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  1. A 464 question. Seems I am getting ALOT of wet spots in my candles. Heard there are like a bagillion ways to cure this. Is heating the vessel prior to pouring really work or is there a place I can buy a magic wand to wave over the top of my vessels to stop this??? ;).
  2. I get all my 464 from them. Never had a problem. I do order some 6006 from them as well.
  3. I have been playing with the idea of wickless candles of late. Your concern mirrored my concern. I tested both a 10 oz jar and a 6 oz tin on my wax melter. To my amazement the wax in each container only reached about 160 degrees. The warmer itself was only 180-190. My question to you is, are you using a "Hot Plate" or a candle (Coffee Cup) warmer?
  4. Well, I didn't cross my fingers fast enough it seems. The wick is definitely to small. Burnt itself out after about 3 hours. Going to pull the wick out using my trusty apple corer...lol. Going to go up a couple sizes in the LX and see what happens. And thank you for the compliment on the labels. Always updating them....just need to leave them alone now...hahahaha!!
  5. I have been messing around now for a couple months with 6006. Ran out the other day so ordered more. In the mean time thought I would pour a couple candles using the 464 I had laying around. Been playing around with ALL the different wicks (except wood). Just got a sample pack of the LX wicks from Lonestar. Thought I would throw one in my container candle to see how it does with the 464. To my surprise it is doing better than I could have hoped. So far at least. The MP is pretty good after a couple hours. The H/T seems to be pretty decent for not letting it cure very long. The C/T was really good. I am using GB 464 soy wax in an 12 oz. Status Jar along with a LX-18 wick (think I might need to step up one size next time). Used 12% F/O of Wild Cherry also from Lonestar. I have my fingers crossed. Also poured a few Scent Shots. They came out great. Wonderful H&C throw. Nice solid tarts. Fill the room great.
  6. Ok, here is a question for you all!! Forgive the mid-west draw but I am from Kansas. Do you prefer Electric Melters or Tealite Melters?? Here is why I ask.... Normally, I use and electric type to test my melts. I use just a plain ole 25w bulb (that came installed). I get a pretty good throw from it. I have 2 set up in my living area. I had decided to put a melter in my bathroom for personal use. The problem was I could not put an electric one in because of no available outlet.... So, when I was at Wal-Mart the other day I found a really cheap tealight melter (it was a buck). Brought it home, set it up in the bathroom, dropped in half a melt and lit the candle. No I have to admit here that I was a bit sceptical about getting a good throw from such a cheap set-up but to my surprise......It has overpowered the electric burners I have in the living room!!! Now...can a person upgrade the bulb in the electric burner, say to 35w or even 40w without causing damage to the wax? Or should I just convert my burners to tealights? The only thing is I do not really like the idea of the tealight only lasting a couple hours. I am a long haul kinda of melt burner. Thanks in advance.... Bob
  7. I get mine (1.5oz) at a wholesale food place in Phoenix. They sell the cup and lid separately.
  8. My melts are poured into the packaging they will be sold in, but if I pour a couple pounds of the same FO, then I store the cups in a .99 cent clear shoe box from Target.
  9. I use GB 464 for all my tarts. If I add to much FO is the only time I have a problem of it not releasing from the cup I use.
  10. To be honest, your help and advise has made this work...so...as I see it WE ALL succeeded in this small adventure together and for that, THANK YOU ALL!!
  11. I poured the Black Cherry Merlot the same day. Have it burning on my dest as I type. Just started a few minutes ago...but...I HAVE H/T!!! yes baby!! Thank you all for your devoted help. GOD, I am in love again...😍😍😍. Did I mention I have H/T? Not sure if I did or not, but I have H/T just in case I didn't...lol
  12. Ok...in my family, we have this saying (Grew up in Kansas for the record. Farmboy) even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. I am going to mark this up as a check in the "Win" column in my short candle making career. Please bear with me on this. On the 13th I started a wick test on the ECO 10 for my jar and tin candles. Funny, I forgot about them. Found them day before yesterday. Decided to go ahead and burn one and get disappointed, frustrated, depressed and any other feeling you can think to add to that list.So I lit it. Was sitting here on the corner of my desk. Let it burn for a couple hours and nothing, nada, zilch H/T. So blew it out. What a waste of time I began to think. Came in from the job that supports this expensive addiction, plopped my butt in the chair and thought I would lit that candle just for the calming effect of the flame. Thats when I noticed it. That is when I knew my mind was playing tricks on me. But no, there it was...HOT THROW!!! Not real strong but it was there. I let it burn for hours until I called it a night. When I got home tonight I lit that sweet baby up once again. Not strong but still there....I was in love with this hobby once again. My desk being a mess most of the time, I decided to straighten it up. Had to move the candle to a different spot until I could clean where I was keeping it. I remember someone saying to me that if the circulation is not real good you won't smell it. Will I guess she now sits in the best place for circulation because I can smell it thru the whole apartment I live in. So, attached is a photo of the test sheet I kept on it. Front and back. (Not good at taking notes so forgive me if it seem incomplete)....
  13. Thank you for YOUR input. It explained a lot to me. Your video on changing wicks will be priceless....THANKS AGAIN!!!
  14. Could you possibly tell me where I can purchase these?
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