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  1. Has anyone used this wax? I called Accu-Blend and was told that they supply Stone with this wax and that it was the same wax as their COCONUT84X.. I think it's a little different . I have both waxes and the Stone wax is always cloudy when melted regardless how high I melt the wax. The coconut 84x is clear. I have added extra beeswax to the Stone wax and the ht is amazing but the wicking isn't going well.. I think I will decrease the amount of beeswax.. ( I'm a blender, I never use any wax straight as it comes)
  2. This wax, Aztec's new wax, is actually made by Blended Waxes, not Lab & Co.. it is their BW 917 and the tart blend is Blended Waxes Bw923
  3. I made a few testers... this wax looks and smells just like Millenium Soy to me, it comes in little beads... It's definitely mostly soy .I don't have the patience to wait for the wax to cool to 140 before I pour so I won't be using it as a stand alone wax, I would blend it.. the HT and CT are both really good... I burned a tester after 4 day cure and it was good and strong.. I did 10% fragrance- heated the wax to 190 added scent, stirred about 30 secs and poured. It's great on it's own, but it doesn't look pretty.
  4. the WW (Lab and Co) waxes are made by Calwax.. the Virgin coconut soy is their EC26 and the coco/apricot is their Ceda Serica. The new Aztec wax ( soy/coconut/bee) is in bead form.
  5. I just received my samples- I bought 2 one pound bags.. Honestly, it looks and smells exactly like Millenium Soy. Once melted it is a dark yellow color. I made2 test candles- the first tester, I heated the wax to 180° added scent, stirred about 30 secs and poured. The other tester I heated the wax to 190, added scent, stirred about 30 secs then poured. I used 10% fragrance in each one.. I'll test burn in a few days, curious what wicks will be the best. I'll start with CD.
  6. yes it is.. the coco apricot wax is available at 3 places and it is all the same CEDA SERICA wax made by Calwax... Wooden Wick, Swans and Candlewic are the suppliers
  7. I know this post is old, but I have been using coconut wax since 2011.. what coconut wax are you using? Coconut waxes must be heated to at least 200.. you can go to 210.. add scent immediately, stir about 15sec and pour.. do not let it cool before pouring.
  8. I LOVED Accu-Blend's Apricot Wax! I called them to get more ( when I could order 1 case at a time from them ) this wax back in early 2018 I think,... they discontinued it because the apricot wax going rancid too quickly and causing a great deal of money lost to those huge companies that had candles made from it.. bummer, ... the coconut 83 has changed so much, it used to be so much like the apricot wax.. I really don't like this "new"version.. the Hot throw is basically non existent, adding beeswax to it makes it too viscous to wick correctly, and it doesn't wick like the old version at all.
  9. This NEW Coconut 83 is a beast to wick! This is definitely NOT THE SAME 83 that was available 4-5 years ago.. It really seems to me that it has beeswax or a beeswax-like wax added to it.. and it's taking bigger wick sizes than it used to.. Any help or thoughts are welcome
  10. Has anyone else noticed the change in Coconut 83? It's definitely NOT the same wax I used 2 years ago
  11. I've been using Coconut wax for years... you need to use SMALL WICKS.. if you are getting a tall, smoking flame and poor melt pool it's because the wick is way too big... coconut wax and coconut blends are nothing like soy wax and should not be treated as such
  12. hey there, did you ever try the sunflower wax? I'm thinking of ordering some from Natures Garden and using it in coconut wax.
  13. I've never had soot with coconut wax
  14. just an FYI.... this wax contains FOOD GRADE PARAFFIN... not much, but it is in there. I contacted the company yesterday and asked
  15. just an FYI- Both waxes sold by The Lab and Co ( Wooden Wick Co) contain a small amount of FOOD GRADE PARAFFIN. I contacted them yesterday because of the concern of members in candle groups on FB.... Food grade paraffin is considered and all natural product and because the wax formula is proprietary, they don't have to list it
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