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    I have been making pure soy candles, soy blend melts, cold process soap, and bath and body products since June 2007 and I love it completely!
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    I really love fresh scents and lots of mint, herbal fragrances. Not a huge fan of bakery or a lot of patchouli!

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  1. Moneypenny

    Faint scent, a lot of oil.

    I don't know the instructions for you type of wax but typically for the type of pure soy wax I use it is 1oz per pound of wax for fragrance oil and 1/2 oz per pound of wax for essential oils. I agree with Trapp in that a picture of the jar would really help!
  2. Trapp you are a Saint!!!! God bless you for tolerating all that! I can take a lot but I don't know if I could that much! Lol!
  3. Moneypenny

    Remote Stocking Booth Experience?

    Well it seemed like it was a popular place and they have been in business for about 25 years and they pride themselves on helping handmade vendors. I will just have to see what information they send me and make a decision from there. Thanks iansmommaya!
  4. Moneypenny

    Remote Stocking Booth Experience?

    Hi everyone! Wow! Thanks for all of the wonderful insights!! Great thoughts! This is just something that I ran across as I was trolling for craft mall booth rentals. I do one locally and I love it and it has really paid off for me. Remote stock is something I have never done but was just curious. You all remind me of all of the pitfalls that can happen and do happen! This is a large craft and antique mall in Waco, Texas. I love the idea of a secret shopper but I don't know a soul in Texas! I only contacted them for more information but I am really thinking this is a road I don't want to go down! I initially was hesitant and you have reminded me that I am also picky about my displays and I go to my booth at the local craft mall at least once a week to keep tabs on the stock and straighten displays. I certainly would not have this option as I live in Central Illinois! This is why I love this board! I can get all kinds of experiences and advice! Trapp great to see you too! I have not heard from them yet but I really think I have already decided to stick with my local craft malls in driving distance! Thanks so much everyone!!!!
  5. Hi everyone! Does anyone have any experience with a remote stocking booth? This means that you ship items to be stocked in a booth? I live in Illinois and the craft mall is in Texas. It is just the monthly fee and the remote stocking is free. Any experience? If so was it positive? Just something I am considering! Thanks so much!
  6. Moneypenny

    Still In Search Of A Good Bayberry

    I truly love NG Bayberry and it works fantastic in pure soy and soy blend!
  7. Moneypenny

    Beer Can Wicking

    Thanks so much and a very good point!
  8. Hi! Has anyone made a soy candle in a beer can?? I use pure soy and cd wicks but I was just looking for some tips. I believe the beer cans could be anywhere from a 12 oz to a 24 oz? Any info and suggestions is greatly appreciated. A friend of mine is the manager of a restaurant with a distillery and she would love some "beer can candles". Thanks so much!
  9. Moneypenny

    Help with fragrance name

    Midnight at the Oasis!! This was the first thing I thought of!!
  10. Moneypenny

    Delicious summer blend !

    Oooh!! I might just have to try that for my para soy melts! Yum!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Moneypenny

    Delicious summer blend !

    Sounds delicious!!!! Is it Rustic Essentials Funnel Cake? Thanks!
  12. Moneypenny

    MMS The Sage

    Wow!!!! Enablers!!! I just looked and there are so many I would love to try! I might have to take advantage of the 12 1oz for free shipping!
  13. Moneypenny

    Juniper Aloe

    Gorgeous!!!!! Love the colors!!!
  14. Good to see you too Trapp! Well I am certainly not independently wealthy but it sure takes me to my "happy place"!!! Yes I really love it here and have received lots of wonderful advice! Yes I miss the old Bittercreek forum but I love this!!
  15. Moneypenny

    What is your #1, VERY favorite FO?

    I really love and always will, Bittercreek's Lavender!!!! Soooo relaxing and my absolute favorite of everything I have and that is a lot! Lol!