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  1. ShelleyF

    C&S Gingerbread Applesauce

    I don't order from them. Out of all the fragrances I have so only have 4 bottles from them. I buy a lot of destash so that tells you nobody hardly likes them lol
  2. ShelleyF

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    I bought it from a lady destashing. It's coming UPS. Some are small bottles. Some are big ones. Nature's Garden, lots of Crafters Choice. WSP, Bramble Berry, Rustic Essentials. She is quitting the business because she already had another good job and is going into the medical field. Allot of them aren't even unsealed. You got to be quick lol when they post I'm on it and sometimes they post in the middle of the night. Lol I get up in the middle of the night. Lol so I jump on it. Not all destashes are cheap. I don't buy those.I have paid $375 before from a local lady but I bought $4000 worth of supplies. She was just too sad keeping it because her brother passed away and het, him and her husband ran it together. I talked to her a year before she sold it to me. She had to really make sure as she couldn't afford to start over. I still talk to her. Very nice lady.
  3. ShelleyF

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    I will definitely call.
  4. ShelleyF

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    I will have to check it out my birthday is in a few weeks lol I have 88 bottles coming tomorrow. Seriously. I sell clothes as well to get money to buy this stuff lol I find expensive clothes at yard sales and sell them have been doing that for 5 years. Don't get rich doing it but get money to buy fragrances and other stuff I want and need.
  5. ShelleyF

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    Lol this one doesn't smell like an apple. It's hard to describe. I actually looked it up because I wanted an description for it lol and to see the cost. I have one called Sugared Fruit from Brambleberry that is off the charts. Of course it had been discontinued so I'm keeping that one for myself lol I'm swimming in fragrance oils but of course I have a box coming tomorrow.
  6. ShelleyF

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    Wow that's a long time. I have a lot of their oils and they are awesome. Coconut Bay I'd amazing. I renamed it Coconut Cafe. Also Crème Brulee is a huge thrower.
  7. ShelleyF

    My new written commercial lol

    Thought I would give everyone a laugh for tonight lol For some reason I am enjoying making stories for my fragrances. Well here is my written "commercial" I made tonight for my new wax melts that I am selling in cups that go on the burner. Lol feel free to laugh. But I got 2 sales 5 minutes after I posted it. I am not an established seller yet but trying. These wax melts are unique! You put the whole cup on your wax burner. When you are ready to change your scent you just remove the cup. Viola! You are ready for another scent. Easy peasy! No more messy wax! No more freezing the bowl! No more scraping the wax! No more trying to pop the wax out! Who has time for all of that??? Also when the cup with the wax in it cools off you can put the lid on for next time you want to enjoy that scent again. And yes the cups are stackable!!! How cool is this you say!! Well see for yourself and buy one and you will be glad you did. These are special cups. Not every cup will work but these do:)
  8. ShelleyF

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    I will thank you. It sure doesn't look or smell old though.It is clear. And heavenly. It's so good I might not even sell anything made with it lol I love it.
  9. ShelleyF

    Label advice and feedback

    I just posted some.
  10. ShelleyF

    Label advice and feedback

    I just posted some.
  11. ShelleyF

    Label advice and feedback

    Here's a couple examples I use. Don't laugh too hard I'm trying. Lol Almond Extract- This scent will whisk you away to when you were at Grandma's house as a child growing up.Remember making those delicious homemade cookies with her? The aroma of vanilla and almond is in the air. This scent will make you smile and think of her and the good times you two had baking together. If you are looking for an amazing almond extract this is IT:) This scent will take you there to your childhood memories. Cherry Explosion- Imagine the smell of fresh, just-picked ripe cherries. The strong sensation is in the air.you have never smelled anything like it before. This Cherry will blow you away and even tickle your nose. Yes it is that strong! This is the bomb-diggity of all cherry-flavored fragrances I have ever found. And I have tried a bunch of them because I am a cherry fanatic. Blue Spruce Christmas Tree- this is no ordinary Christmas Tree scent. Some Christmas tree scents are plain boring. Blue Spruce Christmas Tree is a Christmas Tree that is magical. It is jam-packed with a holiday fragrance that will hit you all at once in a good way. You can smell the outdoors at the tree picking lot. You will feel like you were there right now when you smell this scent. It is unlike any tree you have smelled before. It has an outdoor woodsy scent with Cedarwood sandalwood and other mysterious fragrances. Don't take my word for it though.try it for yourself and you can thank me later:)
  12. ShelleyF

    Label advice and feedback

    It looks very nice.
  13. ShelleyF

    Label advice and feedback

    That's what I've been doing. Makes it way more interesting.
  14. ShelleyF

    What to do? An FO predicament.

    Amen. It is interesting how people see things. I don't like people being g treated bad whether they are too skinny or fat. We all have battles we have to fight. It is nobody's business.
  15. ShelleyF

    This Must Be A Joke.

    I refuse to do business with Aztec. I am only a few hours away too. I will not use a company that allows their customers to get hacked. And to me their oils are not the best. They have good ones but not amazing. I much prefer other suppliers.