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    I like making primitive home decor items. My 1st love is candle making of course. Yard sales, T2T,antiques, gardening.

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  1. @VELMA21 that s super cute especially with the wood wick. Mugs candles are a good seller for me in Q4
  2. Its been going on for awhile for me. Its can be annoying
  3. @VELMA21 so happy for you. Let me know how the waxes work out, sounds interesting .
  4. @VELMA21 I haven't ordered from them yet , let me know what your think of the scents
  5. Thanks for that information
  6. Given the continued container & lid shortage, what your thoughts about DIY concrete containers? Have you thought adding or making your own? For me this would have to be a local selling item, shipping would be $$$. I'd like to try maybe a 8 or 12 oz. size. Any tips or good like to how to make them would be appreciated.
  7. @franu61 your scent blends sound amazing. I'd never think of that blending combo. How strong are the scents from FB?
  8. That's sound so refreshing, what company do yo get the scent from?
  9. Thanks..great tips. Appreciated
  10. Looks amazing, how hard was it to layer and embed?
  11. I just got some from Just Scent room/body spray base. Haven't tested yet, like the fact that it can do double duty.
  12. Just an FYI for those that shop Just Scent... the changes are starting with a new website design. Take a minute to get use to the site and don't forget, you'll need to reset your password too.
  13. Thanks, I was thinking of the CBL-139 that's a blend of soy/paraffin
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