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  1. Thanks for posting this TT! I still need to use the formula when I get a new mold or haven't used a mold in a long time and forgot the formula.
  2. Was making beer soap today and using my PVC molds. I had just finished pouring a batch and wanted to tamp it down a bit to release any air pockets. The molds are in a phalange fitment in the bottom so they stand upright. Its very sturdy and seals the soap bottom of the pipe nicely. However, I must have not carefully fitted the bottom on the phalange this time as the pipe came right up out of it and soap started pouring out the bottom of the mold!! Argh!!!!! So I quick slammed it hard down onto the phalange to hold it and not lose any more soap. Soap batter was all over the bottom of the phalange and the countertop. So I gently scrapped up what I could with my rubbermaid spatula and stuck it back in the top of the mold. I got a lot back in but the phalange is quite messy and sticky and has soap stuck in all it's crevices. Lesson learned. Always check to make sure those fitments are secure! LOL Odd, because they can be a beast to pull off the pipe once the soap has hardened overnight. So it never occurred to me that it could be loose. Sigh...
  3. During the winter months while I am doing weekly markets and craft shows I just leave my cases of candles in the trunk of my car. So they are stored in the winter in anywhere from 0 - 50 degrees. Most of the winter thou is below freezing during the night hours. Never had any problems with the candles. But have not noticed that they smell particularly better or stronger throwing for it. I use container palm if that helps.
  4. Definitely not palm. Its paraffin. The vertical lines are called "jump lines" which occur when wax is poured too slow or inconsistently. I'm not sure if its a mottled wax but doubt that it is because they should have mentioned that on their website. I think the wax is loaded with lots of air bubbles creating a kind of mottled or rustic look. Again, something that could have been avoided with some care of helping the wax release air pockets before pouring. They just look sloppy and the wick drowning is the icing on the cake. Definitely call them and tell them what happened when you burned them and their general appearance. They may say it is mottling wax but my guess is it isn't.
  5. Just found some reviews on Windy Hill on Yelp https://www.yelp.com/biz/windy-hill-farms-candle-factory-port-crane Seems they get 2 1/2 stars out of a possible 4 based on 4 reviews. Not anything said about the candles except the fragrance permeates the candy and makes it inedible. To me, this is a giant red flag. If you are clueless about the scents rendering the candy to taste like the candles and ultimately disgusting tasting you're not running a very good or efficient business. Based on this I would guess that the candles smoke but not having tried one its just a guess.
  6. Has anyone tried one of those Windy Hill candles with the 11% FO load? It's hard to imagine a company that wants to stay in business over fragrancing their candles as a sales point. To each his own.
  7. You may also want to try asking your question in the general candle section to get a variety of answers to help you. Everyone has their own perspective on cleanup. Me, I swear by my trusty putty knife to easily scrape up wax spills and drips.
  8. Welcome to Craft Server! Glad to have you with us. If you try asking in the general candle section or business section you may get some answers to you lid question. Someone who uses or has used your jar may be familiar with where to find lids. Also, in the general candle section there is a sticky at the top of the forum for suppliers by state that may help you. You can also try doing a search for lids. Good luck!
  9. Sorry I missed your intro post. Glad to have you with us and welcome to the forum.
  10. It's a sticky in the biz section: https://www.craftserver.com/topic/105674-members-web-sites/
  11. This!!!!!! I hate cleaning up oil slicks on candle tops in high heat weather. Happened once and since I cut back hasn't happened since. And that was with just 6% FO load!! Mostly my vanillas but the pumpkin did it too and another I can't remember.
  12. Think of it this way. Why spend the extra money on FO you don't need? If you want to run a candle biz and stay in it wasting expensive FO is a good way to ruin your biz. Besides, don't always listen to what is said on the FB. A lot of those groups have that follow the leader syndrome. If someone repeats something and it keeps getting repeated it has a habit of becoming written in stone law.
  13. My sentiments exactly. Its a buzzword for 'healthier'. Okay I wouldn't want them in my food or cosmetics or other products I injest or put on my body. But does having phthalate free FO make a candle healthier or safer for you? I know this, they made FOs smell so much better and I am missing them too.
  14. One way to do it is to pick at least one scent from each fragrance type. Think of which types you want to represent and then find a FO in that type: woodsy floral resin fruit clean green fabric ocean/water/ozone spice Another way is to combine more than one type: floral/fruity woodsy/resin clean/green clean/fabric spice/fruit floral/woodsy
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