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  1. SueH

    Fire Starters

    You all make some beautiful firestarters! Mine are ugly but they work. Dryer lint and pieces of dryer sheets and stick several wick clippings around in them.
  2. I love Bittercreek's Chocolate Chip Cookie, I can smell it all through the house and it smells fantastic as does their Crème Brulee. Their Hot Apple Pie, Fresh Baked Bread and Buttery Gingerbread are fantastic too!
  3. I use a wooden skewer, works great!
  4. I have never had an issue with Bittercreek, I always got my orders within a week. I never got a tracking or anything but then my order would arrive. Some of my favorite scents are Chocolate Chip, Creme Brulee, pumpkin Crème Brulee, Buttery Gingerbread, Fresh Baked Bread, Sissy's Sugar Cookie, Old Fashioned Christmas. For summery scent, Juniper Breeze, Wild Watermelon, Tidal wave, Tomato Leaf.
  5. I'm not on facebook and I'm very disappointed that it wasn't posted on their web site. That's just wrong!
  6. I love getting business cards from people when I go to craft shows and am buying things. I love their card for contact info so I can buy more from them. Keep the business cards going!
  7. Gorgeous! Love the beautiful swirls!
  8. I love Bittercreek North's Hot Apple Pie. I'm not sure about the pie crust scent though.
  9. One year I had a family stop at my booth and were looking at my wax bears. I explained what they are and the father was asking where the wick was to light it
  10. I'm with everyone else, I would get new ones!
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