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  1. Hello ShelleyF, are you still interested in fragrance lots?  I have a bunch, let me know if you have any preference of company, and I'll check my stash.

    1. ShelleyF


      Hi did you get my message?

  2. Thank you. This morning I went to the Food Service place and bought the kosher salt. I am just reading your message but I was thinking coarse salt would work. They gave me kosher salt is it the same thing? It looks really pretty the difference though is the price it was $36 with tax for 36 lb. It is much more money than the salt crystals that cost $9 with tax here for 40 lb. But it's a lot easier to deal with and I don't know if I'd feel like beating the crystals all the time lol does it take a long time to do it? Because it is a lot cheaper. I accidentally bought the wrong thing 2 days ago. I
  3. @TallTayl do you know where to get small salt from like coarse sea salt? I was using the solar crystals from Lowe's but I like the little bitty ones I see people using. But the coarse sea salt is 225 a pound where I live and a bag of the 40 lb big crystals is 7
  4. I make crystal potpourri salt but I buy the bigger chunks. I am looking for the smaller chunks that are tiny. Does anyone know where to get this or what it's called? Thank you
  5. I wanted to try them but heard they are a lot like CS Clean Scents.
  6. Thank you for sharing this TallTayl I hope it doesn't go like this because I don't like clean fragrances. The fragrances that I use are very strong. I don't like the companies that sell scents that seem natural. For example candlescience clean scents I am not impressed with at all. I don't like Northwood either because it remind me of clean Scents and no throw. I also make a lot of Bakery laundry fruit fragrances and I do not concentrate on nature fragrances as much. I do make all kinds but I hope it's not going this way because what am I going to do? We might have to sell stuff that we
  7. That is horrible of them to do That. I don't buy from them any more. I haven't tried Cierra volcano but will now.
  8. Have you tried Cierra? She has great fragrances and has phthalates.
  9. This is why I try to buy new old stock. I'm tired of the formulations. Why do they ruin a great thing?
  10. You are a great motivator. I am trying to find out my audience. I decided that wax is not my thing because I cannot pour it sitting down. I need to sit more than I was. So it's hard because the things that I sell aren't as popular as wax. I am trying to sell scented salts, smelly jelly air fresheners, liquid wax melts made from smelly jelly, scented crystals Crystal potpourri, scented sachets and carpet fresheners, and soy drops since I can make those sitting. The great thing about most of this is that I can get some of the supplies a lot easier and cheaper then all the heavy shipping. And I
  11. That's the thing I'm trying to sell online only. I have Achilles heels in both feet and a torn meniscus in my knee that have not healed and it's been 5 years. It is a struggle going places some days are better than others. Going to the fair is not going to happen I could not go through that. And I know a lot of people buy from those markets. I am hoping and praying that it is not too hard but I am not a quitter.
  12. Thank you TallTayl I to hear this. I have been trying to perfect my products for 2 and 1/2 years. I will admit when I was new I tried selling my products after a month. I do not make candles that is not my idea of a good time. I have never had any interest in that. I was selling while I was trying to perfect everything. I was making a lot of mistakes and I have changed my label 11 times now. I got tired of people seeing all my craziness so I had stopped selling. I am finally ready to go full forward now. I pride myself in making good products and I have tested a long time now. This is definite
  13. I saw someone saying they were launching this week. They made one set of candles and they didn't test anything and they don't know anything about it. She said she was super stressed because she knew she was going to sell out and won't have enough stock. She said she didn't have any more supplies to make anything else and people were going to be mad. It was not my business to say something but I sure wanted to. I saw another lady buy a pallet of jars and a pallet of fragrances and this was before she sold one item. She said she was making sure she was totally stocked. Then reality hit and
  14. i know. It's awful. They use the same wick for everything. Don't test nothing. One took on a huge wholesale account that's well known in her town. Hasn't even made the products and asking how to. Nobody is curing wax. A few are buying pallets of fragrances and jars before selling anything! Some said they are charging their fragrances before selling anything for their launch. I'm talking about hundreds to over a thousand dollars. Then saying why is it not happening yet? I launched. Ugh then a lady said she's been testing forever, a month! I had to laugh
  15. Cierra Candles just listed a new scent called Amber. It sounds amazing! Rich blend of amber with notes of vanilla, patchouli, musk and sandalwood.
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