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  1. Good for you....do you run a website for your products?
  2. So, what wax are you using now? Since you do not HAVE to make soy candles...LOL
  3. Never thought of setting my pour pot in front of a fan. Going to give this a try. Will let you know how this works for me. You are always such a help TallTayl. Thank you.
  4. So what do you suggest? You stated that you like to pour when cloudy or slightly slushy. Do you still heat to 180 then add the F/O immediately then wait until cloudy/slushy to pour?
  5. I think I read recently that heating 464 to 150, adding F/O at 125 then pouring between 110-105 stops this. Have you tried this and if you have does it seem to be better?
  6. Good morning. As of late, after sitting for about 12hrs some of my candles look like the photos. This is 464 w/8% F/O. The F/O is Grapefruit. I heated to 180, added F/O around 160 and poured at 150 (+/- 5).
  7. Just trashed their wood wicks and will not purchase them again...EVER!!!
  8. Forgive me for asking this question because I feel I should know....But, who is "Vickey"?? LOL
  9. Thank you Belinda. I take it that the KY Tart Wax helps to harden the container wax a bit. I just received (today) 40 pounds of the KY Tart Wax from Virginia Candle. Man what fast shipping they have. And as for the dimples, does it really matter much in a cube pack?
  10. Question: When you say you blend 25/75, is that 25-container(say, 464) and 75-KY Tart wax?
  11. Anyone know anything about this wax? Good, Bad, Ugly?? Every used it?? Know where to get it besides "California Candle Supply"? Not real pleased with their shipping philosophies. Anyway, any help would be very helpful.
  12. Anyone know anything about this wax? Good, Bad, Ugly??
  13. This is what I see when I logged on...Also it will not let me post a "New" topic question.
  14. UPDATE: Ok, surface is now somewhat level (Image 2). I now see what you meant by the center being like canned frosting (Image 1).
  15. Daaaa!! I never thought for one second to level out the top!! Boy....I was more impressed with the fact I could change out the wick as I did...LOL. So now I am going to level out the top and let these set over night. One quick question TallTayl....How long do suggest I let my "unscented, dye free" candle cure before testing for the proper wick??
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