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  1. I've been using Coconut wax for years... you need to use SMALL WICKS.. if you are getting a tall, smoking flame and poor melt pool it's because the wick is way too big... coconut wax and coconut blends are nothing like soy wax and should not be treated as such
  2. hey there, did you ever try the sunflower wax? I'm thinking of ordering some from Natures Garden and using it in coconut wax.
  3. just an FYI.... this wax contains FOOD GRADE PARAFFIN... not much, but it is in there. I contacted the company yesterday and asked
  4. just an FYI- Both waxes sold by The Lab and Co ( Wooden Wick Co) contain a small amount of FOOD GRADE PARAFFIN. I contacted them yesterday because of the concern of members in candle groups on FB.... Food grade paraffin is considered and all natural product and because the wax formula is proprietary, they don't have to list it
  5. Yes, Jeana you are correct.. I contacted them again to make sure and both of their waxes contain paraffin.
  6. the coconut/apricot blend has paraffin in it, the virgin coconut creme does not.. this is what I was told
  7. just an FYI: the Ultra Wax Coconut Blend contains paraffin... I discovered this wax last year and called about it.. I wanted to know if it contained paraffin and it does.. also.. ACCUBLEND CO is moving into a larger production facility because demand for their waxes has become outrageous.. the latest version of the COCONUT 83 is mostly coconut with small amounts of apricot, soy and palm waxes added. I got this info straight from the head honcho there.
  8. The C&S Easy Beads Coconut wax IS Accu-blends COCONUT 83 available at California Candle Supply... This wax DOES NOT contain paraffin.. I've been using it for years and I called accublend ( I use to buy directly from them) to find out what is in it..and YES, it does come in bead form as many times that is what they sent me... it isn't really beads, just small chunks of wax... It is predominately coconut wax, then apricot, soy and palm waxes. Northwoods coconut wax is also COCONUT 83
  9. Jeremy, how is the throw with the Virgin Coconut?
  10. the Candles and Supplies EASY BEADS COCONUT WAX is Coconut 83.. the coconut container wax is coco/soy/ beeswax.
  11. Candles and Supplies EASY BEADS COCONUT is the 83 from Accublend .. The coconut container wax contains soy, coconut and beeswax.
  12. Has anyone tried the COCONUT CONTAINER BLEND ( coconut/soy/beeswax) from CANDLES AND SUPPLIES?
  13. yes you read that correctly.. I burn the next day to test for wick and they smell amazing .. of course the longer they sit, they get even stronger.. but that's the beauty of coconut wax.. it has a very minimal cure time
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