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  1. I found it to be very difficult to use and really saw no change to speak of in either the cold or hot throw. I added it as the wax was melting. Figured it would blend better by doing it that way. Anyway, bottom line in my opinion is that it is not worth the effort. Since then I have switched to C-3 wax and have had no trouble.
  2. Guess now I need to measure the inside...LOL. Thank you though. That is very helpful info to know.
  3. Hello....here is the link to the jar I use. Your opinion would be gratefully appreciated. https://thecandlemakersstore.com/candle-making/candle-making-jars-molds/9-oz-straight-sided-jar-w-gold-70tw-lid.html
  4. Here is the jar I am using. 9 oz. Straight Sided Jar from Candlemakers. The size is 3 1/2" tall x 2 3/4 " diameter with a 2 1/4" opening. Candlescience has recommended an ECO 4. Guess I will rethink this and start there. Thank you for the guidance on this.
  5. DUHHHH...Thank You....😁😁
  6. I will down size the next batch and see if that stops it....Thank You. The ECO 10 was the wick that gave me a full MP without tunneling. The 8 tunneled.
  7. What and where is "AH/RE" ?? Do not want to sound dumb but I am looking into trying room fragrances.
  8. Poured these candles using 6006 with 9% FO. They sat for 48 hrs to kinda cure before testing. Using a ECO 10 wick. Can not figure out why the tops are looking like this at about the halfway mark. Any ideas??
  9. I send out an email to a select few every now and then seeking "Volunteers". I give them the candle plus a healthy discount on purchases while they stay current on testing statues. When they do not do the questionnaire then I drop them from the testers list.
  10. I have 4-5 customers that test candles for me as I am done with all the testing. Locals. I deliver a candle to them and once they are finished with the testing as per the enclosed instructions, they go to https://www.tallpinecandles.com/product-questionnaire and answer the questions. Works good for me. Found that 5-8 customers make a good average pool as to how the candle preforms.
  11. Good for you....do you run a website for your products?
  12. So, what wax are you using now? Since you do not HAVE to make soy candles...LOL
  13. Never thought of setting my pour pot in front of a fan. Going to give this a try. Will let you know how this works for me. You are always such a help TallTayl. Thank you.
  14. So what do you suggest? You stated that you like to pour when cloudy or slightly slushy. Do you still heat to 180 then add the F/O immediately then wait until cloudy/slushy to pour?
  15. I think I read recently that heating 464 to 150, adding F/O at 125 then pouring between 110-105 stops this. Have you tried this and if you have does it seem to be better?
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