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Found 9 results

  1. So ive been testing a lot with 6006 and i found that a normal wick just dosent work with my fragrance. It does give scent throw quite quick but the melt pool is not that great. Wooden wicks gives me a great melt pool but the scent throw is worse if you compare it to normal wicks? why is that and is it normal ? does candles with wooden wicks need more FO% then a candle with normal wicks?
  2. Im going crazy and i have no idea what to do anymore, ive been testing a LOT with this wax in my 3" jars. Ive tried to single wick it with LX, ECO, CD, VRL, V, but non of them can give a melt pool that works. Ive started testing with double wicks but honestly i have no idea if the jar is considered to hot, after getting further down the jar (more than half way) that's when it gets really hot, but is that normal? im only using 6% FO. im really hoping you guys can give me some advise! when i double wick the jar i also get an amazing hot throw. but im guessing thats because of the single wick not being able to preform probably. im located in the EU so i cant buy HTP wicks ATM. what do you guys think about double wicking a 3" jar? also what wick burns cooler than eco? the ECO burns great with my wax and FO but ive found that double eco burns a tiny bit too hot (im guessing) :)
  3. Shown here are some comments made in the review section on a supplier's website. The wax being reviewed is IGI 6006. This reviewer is concerned that the temperature not be allowed to drop below 170F. That must be his/her pouring temperature. I've noticed this type comment made in other places during my travels around the internet. I've had the same concerns myself. I think I posted a similar comment on this forum before. What would you surmise is the concern here? If it does drop below the pouring temperature of 170, can't you just put it back on the heat source and bring the temp back up again as you continue to to stir? Could you "damage" the fragrance? Here's another example of the candle maker concerned about damaging, or as they put it, "killing" the fragrance oil. This reviewer is concerned about damaging the fragrance oil by getting it too hot. Are these legitimate concerns? Can you "damage" or "kill" your fragrance with the temperature? As I said, I've thought about this same issue. It would seem to me that if you could damage your FO by letting the temperature fluctuate up and down, then you would never be able to come back later and reheat your wax for your second pour or top off! Is it possible that the issues mentioned in these two reviews are just candle making urban myth? I'm interested in hearing your opinions.
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice for wicking IGI 6006. I am using 8 oz jelly jars, which are about 2.5". I have tried ECO, HTP, CD, and zinc wicks. I have settled on the ECO wicks as of right now and for most scents I have tested the ECO 2 seems to work the best. Sometimes it still seems a bit too large though and that I might need an ECO 1. I noticed these are generally for tea lights and votives though, so would they be way too small for this size jar? This is a picture of an ECO 2 with 6% FO (creme brulee from CS). This is the 5th burn, after about 2.5 hours. Is that too deep of a melt pool for only being lit for 2.5 hours? Also how hot is too hot for the jar to be? I can touch it under the melt pool but above it is too hot. Any advice is very much appreciated! I am getting so frustrated trying to get the right wick and everytime I think I have it figured out something else goes wrong!
  5. I started using IGI 6006, and the wax is a parasoy blend- its very soft, to the point where you can squish it in your fingers. I found that in melts I had some success and with candles, I didn't have the throw I wanted and I think that's partly because I was using the wrong type of wick. I have now switched to the CD-6 6' from Bulk Apothecary. I have some candles curing, and to be determined on the scent throw- I have now started combining IGI 6006 with IGI 4794- I find that the cold throw is stronger, but the hot throw doesn't throw like I expected it to. I also tried using IGI 4794 all by itself and I found that when you use pop them out of a mold and cut them- they crack. Any suggestions there? I can't determine the right ratio, and I'm looking for input on what the 'split' should be to get the best throw- ie: 75% IGI 4794 and 25% IGI 6006? 50/50 split? I keep seeing great reviews on the KY Votive/Tart blend and I would really like to give it a try. I looked at the overall cost coupled with shipping, and the cost per oz ends up being $2.75 just for the wax. On average, a 16 oz bottle of FO is approx. $16.00 ie: $1.00 per ounce - so right there for wax and FO's you're at $3.75 per ounce. Once you add in the FO's, and your time, you would be selling 1 oz of wax for $4.50- $5.00 just to make $.50-$1 dollar of profit - AND- if you're scent throw isn't on point, that could effect sales significantly. I can pick up the IGI products somewhat locally, so if anyone has feedback on how they have used these waxes for tarts and candles to obtain an amazing scent throw- I'm all ears!!!! I guess I'm feeling discouraged at the moment and I have been working hard (just as we are all) to make a beautiful product, and I get very frustrated when I am not getting the scent throw I expected. Any feedback is welcome!!!
  6. I really need some advice. I've been testing the LX series wicks and they are by far my favorite wick in the wax I use. Here's my dilemma : I've done my research on wicks for hours. Like most wicks, (not all) The LX wick sizes go up in number for larger diameter candles. I've tested almost all of the sizes in the LX Series. I'm wondering why, though, they don't have a bigger melt pool with larger sizes. The LX 18 has a larger pool than the LX 20. The LX 18 had a dancing flame and a ton of mushrooming, but not a lot of soot. the LX 20 had a decent melt pool and limited mushrooming. I haven't seen it soot. I dont understand how the LX18 got so much larger and soot-ier than the LX20. Thank you all all very much.
  7. I have a few questions about blending IGI 6006 with premium paraffin. #1. Would it be beneficial to blend IGI 6006 with more paraffin for a better scent throw? #2. Would a blend of IGI 6006 and paraffin be better for tarts or just the 6006 by itself? #3. Would I have an easier time finding a wick that works by blending the IGI 6006 with more paraffin? I also have about 2-3lbs of GW 464. I've tried blending the 6006 with the 464 and the wicks I've tried have tested better than the 6006 by itself. I want to get the best CT/HT with my tarts. Thanks in advance as always! - Ginger
  8. I've got yet another wick question. So, I'm testing more wicks and I'm back with more questions. I've read that you should get a full burn pool with the first burn. I've also read that getting a full burn pool with the first burn is a bad thing. I'm not sure which one to go by. The wicks I'm testing aren't giving me a full burn pool at all, but when they get further down in the jar they are melting off the excess wax on the sides. Thanks again in advance! i will post pictures when I get further into my test.
  9. Hello. I use IGI 6006 in 8 oz jelly jars. I wanted to know whats the best wicks? I use LX wicks and dont like the sooting and mushrooms
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