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    I like making primitive home decor items. My 1st love is candle making of course. Yard sales, T2T,antiques, gardening.

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  1. Fillmore's Citrus Spruce is amazing .
  2. TallTayl where to you buy midwest soy wax?
  3. Can anymore recommend where to buy strong strawberry kiwi scent. I'll be mixing it with soy. Thanks so much
  4. I love Provence , I'd be interested if you buy it again.
  5. I like Ecwid too.. use on website and Facebook , and a link on IG too.
  6. Have you tried any of the "ocean scents" Your looking for a ozone rain smell right? I have a rain scent that was a customized for me if you get in a pinch, it's a good blender too.
  7. If you looking to sell your products via your website or a stand alone option for starers and no cost or little cost for upgraded feature would be Ecwid. They offer a free basic website with robust selling features (for being free) with integration on Facebook , IG and other social medai outlets or your existing web site. Best part is there are no transaction fees , like you'd have with shopify and other eCommerce sites.
  8. This sounds like a yummy scent ... very interested
  9. Thanks Laura for sharing the links. Appreciate you
  10. American Candle Supplies will be the supplier of American Soy Organic products , here's their website link: https://www.americancandlesupplies.com/ The parent company Pure Integrity Soy Candle Co is branching out of their retail model to now offer candle supplies.
  11. I like #1 for it's wider frame, I think it stands out.
  12. Yes to white, seems really spring like and would compliment the label.
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