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  1. I have made 2, 3, and 4 wick candles using the bottoms of soda cans.
  2. I made this from a wick clip from a batch of votive candles from walgreens and some zinc wire core wick from Michaels.
  3. At the risk of repeating myself, I don't sell the candles I make. I have given a couple of them away to have someone other than myself test the ones I thought would do well. The other one displayed here took the prize for mushrooms. It beat me by a mile. I need to copy it.
  4. Just to update, I have accidentally destroyed the double flared chimney I had been using. I now use a standard oil lamp chimney.
  5. I am looking for a type of candle I know as a cottage candle. It is the size of a plumbers candle but with a reduced diameter at the base to fit standard candle holders. I can't find these anywhere. I could have the wrong name. Can anyone help?
  6. If I buy unprimed wick in bulk, I would need some high melt point wax for priming. I don't need a whole slab for that.
  7. I found some LX 6 X 1" so I made up some tealights and tested them. They burn very low. I would like to find some glass tealight holders to extend the burn times.
  8. I have done several test burns in several different size glasses. The LX 8 works well. A 4" glass is too big, a 3" glass is just right. Smaller soots up. I would like to try LX 6, but they are rare. I have seen some but they are only 1" long.
  9. These are being burned in exactly the enviornment they will be used in. They are for me. I ordered and received the LX 8 X 3" wicks and have already made a test candle. The test burn starts tonight.
  10. The LX 8 works fairly well, but the ones I got were only 1" long. I ordered some longer ones and will see how they work.
  11. There has been a recall on one series of Yankee candle in glass for glass cracking.
  12. Yes and it was overnight. I did several burns and only once did I get a slight mushroom. I think I found my wick.
  13. I tried LX8 wick and it reduced the mushrooming to little to none. The only problem is they are only 1" long.
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