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  1. I have and old breadboard, one that I use! only for cutting wax. I place the wax slab on it and use an ice pick and slice chuncks off. HTH
  2. These have really helped my dry skin. I love making them!
  3. Looks great! Can't wait to see the cut pics!
  4. Juniper Breeze from Bittercreek North was a good seller for me.
  5. I've soaped Stonehenge From Bittercreek North, it's wonderful!! Their FCC Lavender is great too.
  6. I got a 1 oz bottle of Aqua Pier One Type from Elements and it is a very nice water scent, very clean smelling!
  7. Good God that is beautiful!!
  8. I use the Creme Brulee and Chocolate Chip Cookie from Bittercreek North and they have a very strong throw.
  9. Bittercreek North has some FCC fragrances. I've only used their Lavender and I really like it.
  10. I could never get my lip balm labels to stick no matter what I did and ended up placing clear tape over the labels to secure them and then shrink wrapping them. Then someone mentioned the 1.8x1.8 waterproof labels from Elements and I tried them and love them. They stick to the lip balm tube and I don't have to waste time placing clear tape over them, just shrink wrap them.
  11. I wick a coffee can and pour the little bits of leftover wax in it and use it for myself.
  12. I found a large bakers rack at a yard sale and I line the metal racks with squares of plastic canvas and place the soap on them to cure. The holes in the plastic canvas allow the air to circulate.
  13. I use a plastic mitre box from the hardware store and cut with a spackling knife. Works like a charm!
  14. I wash my square mason jars because they feel to me like there is this slippery film on them.
  15. I love Bittercreek North's lotion base.
  16. Silicone molds are wonderful!
  17. I've gotten it from Bittercreek North and was very pleased with it.
  18. I like the 8 oz square masons. Just wish I had somewhere local to get them rather than paying shipping.
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