: Excellent. Probably the best throw of any scent I've put in soy. Cure Time: 2 Weeks Despite my state's penchant for overly sweet tea, this tea is mildly sweet smelling with hints of lemon. It not a "knock you over" kind of scent but it is obvious if a little too subtle for some people.
  10. Container Candle, 8 oz straight-sided jelly jar Wax Used: Nature's Garden Palm Container Wax Wick: HTP103 FO: 5% CT: Okay (about normal for the palm candles I've tested) HT: Strong--I put it in a spare bedroom and it fills in the whole hallway The smell is nice and tart and somewhat sweet. I feel like I detect a little orange note in there but that just might be my mind filling in blanks.
  11. My lightbox has an insert but you can still see pretty clearly where the material starts folding down. This one isn't too bad but you can still see it.
  12. Sorry to bump such an old topic but does anyone have any insight on eliminating creases in lightbox photos? This has been my biggest obstacle to making competent looking product photos.
  13. I really like their cinnabuns, my favorite cinnamon roll scent I've found so far. Berry Blaster is also great in melts. Got their Gin & Tonic curing in a C6/464 blend. We'll see how that works out.
  14. Me and my wife are planning to go see my in-laws across the country for Christmas (who knows if it'll happen, but regardless). So I would like to make my nieces and nephew some jelly soaps shaped as some of their favorite characters as part of their gifts. But I have no idea what kinds of scents they would actually like. Anyone with kids or experience making products for kids have any thoughts on what finds of scents children tend to enjoy? I realize I could leave them unscented but I'd like them to smell fun as well.
  15. I don't pretend to be an expert on these kinds of logistical issues, but I think it makes sense to bite the bullet and try your products without it or use this opportunity to try a new wax. Because it's not like this is unlikely to happen again. Creating new products that don't rely upon the Coconut 83 helps you in the future should it go out of stock again (which seems likely to happen again).
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