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  1. After all these years... always avoided packaging that needed sealing and used something else. But with the costs of packaging and shipping going up using packaging that seals is a good option and can save me money. Just got some heat seal stand up pouches to package my refill powder into. Made sure I got the right pouches that can be used with powders and are water resistant when sealed properly. I am rethinking my bath salts, milk bath, and fizzy bath powders too. The packaging can help keep the prices down on some of my products and my customers will like that.
  2. Yowzer! No thanks. Guess I won't be buying from the either.
  3. Which? White, pink, or ruby grapefruit? Also, what colors are you using and what wax? Colors can vary with the same dye depending on the wax. Personally I would go for a pink for grapefruit.
  4. I have a discoloring (in CP soap) fragrance oil that I would like to put in my lotion but am worried it will discolor the lotion. Asking if I can use vanilla stabilizer to keep it white or should I forget about doing that. It doesn't seem like a good idea but thought I would at least ask.
  5. I was just reading on their website how that oil rices badly in CP. They even say that themselves and many reviews confirm this. Not something I want in a CP soap. How are you handling the ricing?
  6. I have been using their Patchouli Honey, Juniper Aloe, Tuscan Lace, Honey L'Occitane, Rocky Mtn Pine (Flickers), Sea Island Grapefruit, to name a few, for years. Many of them are my best sellers! Remember Olive Blossom that they dropped? That was one of my best sellers many years ago until it was discontinued. I hate when new owners drop some of the FOs from the company they just bought out. Makes it a terrible pain in the patootie for us customers who use them in our best selling products!!! Grrrrrr!!
  7. EBB is one of my best FO suppliers. They have good FO prices too. I do use WSP a lot but generally not many of their FOs due to their high prices. I just hope we don't see them dropping some of their FOs during the transition. I have some best sellers from EBB. 😒
  8. How does it sell for you? Also, does it discolor? I have a sea themed soap & B&B biz so looking for beachy and ocean types... hopefully ones that are good sellers.
  9. I just soaped beach bum from NG and love the fragrance. Its the bobbi brown beach type dupe. I think I can probably do a bit better. This one did accelerate and rice big time on me so looking for another that does well in CP and hopefully is a better version. So if you know one you like please share. Or any nice suntan oil beach type. Preferably with experience soaping but I may try it anyway. Thanks.
  10. I seem to be having more problems lately with FOs that accelerate in CP. I swear its happening more especially with known FOs that have been reformulated. I will be soaping with a fragrance I have been using for years and the new bottle I order will produce soap on a stick. Not only that, but many just don't smell the same and or fade quickly. It is so frustrating! It also means I am more often than not having to try new fragrances that work or try to find replacements for best sellers or switch them out with old fragrances I still have in stock in my back room.
  11. Found it! For some reason I put it in a soap mold and just happened to move that mold yesterday and found it sitting inside. So now I have 3 openers.
  12. Never mind. Just found some on Amazon for lots cheaper than SC. So I bought 2 so I have a backup. Now what I would like to know is how the heck does a bright orange tool that size just disappear?!!! .....unless...... the cat?!
  13. I just checked and Soaper's Choice is out. Anywhere else I can get one? I really should have a spare for this type of emergency.
  14. Thinking of using it. Been using usps and even regional rates are up to $8.30 for a small local package. Seems to me I can do much better elsewhere.
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