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  1. I just found out that New York Scents has the original Nature's Fragrances. I was told they get them from the same supplier. So now nobody has to go without Nature's fragrances.
  2. Keystone candles supplies and Candlewic are both in Pennsylvania. Keystone candle supplies has free shipping when you spend $49 or more. Keystone has amazing Peak fragrances. Candlewick has a bunch of great fragrances and two that I really love are baking cupcakes and Jack Frost. Hopefully you might be close to both of those or one of those places.
  3. Yes you are right Keystone has it. It is outstanding.
  4. That is really nice of you. I am ordering today thank but you. I have a feeling it's going to be amazing.
  5. I just read they are going out of business. They might come back later but they don't know for sure. 15% off all stock that's left. No code will be applied automatically. Read it on their Facebook page.
  6. Lol that is great. I want to as well. I take awhile before ordering sometimes. I collect many fragrances in destashes. This company is so good though.
  7. I'm really wanting to order it. Trying to decide what else.
  8. I love Muddy Soap. I have 6 of their fragrances. Getting more lol Snow witch, pumpkin pecan waffles (the best and strongest I've found), Gain Apple Mango Tango exact dupe and strong, alright alrighty dupe of Southern Gentlemen strong and amazing, Tuscan vineyard, Black Ice the best ever so strong and I've tried many other brands lol you all have to try their fragrances. They are top notch. Very similar to Mad Oils if you like theirs which I collect too lol I'm very picky about my fragrances. Next I'm trying Palo Santo
  9. You need to lol they are very similar to mad oils. Very high quality.
  10. I just realized you sent pm. I sent one back.
  11. Peak tied with Candle Science Muddy Soap Company very strong and amazing Wholesale Supplies Plus
  12. Black Sea and Drakkar from Candle Science.
  13. Hi I love Natures Garden. Their scents are strong and amazing. Peaks Fragrances are my favorite. Super strong and even better than NG to me. I also love Candle Science, Mad Oils, Brambleberry, Wholesale Supplies Plus and others. There are a few companies I hate. I do not like Candles and Supplies I find they are weak. But I hate a few companies.
  14. I was looking at that one yesterday bit decided on the 464. I stopped making molds because people were being ridiculous about it. I said it was SOLD by weight not pieces. Nope said they wanted 8 melts. The 3 big ones weighed as much as the 8. Nope they weren't having it! Went through that multiple times. Then people want the clams cheaper than Wal-Mart. I got tired of that so finally told a lady to go to walmart!
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