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  1. Black Sea and Drakkar from Candle Science.
  2. Hi I love Natures Garden. Their scents are strong and amazing. Peaks Fragrances are my favorite. Super strong and even better than NG to me. I also love Candle Science, Mad Oils, Brambleberry, Wholesale Supplies Plus and others. There are a few companies I hate. I do not like Candles and Supplies I find they are weak. But I hate a few companies.
  3. I was looking at that one yesterday bit decided on the 464. I stopped making molds because people were being ridiculous about it. I said it was SOLD by weight not pieces. Nope said they wanted 8 melts. The 3 big ones weighed as much as the 8. Nope they weren't having it! Went through that multiple times. Then people want the clams cheaper than Wal-Mart. I got tired of that so finally told a lady to go to walmart!
  4. I just bought some again. It is soft but if you sell them in a souffle cup and a cupcake silicone liner it doesn't matter. I refuse to make candles. Dealing with wicks is not my thing. I am not patient enough.
  5. I don't make candles I just make melts. But people are asking for soy. So now I'm trying to figure out what soy wax to get lol they also want it's soft. I used to make the 464 in the cups. Then you just use a silicone cupcake liner and it's not a mess but you can't ship it like that in the heat. I also hate waiting that long for things to cure but I don't know what to do.
  6. I bought 2 of them. When I sell more stuff I'm buying more lol it works perfect for my coconut apricot wax. I have a bad knee and 2 Achilles heels so I can't stand for a long time without hurting really bad. This is perfect. Getting bigger ones when they come out to. I also have 3 instant pots and a nu-wave oven that make cooking simple to lol that's what these machines remind me of. I love it.
  7. That's the only one I use. Super strong. I tried a few until I found Peaks.
  8. Hi I just found it on Facebook 30 minutes ago. Then I came here and saw your post and was shocked.I had never heard of that fragrance and was thinking of ordering it. Type in Soaping Making with Lisa. Then ask to join and she will let you join her group. She sells a lot of items and fragrance oils as well.I haven't ordered from her yet but she has a lot of customers.I was just looking at her list to see what I might want to order then I came on here and saw your post. I thought I was going crazy. I think I'm going to order it sounds really good.
  9. I didn't like any of The Candlemakers oils. I found them watered down. They are cheap but I would rather pay more. It was very disappointing.
  10. I was upset that she charged me double shipping. The oils I bought were not impressive but I've only tried a few. Prices were good and shipping fast.
  11. Should say PVC ruined my stuff.
  12. Thank you. I will check it out. I just looked and it is the kind I'm looking for but not the right material. He says it's the same material PVP that destroyed my stuff. It smells like rotten skunk or something. I hope the other brand is different. PET isn't good either that's why we have to use polypropylene. This stuff is confusing lol
  13. I can't see in them that great but have found if you put a piece of construction paper under them it helps lol the beige one. But still hate it and think the shapes smell better. That's a long day. But glad you love it.
  14. I didn't realize you worked a full time long hour job. I don't know how you do that and this. You must never sleep. I find that the clams take longer because it's hard to see in them and I overfill lol There is one clam I would use if I could find it. It is cute and round with wedges but read it is from out of the country. I can't afford it.
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