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  1. I love the warmers shaped like high heels!
  2. Are there any kitchen stores near you such as The Kitchen Collection?
  3. I just ordered Pumpin Pie Brulee and Island Mango Tango. I love Bittercreek too!!
  4. I like the shower gel but find it a bit runny after adding FO. It seems to have a lot of suds and doesn't seem drying to me.
  5. I like the one with the color. Very nice!!
  6. You'll love it once you start! It's addicting! A lot of testing but it's worth it once you find what works for you.
  7. I don't remember the Fun Dip candy. I'm 49, although the name vaguely rings a bell. What did it smell like?
  8. I use BCN's stickums and have never had a problem with them. The last time I bought them was late last year.
  9. :laugh2:OMG! I love the schlong soap!!!
  10. OMG!! I loved it!! As I scrolled down and kept seeing picture after picture I started laughing! The butter candle almost made me fall off my chair!!:laugh2::laugh2:Thanks! I REALLY needed that!!
  11. I like Bittercreek North's.
  12. I've never seen that website before and spent some time looking through it. They certainly have a lot of very nice things!!
  13. I make my candles in the 8oz square masons and people love them.
  14. I like the lip balm flavorings from Bittercreek North
  15. I got a Silver Moon mold several years ago and just love it. I wish I would have ordered several.
  16. I'm too paranoid to leave them in the car. I use EZ Soy. I've been thinking about leaving a few in the car to see what happens. Sure would save some time!!
  17. I've never used the Ultramarine Pink but I love the Perfection Pink.
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