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  1. I started including candle care on the box. So when I customer opens the lid, the first thing they see is candle care. All the usual stuff, plus how to prevent tunneling AND estimated burn times if they "follow the rules." In reality, who looks at the warning sticker on the bottom? Practically no one.
  2. I recently stumbled upon the fruit wrap cushioning (no idea what it's really called). Only downside is that it's Styrofoam--I was really trying to to eco-friendly Was tired of jars breaking despite using paper cushion, despite using packing peanuts. So now, every glass container that goes out the door is wrapped in this then placed in a box, THEN packaged with peanuts, and God speed!! Broken containers were killing me with sending replacements (I don't give refunds)
  3. These specialty containers will require purchasing in bulk, unfortunately, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg. If you've got a decent budget, DreamVessels has different stuff (sourced from Alibaba), California Candle Supply had some interesting options, too. But again, supply issues are rampant.
  4. Agreed. When I switched actual label stock to a better quality paper, the results were mind-blowing. It looks like I outsourced the printing. So, don't underestimate paper quality, too! Same! And, I like how you can adjust the quality so if you need color-rich, you can get it. BUT, don't like that there isn't a black ink... wish I could get deeper blacks. 🤷‍♂️
  5. My products are on Walmart Marketplace, but I wouldn't say they're "selling"! LOL It's very complicated to get good placement. I've talked to some app developers who know the ins-and-outs, but right not just too time consuming to figure out the algorithm. It still heavily favors the big brands/brands with millions for ad spends 😕 Pass!
  6. Anyone else having issues sourcing vessels? Literally all the usual sources I'd go to are completely sold out. An acquaintance contacted Fillmore the other day, and they had no idea when they were getting restocked because the glass manufacturers are so far behind. O. Berk says it'll be til end of december on straight-sided jars. 😳 Berlin Packaging is at least 6-8 weeks out. The more I look, the more every other random source is coming up empty handed. Anyone else feel the same way? And, how're yall handling this? It's making me nervous for the holidays...
  7. Yup -- I think something is glitchy in the heating element. When we first got it, it heated perfectly and evenly across the device. Now sections of the hose don't heat, so we have to empty out the entire machine after every run, even if we're going to use it the next day. Pain in the butt. My system is a patchwork of various things. I have a large melter that holds 200# (about to buy another one), but we use that to keep wax melted. Then we have a piping system to transfer wax to the smaller melter, which is attached to the pouring system. Agreed the Coogar would've be
  8. I'll buy some! What's the name? I'll call bullSunshine on her, too. lol
  9. I actually ordered a pallet from Fillmore recently (sorry). But, how many cases do you need? I'd be happy to send you some.
  10. I contacted Coogar about their system. It's $20,000. Couldn't justify that expense just yet. But, the reviews are great and allllll the big boys use Coogar. My setup involves a 70# water jacketed melter that stays on all the time. It's connected to the wax pouring system from WaxMelters (I think we paid $3500?). Overall, it helps on big runs. Can make 100 candles in an hour. The downside--it takes forever to heat up. The system gets clogged easily/doesn't heat evenly upon startup. We had an issue with the thermostat heating beyond the setpoint, which then melted the internal seals
  11. I just did a cost analysis of everything that goes into making a candle. I do this every year to make sure my profit margins are where they need to be. Obviously the cost of the raw material, but also shipping, labor, taxes, electricity, rent, insurance, equipment, website hosting, advertising, etc. Just looking a raw materials, COGs have increased on average 15% (this is FO, wax, vessels and wicks--and includes shipping). Now, I buy in bulk to take advantage of volume discounts. And when I see a new candle maker on the scene slinging their boxed tumblers for $12-15, I KNOW they'll
  12. Long post alert: Remember that business plans change over time. The main takeaway from a business plan is to make you think about all the different variables that go into it. When I first started, my business plan was changing every quarter, and it stressed me out. Then I realized that ITS MY BUSINESS. I can change it however many times I want, as long as I have a reason to. Here are a few other tips: You'll want to develop a minimal viable product (MVP). This is the bare-bones version of your product. It doesn't have to be perfect; it doesn't need a fancy logo or fancy
  13. Try to think of Holiday experiences to help generate new ideas. Agreed that the baking spices/fir/pine get old quick, BUT there's no denying they sell!! Try taking some of your year-round best sellers and mixing in a spice. You can take any scent and make it holiday. For example, a grapefruit scent that does well in the summer--mix with allspice, and you've got candied citrus. Or, pear blossom and rosemary. We did great last year by bringing in some herbal scents.
  14. Yeaahhh... Good luck. As someone who loves "different" fragrances, I can tell you some of those are gonna be hard to find. I'd say mostly because their names are likely different here. For example, the CS White Tea scent smells pretty close to the aloe drink. But never would've known that otherwise.
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