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  1. Thanks both of you for chiming in! I know the new Wal-Mart warmers take at least an hour to melt a 1oz 124mp melt. I have another that'll melt the same in less than 30min. I did want to try the feather Palm at one time but I was scared of them not melting right. I know quite a few do use it with great results though! I do love 4625 mixed with actually any of the IGI container waxes. I'm just trying to narrow down which to use by cold/hot throw, ease of release from portion cup and warmer dish. Decisions, decisions....
  2. I'm totally with ya when you say black and white is cheaper to print! I'm glad you like the typeface! Though it might be useful alone in some cases, my logo is something very special and personal to me and will always be a part of my products in some way. It represents a part of my mom. She was suppose to be on this journey with me, but we lost her to breast cancer 7 years ago. I gave up at that point. But something this past year and a half got me going again. I think it was her spirit kicking me in the a$$ telling me to stop dragging and just do this!🤣 That was her mentality. She was so much fun!🥰
  3. Another good idea! Thank you!! Note to self: Test on white labels until ready!
  4. Thank you! I do have all the files for it also with the transparent background. To figure out how to use it now without looking like a big dummy - that's a different story! 🤣
  5. Good point! Still in testing (driving me nuts - feels like I'm going backwards!) so it'll be a while before I decide on packaging. While I'm waiting on more oils, I wanted to play with my logo more. I just keep picturing black logo and letters on Kraft labels for some reason....
  6. I haven't thought of that.. I might try it and see what it looks like! Thank you for the idea, Laura!
  7. Thank you! Still not sure how I'll be doing labels so they might not have a black background - too much ink! Right now I'm just mostly looking for opinions on the style of it. I might end up reversing it and use the gradient colors for the background with black lettering. Ohhhh I'm gonna go try that now!😃
  8. My favorite is the first one too! I wanted some purple in there, and to me it looks better with the blue and teal than with the pink. Most everything will probably be done with the transparent background so a lot of it will probably just be black letters.
  9. I'd love some brutally honest critique on this. I love it, but I'm a little afraid the font might be a little too goth and might scare some potential customers off. What's your opinion? I'm just uploading different color edits for contrast.
  10. Actually I have thought about it, but I haven't been able to find one that could take the heat of the wax. Not to mention the wax would cool some before I finished. Right now I keep my glass measuring cup on a hot plate to keep it at a certain viscosity. Once it starts cooling down a little and becomes thicker, it just starts dropping weird and rounded.
  11. I tried pour and scrape. It was a huge mess and no matter how hot it started, it cooled too fast when it hit the mold (silicone) and even though I continued to scrape, it just made a lumpy mess and left a lot on the mold around the holes. In the time it would take to clean it all up I could've already dropped from the dropper and be done with it. I've found a way over time to be faster and more precise without having to think about it. I actually find it sorta therapeutic if that makes sense!
  12. Impossible to pour! I once tried to see if I could pour and quickly use a scraper to spread it. Uh... Nope! Had a huge mess to clean up lol. I just use a dropper. I'm getting much better and faster with it the more I do it.
  13. Just thought I'd share a pic of my latest batch of "Dew Drops" to test! These are Black Cherry Bomb using 4786 straight.
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