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  1. A good friend of mine one time proudly showed me a candle that she bought at the It's A Buck store for 1.00. It was a 16 oz candle with the wick off center and a lot of oil spots. I begged her not to burn it, pointed out that it was a fire hazard etc. I can't believe the store was selling these candles.
  2. Lavender, Basil Sage Mint, Juniper Breeze, Hibiscus and Thai Palm
  3. I love my EZ Soy from BCN simply because its so easy to work with and clean up and that's what I tell people.
  4. SueH

    Bcn fo

    Juniper Breeze is fantastic!
  5. I always wash my jars. The wick stickums won't stick on mine otherwise.
  6. Maybe some lip balms if you want to have something else but it sounds like you have a good assortment of items. I hope it goes well for you! Sounds like you are well prepared. Keep us posted.
  7. Element's Aqua Type is fabulous! Great clean scent.
  8. I love to buy soap and candles from others. I like something different from what I make plus I like to support others.
  9. Cinnamon Buns, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Creme Brulee, Buttery Gingerbread, Autumn Leaves, Spiced Cranberry, Basil Sage Mint, Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon Red Hot.
  10. I too use the heat and wipe with paper towels. I keep my pour pot on the double boiler and keep wiping
  11. I also use canola oil and have no problems with it
  12. I use the plastic medicine cups. I got them at Walgreens on their website. 1.99 for 100. I bought enough to qualify for the free shipping.
  13. Juniper Breeze and Eucalyptus Spearmint from Bittercreek North are both great.
  14. I think you did a great job on those!!
  15. Those look wonderful! Great job!!
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