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    I like making primitive home decor items. My 1st love is candle making of course. Yard sales, T2T,antiques, gardening.

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  1. Thanks..great tips. Appreciated
  2. Looks amazing, how hard was it to layer and embed?
  3. I just got some from Just Scent room/body spray base. Haven't tested yet, like the fact that it can do double duty.
  4. Just an FYI for those that shop Just Scent... the changes are starting with a new website design. Take a minute to get use to the site and don't forget, you'll need to reset your password too.
  5. Thanks, I was thinking of the CBL-139 that's a blend of soy/paraffin
  6. Does anyone know the combination of soy to paraffin that might be in this blend? Thanks
  7. Does anyone know the combination of soy to paraffin that might be in this blend? Thanks
  8. My bad... CW still carries C3. Sorry
  9. Sad to see that CW is no longer carrying any of Cargill's waxes, look like they discontinued the whole line.
  10. Has anyone received this email from Aztec regarding everyone's concerns about review handling and other customer service issues?
  11. I don't know the reasoning behind PayPal's decision. All my research shows that when a buyer indicates " item is not as described " it triggles PayPal to error their side. I had insurance on the package, buyer indicated they throw away 10# of fragrance ( in the regular trash) the day it arrive due to small spillage, and before I was made aware of the problem. I experienced spillage with oil shipments, but I worked with the company to resolve, with the understanding accidents happen. I've been with PayPal for awhile, processing orders in store and online. Crazy time we're in, just wanted to inform everyone to take extra caution processing orders.
  12. Many people have fallen prey to dishonest buyers when accepting and processing orders thru PayPal. Sadly I experienced this first hand recently. When a buyer says "tem is not as described" and escalates a refund request, PayPal will always side with the buyer. They know when using these specific words PayPal will always decide in their favor, regardless of the evidence presented by the seller, or the relationship the seller may have with PayPal. To protect yourself, read PayPal's Agreement Acknowledgement carefully. Tip: Before shipping , take a picture of the items being shipped, the paid invoice and any conversation you had with the buyer, in the event you have to present evidence later. I know this is time consuming steps especially during the busy season, but is necessary during these time of dishonest people. I'm rethinking the whole payment processing of orders... considering going back to old school practices of accepting checks . Anyone has a tip they'd like to share?
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