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  1. I clicked on the Item Information tab and there is nothing in there, lol
  2. That's beautiful!!! Love the swirls!
  3. If I remember right I think someone from Bittercreek said that it is specially formulated for them but I am not sure.
  4. Wow! Those are really neat, love them!!!
  5. OMG, seriously?! So sorry to hear that. What did they say when you called them?
  6. I am so glad for you!!! That's fantastic that you did so well. After the website orders be sure to take a well deserved rest!
  7. Good new! I got my order and shipping was 17.00 instead of 168. I'm so glad cause I love their products!
  8. I ended up emailing them they answered back by the net morning. They said the cart shipping is an estimate and that they figure it out after the order is placed. I listed the items I wanted and they said shipping would be 50.00 depending on where I live. I will place the order and wait and see cause I love the things they have. Thanks for all the feedback!
  9. I haven't ordered from Bittercreek in a while and went to place an order. My order comes to 99.00. I went to check out and my shipping is 168.00. What the heck? I know shipping rates went up but this cannot be right. Has anyone else had this happen? I was ordering 10 lbs of wax and jars along with other items.
  10. SueH

    Butter Buns

    I was just looking at this on their website and was thinking of ordering it. Thanks so much for posting about it!
  11. So glad your candle is such a hit!!!!
  12. A friend of mine one time years ago bought a 16 oz candle for a dollar at a dollar store. She was so excited she was telling everyone at work in case they wanted one. I took one look at it and told her not to burn it because it's a fire hazard. There was a TON of oil seeping out of it all over
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