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  1. I'm not sure, but I'd guess they happened upon the same stock image? 🤷‍♂️
  2. StanfordP

    Business card design

    I'm along the same lines as everyone else. I have business cards, but RARELY use them (probably because I changed my branding...). I used Moo and ended up going with the small rectangular, double-sided card. They're actually pretty nice. But now, just print the 4x6 cards and keep a stash on me. I like the idea about printing the order on the opposite side, but would need to figure out the logistics.
  3. StanfordP

    C3 Wax Help

    Hmm... Probably around 145ish? Honestly, I don't go off the temp of the un-poured wax. I judge what the poured wax looks like in the container.
  4. StanfordP

    Jars and packaging

    I bought a case of the Dream Vessels and put my "limited edition" holiday scent in them. Charged $38 each, and have no trouble selling them. They're not flying off the shelf, but it's a great option for people looking for something luxurious. Just need to find the same containers for cheaper!
  5. StanfordP

    C3 Wax Help

    I don't let the wax cool completely, so there shouldn't be a line. But, any time you do a double pour, the odds of sinkholes reduces significantly.
  6. StanfordP

    C3 Wax Help

    I don't find using a cooling rack helps much. One thing I've started doing more recently is (especially in larger containers) pouring a small amount of wax to fill about an inch at the bottom. Once I notice it starting to cool and turn white, then I fill the container. That first "pour" sets the foundation for the rest of the wax to cool evenly. Ideally, you want the bottom to start cooling before the top. In my 14+ ounce containers, I don't run into issues using that technique. All in all, adds about a minute to the pouring process--not a bad tradeoff for even cooling!
  7. StanfordP

    C3 Wax Help

    I pour hot, and wait until the last minute to put wick holders in place. I also do t use metal wick holders. The metal cools the top faster (resulting in sink holes). You’re ambient room temp should also be above 68. And, I place my jars about an inch apart. That way the heat stays trapped between the units, and they cool together. Sink holes are inevitable. But, it’s all about the thermodynamics if the wax. Reduce the heat fluctuations and you’ll reduce your sinkholes. Good luck!
  8. StanfordP

    C3 Wax Help

    I use this same formula (though heat to 185). Pour hot and use premier wicks. Smooth tops most of the time!
  9. I blend it myself. I’m using the beads right now as a last resort, but I’m not a fan. Plus, the beads have melted into one giant block!
  10. Fragrance load really should be tested to find the optimal amount. Plus, it varies so much depending on personal preference. I’d rather not say, if that’s okay.
  11. I haven’t! I hate apricots (personally), so that’s why I haven’t tried it! 😂😂 But, if C&S stays out, I may have to give it a go. They’ve pushed their in-stock date back like 3 times... ☹️
  12. Sharing is caring! Happy to do it!
  13. We don’t! I ask them probably once a month if they have a US distributor yet. They asked if I wanted to distribute, but I can’t afford a warehouse of wax... yet. 😂 Although, did here through the grapevine that TrueScents and All Seasons were discussing a partnership. That might bear fruit for us... 🤷‍♂️
  14. Yep... exactly. I was using one size in 464 and used the same when I switched to C3. But, when I added coco, I did a full scale adjustment. Hence, the 5-size change.