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The OFFICAL "What are you paying for wax thread?".

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I use EcoSoya Pillar Blend and Ecosoya CB135, which is imported from the USA by a wax refinery company to the UK.

This means that I pay $2.30 per pound of wax. I guess I'd pay a whole lot more if I tried to buy it from the USA and get it shipped to the UK myself as I buy in 50lb boxes!

Still...there's nobody in the UK who does Soy Wax so it's a rare and expensive commodity - I wish I could buy it in the USA and not pay HUGE postage fees but I've yet to find any place that I can buy from that brings the total cost in at less than $2.30 per pound.


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Just starting so I have no need to buy a huge amount. I want to try the IGI4794 for my votives and it will cost me $3.77 per pound delivered if I order 10 pounds to test. If I were to go for it and order 60 pounds (which would last me ages, since I don't sell) it would cost me about $2.28 per pound. But who orders 60 pounds of an untested wax?

My soy comes from a supplier in Ontario and I pay about $3 per pound delivered. There is nowhere within 5 hours driving distance where I can pick this stuff up so I'm stuck with the outrageous shipping. I'm in Newfoundland, Canada.

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I have bought from more than one source. I am quickly finding out that one does not need to order only 1 case at a time.:cry2: One needs to order at least 4 cases for UPS hundred weight discount!

1) One case of wax ordered in state: 1.00 per pound, with shipping, handling, and tax= 1.43 per pound

2) 5 cases of wax at pretty much 1.00 per pound on average, roughly 1.45 per pound...out of state, probably around 3 states away or so.

I want to buy pallets! :drool:

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interesting thread...I'm looking to change my container wax and comparing cost and shipping is almost as tough as testing.

I have yet to take advantage of the hundredwieght discount...but this is my year!

1343A $1.02 pp delivered

1260 1.38 pp delivered

APOP 1.09 pp - I pick up

I'm in KY

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Candlewic CBL-141: 50 lbs, $61.30 with shipping from PA to NJ ($1.23 per pound)

EcoSoya CB 135: 20 lbs, probably $32 or $33 with shipping from PA to NJ ($1.60 per pound), but I ordered other things, inc. glass, so its hard to say what shipping for the wax itself would be.

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