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  1. PINKT

    IGI 6570?

    The C&S Easy Beads Coconut wax IS Accu-blends COCONUT 83 available at California Candle Supply... This wax DOES NOT contain paraffin.. I've been using it for years and I called accublend ( I use to buy directly from them) to find out what is in it..and YES, it does come in bead form as many times that is what they sent me... it isn't really beads, just small chunks of wax... It is predominately coconut wax, then apricot, soy and palm waxes. Northwoods coconut wax is also COCONUT 83
  2. Jeremy, how is the throw with the Virgin Coconut?
  3. the Candles and Supplies EASY BEADS COCONUT WAX is Coconut 83.. the coconut container wax is coco/soy/ beeswax.
  4. Candles and Supplies EASY BEADS COCONUT is the 83 from Accublend .. The coconut container wax contains soy, coconut and beeswax.
  5. Has anyone tried the COCONUT CONTAINER BLEND ( coconut/soy/beeswax) from CANDLES AND SUPPLIES?
  6. yes you read that correctly.. I burn the next day to test for wick and they smell amazing .. of course the longer they sit, they get even stronger.. but that's the beauty of coconut wax.. it has a very minimal cure time
  7. Just an FYI Northwoods Coconut wax is COCONUT 83 from Accublend.. it can also be found at California Candle Supply.. this wax is a blend of coconut, apricot, soy, palm
  8. According to Cargill, this can be used alone as a container wax.. I buy from Northstar, I love them and the fragrances are outstanding.. anyways.. I made a candle today with the coconut 2 and 5% soy modifier from american soy organics and did 10% fragrance.. Sugared Spruce from Northstar.. I made the candle early this morning about 10hrs ago.. the cold throw is outstanding .. can't wait to test for HT.. I will do that tomorrow
  9. I'm wondering if this VIRGIN COCONUT CREME is really just Naturewax Coconut 2 which is pure coconut wax with 2% soy added. It looks exactly like PUGHAUS'S picture of the VCC wax above... I have some so I'm going to whip up a candle and see what I think .. I think I'll order some of the VCC too and compare.. the Coconut 2 is much more affordable
  10. The HT on the SC-21 is light , not a fan of this wax.. I can smell the paraffin in it
  11. I've been using the Coco83 for years and got a sample of the SC-21 to try.. I have yet to burn the test candle I made 3 days ago, 10% fragrance , but so far the CT is almost non existent and I can really pick up the smell of the paraffin in it.. I will test burn it later today and see if there is a HT at all... so far it is nothing at all like the 83
  12. Thank you pughaus for this info. I wish they would just be forthcoming and honest with their descriptions. Glad to know it has paraffin in it.. Hybrid wax usually means it contains paraffin.
  13. I trim mine with wick trimmers. The type I use sits on top of the wax and trims to a perfect 1/8 every time.
  14. You are using the wrong size if it's getting that hot.. go down a size and see how it does.. I have found that the CottonWood wicks don't work for every type of wax.. when they are the correct size they should pretty much self trim..